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HuniePop Audio Triggers 1.11 by DrZombi

Adds triggers to DialogueActions which play moaning sounds from the girls of HuniePop

  1. DrZombi
    First of all, please note that this mod is an extension of Pim_gd and WeeWillie's DialogueActions. THE MOD WON'T WORK if you do not load DialogueActions before you try to load it. So always make sure
    you have DA loaded. Personnally, I put the 2 of them in my $INIT$ folder and add them to the Mods.txt file in the same folder.
    DialogueActions can be found here: Pim_gd's Mods - DialogueActions v4.04 (25 Aug 2016)

    This mod is solely meant to provide you with triggers which play moaning sounds from the HuniePop girls.
    If you don't know HuniePop, you can buy it here: HuniePot or directly in Steam but it will the be slightly censored :eek:
    I recommend it, it's fun, beautiful and even the sounds & bgm are well done. A professional puzzle erogame :smile:

    Basically, you'll have new triggers like [AUDREY_SOFT], [AIKO_MEDIUM], [AIKO_HARD], [AUDREY_CLIMAX] which work exactly like the [OH_SOFT], [OH_HARD], [AH_HARD] of DialogueActions (one randomized sound from ~4 different possibilities, except for the climax which is unique).

    The complete information for the use of the Triggers is in the .zip -> Notes.txt, and you can also visit my thread where I put a colored version much more enjoyable to read :)
    More Triggers for DialogueActions
    You can also come and visit my thread to ask questions or ask for me to implement new triggers you have thought/are in need of. If I'm able to do it, I'll give it a try :)

Recent Updates

  1. Name correction
  2. All the Girls !

Recent Reviews

  1. Rudgar
    Version: 1.11
    1. DrZombi
      Author's Response
      All of the triggers I add to the game are testable alongside SDT's base triggers and DialogueActions' in the Triggers Tester dialogue I wrote. I included it in my Sweet Treats bundle under the writing-tools folder and it's also available in my Writer-Helper Bundle. But your dialogue is a bit different and very interesting too so thank you ! Your appreciation is appreciated :D