1. Antimatter42

    Oval Office Background ver. 1.0

    It's been a while, but I'm right on time for the upcoming elections. Enjoy! -Antimatter42
  2. P

    Charlie (Hazbin Hotel) - Static Hair 2

    Four different hairstyles for Charlie...
  3. SyntaxTerror

    XL Background - Office (01) 1.0

    This is only a preview, use the "Download" button above to download. Notes & issues: To use, open like a normal SWF mod (in Modding tab). This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. This mod needs the Flash player to be put in full screen mode to see its sides. Precum flashing extension to...
  4. Jaxx

    High Heels (no ankle bride variant) 1.0

    Loader: not required RGB Adjustable: yes, RGB1 for the global color and RGB2 for the lower sole This is a variant from my High Heels with ankle bride mod.
  5. Antimatter42

    Antimatter42's Everyday Backgrounds Thread (thread is reopened)

    Hello all. Not much to say here, but I recently read SyntaxTerror's backgrounds tutorial and have decided to try my hand at making them. I hope you all Enjoy. -Antimatter42 P.S.: Here's the link to said tutorial: How to make a static PNG background Disclaimer: None of these backgrounds are...
  6. Jaxx

    Office Girl 2.0 hotfix

    Office girl 2.0 More than 2 years later, here is a new version for the office girl. And because many of you liked it, it's a complete rework ! Office girl v2.0 comes with 7 new mods + 2 previous ones: The shoes are those from the v1.0, but this time, the archive includes both versions, with...
  7. Jaxx

    Office top with popping buttons 1.0

    Loader: required RGB Adjustable: yes, RGB1 for the shirt color and RGB2 for the jacket color Breast Adjustable: yes, buttons from her shirt pops as you increase her breast size. An interresting way to play with this is the [GROW_BREASTS_BY_<value>] from DrZombi MoreTriggers Mod Part from my...
  8. Jaxx

    Office Open Short Skirt 1.0

    Loader: not required RGB Adjustable: yes, RGB1 for the global color, RGB2 not used Part from my office girl pack
  9. BrokenToaster

    Professional Dress - Long Sleeve 2016-05-20

    THIS DOWNLOAD CONTAINS: - RGB: Outfit - Professional Dress v1 - Mini Skirt and Long Sleeve Top - RGB 1 Color [Shirt and Skirt Fill] - RGB: Tops - Professional Dress v1 -Long Sleeve Top- RGB 1 Color [Main Fill] - Solid colors available on request. MOD QUICK NOTES: - Vanilla or Loader: Vanilla -...