Office girl 2.0
More than 2 years later, here is a new version for the office girl. And because many of you liked it, it's a complete rework !
Office girl v2.0 comes with 7 new mods + 2 previous ones:

  • The shoes are those from the v1.0, but this time, the archive includes both versions, with, and without ankle bride.
  • 4 complete new outfits (top + bottom), with or without jacket, short or medium skirt.
    office girl v2.png (click to enlarge)
  • A complete set of glamorous sexy underwear (stockings, panties, and bra, 3 standalone mods).
    Lady underwear.png (click to enlarge)

And of course, the shirt always pops buttons when her breasts grow !


Loader: required
RGB Adjustable
: yes
Top : RGB Slider 1, shirt color - RGB Slider 2, vest color
Bottom: RGB Slider 1, skirt color - RGB Slider 2, belt color

Full black color is not advised, prefer some dark gray like 40, 40, 40 (like the pictures).
If you're interrested about the v1.0, you'll find the download in the history tab.

Office girl 1.0

Mods included:

High Heels with Ankle Bride
Loader: not required
RGB Adjustable: yes, RGB1 for the global color and RGB2 for the lower sole

Fishnet Stockings
Loader: required
RGB Adjustable
: yes, RGB1 for the global color, RGB2 not used
If you plan to use some specific animtools positions, I strongly advise to use sby leglayermove mod in order to have a proper layering and display of her left leg

Office Open Short Skirt
Loader: not required
RGB Adjustable: yes, RGB1 for the global color, RGB2 not used

Office top with popping buttons
Loader: required
RGB Adjustable
: yes, RGB1 for the shirt color and RGB2 for the jacket color
Breast Adjustable: yes, buttons from her shirt pops as you increase her breast size. An interresting way to play with this is the [GROW_BREASTS_BY_<value>] from DrZombi MoreTriggers Mod
poppingButtonsOfficeTop_1.jpg poppingButtonsOfficeTop_2.jpg poppingButtonsOfficeTop_3.jpg poppingButtonsOfficeTop_4.jpg poppingButtonsOfficeTop_5.jpg poppingButtonsOfficeTop_6.jpg
First release
Last update
4.94 star(s) 17 ratings

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  2. Office girl v2.0

    Office girl 2.0 More than 2 years later, here is a new version for the office girl. And because...

Latest reviews

Amazing work, I like it a lot just a question though, every time I try to add it to the MoreClothing settings to auto load it messes up. Is there any way to fix this or am I doing something wrong
PM me with a more detailed explanation of "messes up" and we'll figure it out.
Hreat new mod! Just wondering. Could you maybe make a pulled up skirt compatable with these mods? :D
For a couple of seconds, I read "a pulled up shirt" and was really confused... lol. I could, no idea when though. But I already made some pulled up skirts, I might use some previous resource to do it faster.
This is awesome, no idea how you did it but nice work! I really appreciate these full clothing sets.
Thank you, I actually did this with... blood and tears XD
Great mod. I just want to point out that the jacket resets to black when I try to move her around for some reason.
The jacket color is bound to the 2nd RGB slider, and none of the mods include any charcode that would change any color. I never had this kind of issue, and it's the first time someone report this. Make sure you use sby's loader.
God damn, the wait was worth. Absolutely love the new outfit, from the lingerie to the popping buttons shirt. Very well done indeed. My only complaint is that the bra does and shoes do a soft reset on the character code, which can get annoying. Would be great if you could fix that.
Thank you Hank ! Ah... the soft reset, yes, it's because the bra include some charcode in order to remove the nipples. But the shoes, that's a surprise, I'll look into it and eventually release versions without any charcode. But for now, the bra should be loaded last, then any other charcode applied after that.
I have problems with the mod. the jaket is black and I can't change the color. What loader need for that?
You should be ok with sby loader pack:
Absolutly wonderfull. Also gives a nice feel for the size of her breasts.
Now that is quite the impressive package you've created there. Awesome all around, I especially like the classy high-heel pumps with the sling/buckle, nothing beats the classics if you ask me.

And the idea with the shirt pops as size increases is just stellar.
Thanks a bunch for the share JaxFRA.
This whole set is really, really nice. I specially like the button-popping top, though I was wondering if you could make a version where the threshold for when it goes from about to burst to open shirt about two sizes larger? The current treshold seems too small to me to make her buttons pop out.
It could be nice indeed. I made this mod some time ago now, and I think I remember I chose some keyframes in order to ease the interpolation.
Changing the whole thing requires quite enough work, but I'll keep this in mind for a future update ;)
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