I have problems with the mod. the jaket is black and I can't change the color. What loader need for that?
You should be ok with sby loader pack: https://www.undertow.club/downloads/sby-loaderpack.4591/
Absolutly wonderfull. Also gives a nice feel for the size of her breasts.
Now that is quite the impressive package you've created there. Awesome all around, I especially like the classy high-heel pumps with the sling/buckle, nothing beats the classics if you ask me.

And the idea with the shirt pops as size increases is just stellar.
Thanks a bunch for the share JaxFRA.
This whole set is really, really nice. I specially like the button-popping top, though I was wondering if you could make a version where the threshold for when it goes from about to burst to open shirt about two sizes larger? The current treshold seems too small to me to make her buttons pop out.
It could be nice indeed. I made this mod some time ago now, and I think I remember I chose some keyframes in order to ease the interpolation.
Changing the whole thing requires quite enough work, but I'll keep this in mind for a future update ;)
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