Throat Bulge Increase

Throat Bulge Increase 1.1

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This mod has two effects:
  • Allows the Throat Bulge slider to be extended beyond its usual range (similar to the PenisRange mod by @sby), up to 10x the normal maximum.
    • Increasing the slider makes the girl's neck more "eager" to stretch. Realism is overtaken by cartoon physics.
  • When an extended Throat Bulge slider setting is used, the game will now pretend that the penis is wider than it actually is -- but only for throat bulge calculations.
    • The exagerration amount is based on the slider position. At 2x, it pretends that the penis is double its apparent size, at 5x it quintuples the width, and so on.
    • Penis length and penetration depth are not altered by this mod. If you want to see the complete throat-stretch effect then you'll need to use a penis which is long enough to reach her collarbone.
The mod's source code is provided on the FAQ page. If you'd like to tinker with the code then you can use the Lightweight Compiler to generate a new mod file.

The SDT girl's throat can stretch quite a bit, but in order to see this effect you need to use a very wide penis. It's not possible to see the full stretch during vanilla gameplay, but you can observe it by using @sby's penisRange mod. Unfortunately, the very wide penis can't actually fit in the girl's mouth; her jaw becomes completely distended and gaps will appear within her cheeks. Throat-stretch enthusiasts probably wouldn't be able to enjoy the scene because of the obvious visual flaws.

Since SDT has an adjustable throat-bulge slider, we simply boost its range so that the game will display a more extreme graphical effect. We also artificially boost the effective width of the penis, so that it's possible to witness extreme throat-stretching without breaking the girl's mandible.

Limitations and Known Issues
  • Loading the mod merely allows you to move the Throat Bulge slider farther than usual. If you don't actually move the slider, then the mod won't actually do anything. Play with the slider!
  • We're still working within the hardcoded limits of the vanilla SDT code. Setting the bulge value to 1000% won't actually make the throat stretch to ten times its normal width, because @Konashion didn't anticipate such extreme deformation. Instead, it will simply reach the hardcoded stretch limits much sooner (e.g. with a 2-foot dick instead of a 6-foot dick).
  • The mod does not influence the length or penetration depth of the penis. A short penis with heavy width-exagerration will produce a "square edged" bulge effect which looks goofy (as if the girl is attempting to deepthroat an automotive piston).
  • Unpleasant visual effects may occur when using an absurdly large penis with a very high throat-bulge setting. For best results, stick to modest bulge settings (e.g. halfway along the slider, which is 500% of the normal maximum).
  • The effect is cosmetic only; it has no influence on the AI simulation. You might expect the girl to exhibit greater excitement, distress, or fear when using this mod -- but that won't happen.
  • The stretched throat will clip through clothing, especially collars. It is expected/recommended that the girl's neck will be bare while you are using this mod.
  • The mod does not respond to the Reset button (because I'm lazy). If you find it annoying then you can restart the game to get rid of it. Reducing the Throat Bulge slider to zero will effectively disable the mod while allowing you to continue your current gameplay session.
  • The mod should have no effect on body-penetration scenes, but I haven't tested it thoroughly. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs or unwanted interactions.
  • I'm not actually into this kink and I have no idea whether or not the result is sexy. If you'd like to recommend adaptations or adjustments then please feel free to do so.
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  1. Added unload code

    The mod was not unloading cleanly, which inhibited the loading of other mods which appeared...

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I wish this could read off a settings text file so you could edit for more or less in the slider.

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