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MoreTriggers 2.2 by DrZombi

Adds some triggers for DialogueActions (Mod for Dialogue Writers)

  1. DrZombi
    First of all, please note that this mod is an extension of Pim_gd and WeeWillie's DialogueActions. THE MOD WON'T WORK if you do not load DialogueActions before you try to load it. So always make sure
    you have DA loaded. Personnally, I put the 2 of them in my $INIT$ folder and add them to the Mods.txt file in the same folder.
    DialogueActions can be found here: Pim_gd's Mods - DialogueActions v4.04 (25 Aug 2016)

    So I added some little extras to DialogueActions.
    I'd like to point out that some of them are just the work of Colin that I copied/adapted.
    His CustomAutomation Mod can be found here for those who may not know about it yet: Colin's Loader Mods

    This Mod will provide you with Triggers like:

    You will also be able to do things like bind auto-updating Progress Bars to your dialogue variables and roll some credits during the course of your dialogue.

    The goal is to allow Dialogue Writers to be able to customize the maximum so that they can create ready-to-go bundles with character folders that the users will just have to launch and not have to bother reading a technical disclaimer at the beginning of the dialogue.txt file to know that "the mood needs to be happy, and the arm needs to be set like this and you need to load this mod with those settings for the dialogue to work, etc...

    The complete information for the use of the Triggers is in the .zip -> Notes.txt, and you can also visit my thread where I put a colored version much more enjoyable to read :)
    More Triggers for DialogueActions
    You can also come and visit my thread to ask questions or ask for me to implement new triggers you have thought/are in need of. If I'm able to do it, I'll give it a try :)
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Recent Reviews

  1. Rudgar
    Version: 2.2
    1. DrZombi
      Author's Response
      I don't like to post updates for such small changes (moreover when I have a lot on the todo list) but since I've not worked on SDT since a long time, I think I could find some time to push the update. Very little time at the moment. I'll try to do it !