A few minor errors have been fixed about the itoko bonus epilogue.
Just replace the itoko.txt file located in SR-Final/Mods/Sr Eng/ by this one
  • New bonuses available once the game is completed, including custom plays, and a brand whole new chapter within, some kind of spin-off, including some new content.
  • Slight changes to Day 5 Chapter 8 about Tenma's dialogues.
  • Update of the panties around leg clothing mod which wasn't RGB adjustable. Now fixed.
For those who already completed the game, how to unlock bonuses ?
Launch the Debug folder, select Day 7 part 3 to adjust, and set the chapter on the last one. Launch the game (language is irrelevant), and play Day 7 part 3, it will start from the last chapter, the epilogue part. Once it's played, bonuses will show up on the start screen of the english version.

Known issues
The bonus interface uses Dialogue Action Buttons. In some circumstances, they might be unresponsive, if the dialogue is queuing actions that are not satisfied. If you get stucked and cannot get the button to work after several attempts, just click the auto mode checkbox in order to cancel any animation, put your character in an idle position for a few seconds, and try clicking the button again.
  • French version is now available
  • Tenma hair reworked
  • Minor glitches fix
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