Dialogue: Grouped Girl Menu

Dialogue: Grouped Girl Menu 0.3

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This is the very first dialogue I publish so bare with me and give me constructive feedback in case you experience any issues - thank you.

Now this is a small dialogue or even a little dialogue "bundle". It comes as a zipped/packed folder "GGM" which has to be extracted directly into your loader's folder "Mods". This implies that you have to use a loader. Don't hesitate to consult the FAQ for further technical support.

Known issues:
  • After loading a position for @sby 's mod animtools with having set "behindleg=1" it happens that her legs don't disappear anymore when changing a menu group. In some cases it also happens that one of his arms remains visible.
    Thank to @DrZombi , who tweaked his MoreTriggers mod, this problem is solved and banned. Make sure that you update to at least V2.21 ! Thank you, Doc! :smile:

  • For some of the girls I used explicit paths for hairs. I'll remove that within one of the next versions and recommend to use @sby 's mode moreclothing.

Help me increasing my work's quality by supporting me with your constructive feedback (likes are welcome! :wink: )
Regards, Me
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