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3.0 Positions Pack Preview
ezgif-7-732d013cbdc0.gif ezgif-4-1f391c42525d.gif ezgif-4-266f20dc756e.gif ezgif-4-306f9af59ad4.gif ezgif-4-837e5529b598.gif ezgif-4-c706de784b30.gif ezgif-7-6e95a124180e.gif ezgif-7-9ebe4ae34264.gif ezgif-7-732d013cbdc0.gif ezgif-7-183208d2492d.gif ezgif-7-e438fd3849b4.gif ezgif-7-e769c9fe11e6.gif
2.1 Positions Pack Preview
ezgif-1-1a9740198004.gif ezgif-1-4d12a863af94.gif ezgif-1-99ad3b61a3e2.gif ezgif-1-22808d3a4ce9.gif ezgif-1-59052ab8d0d3.gif ezgif-1-072948897033.gif ezgif-1-bd57da6ae2f6.gif ezgif-1-c8c886277c4d.gif ezgif-1-e8d82372ab27.gif ezgif-1-e76ea245af96.gif ezgif-1-e138d15ddc17.gif

Fresh out of prison, you are set up with a new life in Sin City. Buy weapons, sell drugs, pimp girls, and gamble. The choice is yours in Sin City with over 50 girls to interact with and over 600 different positions to play with.

How to Play

Visit various places and talk to people to explore all the options. Raise your various stats to talk to higher level people in the city. The more you talk to people you meet the more they like you, resulting in more things you can do with that person. Automatic save so you can pick up where you left off.

The city works on a 7 day schedule just like real life, meaning every day there are new people to interact with and over 20 different places to visit! Almost every person can be interacted with and every sex scene is dynamic, meaning positions will change depending on the girls mood.

Enjoy the exciting Night Life by visiting the Strip Club for lap dances! Or hit up the Night Club and party with DJ's and the girls of Sin City! Or enjoy the Casino and play real casino games like Slot Machine's and Black Jack!

Be a player in Sin City's seedy Underground Life and earn money selling drugs, pimping women, and pulling off big heists/robberies for crime bosses or become your own!

Enjoy the High Life and Visit the Pool, Laundromat, Airport, Massage Parlour and 24h Gym! or enroll in classes at Sin U to earn a degree and work as a Lawyer or Doctor!

Sin City Preview 2.1


Strip Club

pvt cg 2b.gif pvt tj 2.gif FAEEB248-6AB1-47A2-906C-C38EC56593D1.png

Night Club

screenshot0003 (2).png screenshot0002qwewq.png screenshot0009fjty.png


screenshot0002.png screenshot0005.png screenshot0006.png


Buy Weapons/Do Missions

screenshot0014ghk.png screenshot0001.png screenshot00089.png clip0240 (2).gif

Sell/do drugs

screenshot0005gh.png screenshot0004dfgas.png


Pimping.gif screenshot0010.png screenshot0011.png

Bang College Girls
ezgif-4-2dc2372b5167.gif ezgif-4-db4d7ee37bd6.gif ezgif-7-15fd3c7ef044.gif ezgif-7-e438fd3849b4.gif
Hit The Gym
ezgif-7-67f136aa6401.gif ezgif-7-96a29ed92303.gif ezgif-7-115f05addc3a.gif ezgif-7-a2af4e4e2b03.gif

1. Dowload file SinCity.Zip
2. Run Loader.SWF included in download

- @WeeWillie for various talking lines I straight out used and the scripting I learned from, also for his display mod.
- @sby for all the mods and support frfr
- @Pim_gd for all the support available in the community and teaching me to script this game basically
- @dantethedarkprince for their great mods
- @Iago for their great mods
- @SyntaxTerror for their great mods
- @Samoth for answering all my stupid questions
- @tickles for bug reports && overhaul assistance, characters and ideas to further the game.
- @Iknowhowtousethis for some great backgrounds
- @Perdition for their tattoos and mods
- @Hank East for his backgrounds and characters and support in the discord community
-every other member who's clothing/hair is featured
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Latest reviews

great, excelent mod, but anyone knows how to make the game easier, or some kind of cheat ?
I am unable to play the game, when I load the loader it's stuck at the SinCity screen, can you tell me what is required to play it or what I am maybe doing wrong. I am using a Flash player 32
This game is absolutely fantastic. The scenes, the gameplay, the beautiful girls, the voices makes it a very enjoyable experience.

Althought I'm pretty much a newbie around SDT mods, the ' failing mod load ' caught me off-guard, I only needed to reset the scene....

In the stripper club, dance floor, when i pay 100$ and try to have her unwear her bra, all the buttons disappear and I have to restart the game.

I'd be really good to have auto-mode on fucking scenes, and maybe give more than 2 speeds ( soft and hard ) which at the moment seem pretty much the same when auto mode works.

This game is truly wonderful, I'm cheering for your, praising you for all the amazing work you've done so far. SDT was for me at start a very basic game and at the same time had so much potential. Keep it up ! xD
Love the game and how you did it. Encountered one glitch/bug/overlook that is really annoying and its where the modpack no longer loads up and just goes straight to SDT with the latest character, and I don't know if I have to load up the dialogue or something, but it is extremely annoying to deal with. Please if your watching the reviews fix this, I really want to get farther into it but can't with this.
Click debug in the loader tab the reset the first tab. Run the loader again and should work
Awesome! Feels so nostalgic, like a meet n fuc game but ten times better.
Bugs that I encountered: Somehow losing the menu and can't do anything else. When restart the game normal sdt launches up not sincity. I have to refrsh files also saves :/

Also when I click "enrol" at college game gives 30k.this can be repeated. Felt Like an easter egg, or cheat.

Can you maybe set the original bj from sdt in the bj scenes? Cuz breathing and sound mechanics of sdt are pretty good. Yours are good too!
When I start the game it says beta 1.3 for the latest version, is this correct? Still getting the same bugs with the buttons on the left hand side disappearing. Have I got the right version?
That’s my fault. I’m in the middle of producing a bigger update and the issues should be resolved afterwards. The current version is somewhat stable and Ive probably solved the issue already but where are the buttons disappearing?
the loader and bundle is perfect but is there a way to give yourself coins?
I’m going to add a cheat system in the next update
Fantastic! Can't wait for the next update once again! I haven't bumped into any game breaking glitches like before! Thanks for shortening the school week too!

Question tho! Is there any way to change the voice sounds back to the original vanilla voice?
There is, but you have to change the files to the original. They can be found in a fresh loader download
Answering the previous post, there is a Debug Flash executive in the same location where your Loader is. Run Loader on Debug, press Y and reset the current scene. If the scenario still won't load correctly, do the same thing again, and also switch to the Loader tab to press the debug button. Works every time.
Tyvm for this. I was unaware of this solution myself
Awesome game, sadly even after the last update (On tuesday, november, 3rd 2020) the glitch that gets rid of the tabs on the left of the screen, making it impossible to progress, exit or go anywhere is still occuring, which forces the player to close the program and attempt to load it once more.

However when trying to run the program, it happens that the loader for Sin city wont boot up and take you to the game, leaving you with the basic mod loader no matter how many times you try to open it. Leaving the game unplayable and all progress lost.
Im making a note of this. Where is the glitch occuring? During what sort of scene?