Super Auto-fellatio

Super Auto-fellatio ver. 1.0

Certainly the strangest dialogue I've written so far, it's about a girl alone in her room experimenting with her newfound superpower. It's based on the power of Arm-Fall-Off-Boy and a character code below that ds14048 told me about:

Bear in mind that if you run this with the loader, make sure that you do not have AnySizeHer and penisrange loaded. Otherwise, this makes the game unplayable unless you select a default character and restart the game. If you run into any issues, let me know, and I'll try my best. Happy Thanksgiving/No Nut November to anyone celebrating. Oh yeah, and there are three pop culture references I made in the dialogue just for the fun of it. Have fun finding them.

Some more information about the code: Red Girl Static Hair.
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