School Outfits Pack


Read me (really do read me).
What do you need to know in order to avoid issues or unwanted behavior
  • How to understand mods names:
    • Some of them are explicit, some are not. You got 2 major outfits, and here are the compatibilities. Basicaly, you have outfit A, and outfit B. So Vest or Shirt A should go with Skirt A, and Vest or shirt B go with Skirt B. Even if some A Tops would fit with Skirt B because they would overlap, it doesn't work for Tops B with Skirt A since you would get an empty gap between the top and the bottom.
    • Shirts A and B are tucked ones, it's very unlikely they will look like something natural without a matching bottom mod.
    • Shirt L is for loose, it's an untucked shirt that will fit with A and B skirts
    • LS is for Long Sleeves
    • SS is for Short Sleeves
    • C is for Cleavage
    • O is for Open
      Example: Shirt L SSO means it's a Loose shirt with Short Sleeves, wich is Open
      Vest A OO means it's a type A Vest, wich is Open, with an Open Shirt under.
      See the images bellow for better and faster understanding.
  • Always load the top mod last:
    The top mods include code and charcode in order to ensure proper behavior. The Vest color is always following the skirt color. If you do not do so, the vest and skirt belt color will remain plain black. The breast firmness setting will also be erased and the feeling will be at least unatural, or will even look broken at worse (like the tie of the Vest A mod).
  • Always clear mods before you load another one of the same piece. Some mods do not replace everything, you might end up with duplicates that will make no sense at all.
  • The lifted versions of the skirts are intended for vaginal or anal positions, they will unlikely look good in positions with insufficient bending.
  • Prefer to avoid full black or white colors for top and bottom mods. Even if some of them could tolerate it, many of them won't look nice. Try using 230,230, 230 for white or 40,40,40 for black.
Package content
Inspired, reworked, then updated from the shool outfits from my SAO Megapack bundle, this package provide full customization for 2 complte school outfits.
All the mods are
RGB adjustable, and all the bras and top mods are Breast Slider adjustable.
As usual, click on the pictures to see the full size.

  • Underwears
    • Cute underwears
    • Sporty underwears
    • Sporty B underwears
Every piece is independantly 2 RGB Adjustable.


  • Legwears
    • Socks (0 to 3 stripes)
    • Knee socks (0 to 1 stripe)
    • Thigh socks (0 to 3 stripes)
    • Pantyhoses
In order to have no stripe at all, just set the 2nd RGB Slider from the legwear to the same color as the 1st one.
The Pantyhoses require Template Extension v6, they won't display properly without it if you decide to use them without any bottom mods. There is some legacy transparency on them (you can't see it on the picture but it becomes obvious in black), but they won't look ok at all on the upper part if you use the transparency slider.


  • School Shoes

  • Outfit A and Loose Shirt
    • Shirt A LS
    • Shirt A LSC
    • Shirt A LSO
    • Shirt A SS
    • Shirt A SSC
    • Shirt A SSO
    • Shirt L LS
    • Shirt L LSC
    • Shirt L LSO
    • Shirt L SS
    • Shirt L SSC
    • Shirt L SSO
    • Skirt A
    • Skirt A Short
    • Skirt A Lifted
The tie color is set with the 2nd top RGB Slider



  • Outfit B
    • Shirt B LS
    • Shirt B LSC
    • Shirt B LSO
    • Shirt B SS
    • Shirt B SSC
    • Shirt B SSO
    • Skirt B
    • Skirt B Lifted
The white stripe of the vest is not RGB Adjustable
The ribbon color is set with the 2nd top RGB Slider



Enjoy :smile:
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Latest reviews

I understand this a really great work but I can't find the way this to work with MoreClothing Mods.txt.
Could you advise me?
Excellent variance in options and details! Absolutely worth a download. Only thing "missing" is wider options for bra and panties but we already have plenty of those so I don't even consider it missing (hence the quotation marks). Add to it that they're color and slider adjustable, perfect 10/10!!
Thank you for your feedback. About bras, they're a real pain to make, it's a huge work. I've got a new one planned in a future pack though ^^
The Vest is Stuck as a Crimson red color and I am unable to change it, help please.
As stated in the description, the vest follows the first bottom (skirt) RGB slider. Did you really try this one ?
If you're having this issue using moreclothing mod, check this thread :
Are you using sby loader pack ?
If you checked unsuccessfully these 3 points, contact me by message and we'll figure it out.
An excellent collection of mods, in particular I'm finding myself loving the shoes and open shirts. Keep up the good work!
Thank you Hank. You've always been very supportive ;)
Everything looks really well done except the sporty panties variations, only cover one "cheek" so to speak. love the socks particularly. thanks a lot
Not exactly, it covers the front as well, but I admit the surface is quite small. I made it like that to match a model, and it had to be quite low on the waist. Of course everyone has its own taste :)
I'm actually much more bothered by the Sporty B wich has a part overflowing trhough the waist when it shouldn't, but I'll fix it in a future update.
Thx for the review :)
Amazing work of art my son, so much to do with this pack and the amount of hours show, keep it up my son.
Most original RP review ! XD Thx
Great work on the custom pack
We definitely need more of these!
Thank you. Did you mean "more packs" or "more school outfits" ?
The amount of variants and combinations that can be done with this pack is amazing. And every little bit is great quality.
I am delighted that the hours of work could provide satisfaction :)
Win Rar is telling me the .rar is in an unknown format or damaged
I'll reupload it in .zip today
This pack includes so much new clothing and in sorta high quality, it is meant to work together. The shirts have a little bit of weird shading especially with the breasts, but overall it is worth the download.


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