1. R

    Overknee Stockings 1.0

    Single color overknee stockings. Legwear A and B version available for both Feet4Heels and BetterFeet. A note on the RGB-slider support The mod uses the first slider for the primary color, and the second slider for the color of the shading. In most cases, black is a good fit. Use the...
  2. R

    Nylon Stockings Thigh High 1.0

    Here's some nylon stockings. Included are versions compatible with the "Feet4Heels" and "BetterFeet" body mods. Not compatible with the vanilla feet. The feet are not included. They are available here:
  3. R

    Striped Overknee Stockings 1.1

    Overknee stockings with three stripes around the thigh. Come as legwear A and B version. This mod is not compatible with the girl's vanilla feet. It was made for use with the Feet4Heels body mod: Enjoy Check in here for...
  4. sclover13

    Mid-Thigh Stockings [SkinnyBitch] [RGB] [LDR] 2.0

    Mid-thigh generic stockings for the SkinnyBitch thin SD Chan body mod [version 1.4 or later]. This mod works in LOADER only {please see history for vanilla version}. It is RGB adjustable.
  5. sclover13

    Thick Girl rgbFill Mid-Thigh Stockings [TAF] 1.0

    Not compatible with normal SD Chan body. Download the ThiccAsFreakness Mod here. (Stocking originally made for the Yoko Littner Mod)
  6. sclover13

    Pumpkin Tits - Halloween OC 1

    This was an OC made for the 2013 Halloween Event. Breast slidable. It contains a few custom items such as a the hat, glasses, stockings and sleeves made specifically for this mod. I'll be providing them as separate mods as well.
  7. Firecracker

    Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Fishnet Stockings and Heels

    I bet I am not the only one here interested in a nice Harley Quinn model as she is seen in the Suicide Squad movie. I tried recreating her using some of these mods and came up with this: I am quite satisfied with her upper part, but you can already see that her fishnet stockings are too short...
  8. Hank East

    Ringed Gloves and Stockings 2020-05-21

    Mod made by kaffrey, uploading it on the RM so more people can have it since to get it originally you get to PM them, and they have not been online in a little bit. Stockings are LegwearB.
  9. R

    Roxes' videos

    File Size:227 MB Resolution:1280x720 Duration:00;10;02 format:mp4 Download full video or Play it online - 227.7 MB
  10. khalifa

    Kd/A Ahri legwear

    Hello there. i am requesting the legwear from the kd/a skin of ahri, not the whole outfit. - ahri (league of legends) animal ears blonde hair breasts choker cropped foxgirl league of legends long hair microphone multiple tails nanoless nipples nude ponytail tail thighhighs water watermark...
  11. Doomer

    Leotard Catwoman for Haydee + .XPS

    Concept based on work. Thx for help: to HarleySin on DeviantArt with .XPS edits. Mod is for this game Haydee on Steam. There is semi, gloss and matte options same as you can use full or more open suite. To turn on the mod simply put LeotardCat.pack into your...
  12. Doomer

    Cyberpunk Ciri for Haydee + .XPS

    Concept based on Bomyman on DeviantArt works. Several available for public download materials from reload3d and others was used in process of creation this mod. Thx for help: to HarleySin on DeviantArt with .XPS edits and one another guy. Mod is for this game Haydee on Steam, contains 3 main...
  13. Perdition

    Skull Stockings RGB 2019-04-07

    Based on @dantethedarkprince's 'Skull Stockings' mod, this mod makes it RGB adjustable. Comes in both a legwear A and B version.
  14. SyntaxTerror

    RGB Neko Stockings 1.1

    Notes and possible issues: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. To change the colour of the fill, use the LegwearA or LegwearB left slider (depending on version used). To change the colour of the ears and nose, use the LegwearA or...
  15. SyntaxTerror

    Philia Stockings 1.1

    Notes and issues: To use, open with the SWF mod button in the Modding tab. This mod works with Vanilla and the Loader. This mod uses the Body layer, so it is possible to add Bottoms or Footwear mods. Changing the skin tint will affect the colour. If you have issues or requests about this mod...
  16. Perdition

    RGB Cow-Print Legwear 2018-11-23

    Based on @superduper2019's 'Cow-Print Stockins' mod, this mod modifies them slightly and makes them RGB adjustable.
  17. Huitznahua

    Motoko Kusanagi SAC outfit 1.0

    Motoko V2.1 by @ds14048...
  18. Hansel

    Storm 1.0

  19. Hansel

    Psylocke 1.0

  20. C

    Mileena hair and outfit mod 1.0

    The hair and CharCode are embedded into the outfit file. Mortal Kombat 9 Kahn's Coliseum background