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Strand Zoom Fix 1.0 by stuntcock

Prevents semen strands from disappearing when the game zooms out farther than usual

  1. stuntcock

    This mod addresses a coding error in SDT.swf. The error is irrelevant during normal gameplay, but it arises when the player forces the game's zoom to an abnormally low (zoomed-out) value. Such zoom values could be achieved by overriding the GUI, but are much more commonly encountered by players who tinker with sby's animtools mod.

    Summary: when the zoom level is reduced below 0.4 (the normal minimum value), strands disappear completely. This is most noticeable with semen strands, because the male character seems unable to ejaculate.

    This mod corrects the coding error. Strands will appear regardless of zoom level.

    The mod has not been extensively tested. Please feel free to submit bug reports if you notice misbehaviour, incompatibility, or unhandled exceptions.

    A full description of the original coding error can be found in the FAQ.