Office top with popping buttons

Office top with popping buttons 1.0

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  1. v2.0 available

    No standalone update for the new version, but you will find my rework here.

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awesome, I managed to use the mod now but the jacket is missin, anyway to fix it?
The only explanation I have is that you're not using sby's loader pack wich include all the necessary mods and templates for the jacket to load. Check one of my answers bellow for the link to this loader.
Brilliant! Shut up and take my rating! :D
LOL. Thank you mate. I started working on a better remake of this mod, but I'm barely active now, so no promisses, but maybe someday I'll release something improved ^^
This is a great and creative mod! May I have a link to that bra, please?:)
Thank you very much. The bra is a mod you can find bundled in sby's loader pack :
Great mod. Although, what do you mean by RGB 2 for the jacket? So far, I am able to change the color of the shirt by going to the shirt category on the menu, but where do I change the color of the jacket?
The mod's description indicate it's a loader mod. If you're really using a loader such as sby's, you have a 2nd color picker for the shirt. That's the one changing the jacket's color.
Wow! This is such a creative mod! Well done, keep it up!
Well this is amazing, im having trouble with the bra though: do i have to download it seperately somewhere else or is it just something im missing? My Loader wont load the bra nevertheless
The mod is a top mod, and doesn't include a bra. You're free to use any bra you like, I just hope it will fit beneath :)
The one you see on the pictures is included in sby loader pack and is called lacy bra.
Very very nice, wee need more tops and this is a very unique addition. Well done!
Thank you very much, it's very encouraging to see this kind of feedback, especially when you know what kind of painful work such mechanics require ^^


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