1. J

    Blowjobs, hot cumshots, lover sucking females, oral creampie

    Blowjobs, hot cumshots, lover sucking females, oral creampie cuminmouth0001.avi | 576x320 | 0:11:43 | 110Mb Download Keep2Share
  2. some_dude

    SDTL 2 0.1.2

    SDTL 2 - SDT Launcher 2 (Name is still a work-in-progress) Forum Thread (For suggestions, discussion, reporting issues and giving feedback) What is SDTL 2? SDTL 2 is an open source launcher for SDT. It's a desktop application that you run the game with instead of the Flash projector or a...
  3. M

    Throat Resistance issue

    Hi everyone, before we start, yes, I am using Loader. I've been having this weird issue with the throat resistance slider. Whenever I load up the game, the TR slider defaults to 200 instead of the usual 50. Even weirder is, if I move the slider myself, it'll remain where I placed it for a few...
  4. S

    Juicy Dialogues update 28-Feb-19

    Update for Moxxi Here are some links to good body mods (cause I think they are a bit hidden on this site) Pat's Imports 9/22: vanilla squat mod canceled (there are more clothes for the thick legs, look for them on the forum) Mynxie Body (great combi if you load the thick legs after this body)...
  5. Perdition

    Bow Collar 2018-03-28

    Based on @Kir's 'Short Wedding Dress' mod, this mod isolates the bow collar and makes it rgb adjustable.
  6. some_dude

    SDTL - A Launcher for SDT

    SDTL 2 - SDT Launcher (Some Dude's Turbo Launcher 2?) What is SDTL 2? SDTL 2 is a cross-platform launcher for the game SDT. It runs the game in a custom version of Chromium, instead of in a Flash player or normal browser, which opens up the game to a ton of new possibilities. Where can I get...
  7. stuntcock

    Throat Bulge Increase 1.1

    This mod has two effects: Allows the Throat Bulge slider to be extended beyond its usual range (similar to the PenisRange mod by @sby), up to 10x the normal maximum. Increasing the slider makes the girl's neck more "eager" to stretch. Realism is overtaken by cartoon physics. When an extended...