DAPRA is curently in the process of renovations. V1 (Versions 1.0.0 through version 1.1.0a) is not exactly stable and will not be Patched as it quite a mess. V2 is currently be worked on, so please bare with me. V2 will hopefully be more stable, optimized, and less complex on release. I will not be patching v1.1.0a. If you do find any bugs, please do let me know. I will see if i can help you out. also it helps me avoid issues in V2. Sorry for the inconvenience. In the meantime go check out Weewillie's slave bazaar if you haven't already. It's dialogue that inspired me to try my hand at Dialogues. (also 2 of its characters will be appearing in DAPRA v2 *already got WeeWillie's permision to use them^.^)
Welcome to the
Delta Adoption and Pregnancy Research Agency

Glad to have you on our research team.
Fuck the subject vaginally until she gets pregnant then continue to fuck her any way you wish during her pregnancy. Cash is awarded for every successful birth. Cash can be spent to further your research.​

This is an ambitious project for me. Before this, I had only messed with other mod triggers, linetypes, and just the check function shown in the notes for MoreMoods. I had just gotten the documentation files for DA (i have had DA for longer) and then started working on this. Much of my knowledge is from trial and error, documents included with mods, studying the dialogues from WeeWillies mini-games, and a few things i found throughout this forum, so any optimizations, tips, tricks, or constructive feedback are welcome.

IF you have any suggestions for dialogue lines, let me know. IF i can use them, i will add them to a separate dialogue file (along with your username) which will be loaded along side the main dialogue. I have had my hands full with the functional side of things so many of the lines are just the default script SDT generates on start.

This is meant to be a dialogue mini-game like WeeWillie's Slave Bazaar, in which you are trying to knock women/a woman up for an adoption company. My goal is to allow compatible with as many mods as possible.

DAPRA - v1.1.0 Pregnancy Dialogue Mini-game package. This package has been provided for your convenience. just extract, and run the provided loader.swf in flashplayer_11_sa.exe (also has been provided). That's it. the dialogue will automatically load up along with all the necessary (and a few unnecessary but extremely useful) mods.
I would HIGHLY NOT RECOMMEND using this package as your default Loader. If you are like me and don't like cluttering up your pc with multiple loaders, mods, etc... you can just extract the custom folder from the mods folder to your default loaders Mods folder. make sure your mods are up to date, REMOVE (or comment out) BREASTEXPPLUS FROM "/Mods/$INIT$/Mods.txt", and add "[custom]" to "/Mods/CharacterFolder.txt".

unless you like the settings i have set up so much you want them to be your default.

certain BEP Settings have been labeled. labels are defined in the key provided in the settings file.

IF You need help, feel free to ask me over on the DAPRA undertow thread or directly via start a conversation.
I would also recommend checking the DAPRA forum Thread regularly as I post dev notes and minor bugfixes there.

DAPRA forum thread

Side note: I would highly recommend noclenchteeth. I meant to add it in the pack but forgot it (somehow.)
added in v1.1.0a
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  1. V1.1.0a bug fixes (special thanks to TyranntX for finding these)^^

    Package now includes noclenchteeth. I removed some unnecessary files from the mod folder (such...

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is v2 still being developed? this has always been one of my favorite packs but im worried its stuck in development limbo.
Glad to hear^^ the project has been put on the back burner for some time due to other projects having taken priority. That being said, I have not abandoned it yet, and thanks to the whole UTC forum shutdown debacle, I have a newfound desire to jump back into the game as well as the project. its going to take me some time, though, to get updated and reacquainted with all the quirks and mechanics of the game, mods, and dialogues since i have been out of it for at least a year. There is also the world situation, which has reduced my private time to work on this stuff.
love it but i do have a question what are body mods in game and how do i get them
Glad to hear^^ I am not exactly sure what you are asking. Body mods are a set of clothing categories added by the MoreClothing (MC) mod. If you are asking about the body mods button in game, (if my copy is anything like the v1.1.0a provided here), it was a sub menu I believe I removed due to it being complicated, pointless, buggy, and redundant. it was meant to allow you to add and save body mods to a character, however there are issues with this as there is no way to read what Body mods are active. The easiest way to activate body mods is to just use the loader menu. the button does still work in a simpler way. If you type 'ON_' or 'OFF_' followed by the mod's name (replacing any spaces with _space20_) into the Dialogue name box under Custom(u) menu then press the body mods dialogue button, it will activate or deactivate the mod. i may or may not have removed spaces from the names of the mods, but if i didn't (you can check this by scrolling through the body1 and body2 mods listed in the loader menu) here is an example with spaces:
Love this!
However, I managed to fill her up using the doggy_hard position (looks to be the most logical...), but after birth cash stayed at 0.
Thanks for the feedback. glad to see you liked it.^^ if the character is not pregnant, then she can not give "birth". she instead is just puking up cum. to impregnate her you need to use a vaginal sex position. most, if not all, doggy-style positions included with animtools are anal. DAPRA uses a terrible random chance function, the cuminsideher linetype, and the atv_position variable to check for impregnation. it also only checks vaginal positions for fill up. If you have animtools setup to enable in loader editing like i do, you can just change position from anal to vaginal on the fly and it should work. If it doesn't change, clicking on the cash button should update it. V1 is not very stable. It has plenty of issues that i hope to fix with v2.
cant even download it with out it stopping and starting all over again
That sounds like an server/client error. Sadly nothing I can do about that. try again and if it still fails, try the following: check your connection, reset the router, make sure you have enough memory space, check the forums for service notices, clear out your cache and cookies, delete the partial download and retry. downloads just fine for me.
It's a good demo, though it is in need of work. The "Her" character is able to vomit and go back to her normal belly size... so if at all possible you may want to fix that., I also seem to be locked into the "Tsunade"hair style, would be nice to customize the female character as well as see some differences in Dialogue.

One more bug, when "She" says "fuck Fuck FUCK" it locks the dialogue to that, and no buttons can be pushed.

Over all, good pack. but needs a good chunk of work to be done
Thanks for the feedback.
The puke mechanic is meant to simulate childbirth. Its the most reliable way of doing so.
Not sure why you are locked to hair wise unless you are loading a game. On load it does load the characters hair from startup. Also i will have to look into the masturbation line there. It should not be doing that.
Lastly i know my lines are defaults. Sadly i have had my hands full with getting the functionality down. I perfer function over form, because what good is a dialogue minigame story if the mini-game itself doesn't work. XD
If you have any ideas for lines, pass them my way. If i can use them, ill add them(along with your username) to a fourth "module" which will run along side the main module. Let me know if there is anything else i can help you with.