hairRGB V3 reupload

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this mod adds 4 rgb pickers next to the in-game hair HSL for swf hairs to potentially use instead of borrowing other rgb pickers from the various clothing menus.
by itself, this mod does nothing, it purely provides capabilities for managing hair color of hair swf mods that support it, similar to what the mod allalphasliders does for clothing mods.

for mod creators:
this mod will try to set the fill of these named instances on your mods placed on the various hair mod containers:

there are also outline fill containers, that use a full alpha and a color offset to make them darker:

if you wish to check if this mod has been loaded, you can use

an example hair mod is included in the test hair folder,
Messy_Short_Ponytail, by sclover13
its resource page can be found here if there are further updates to the mod:
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Last update
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Latest updates

  1. mod reupload with further notes

    mod reupload with further notes
  2. added support for outline fills

    hairRGBV3 added support for the outline rgbfill, these use a full alpha, and use an offset of...
  3. workaround for DHE mods

    hairRGBV2 added setting useDHEworkaround that changes the post proxy from addDynamicHairMod to...

Latest reviews

This a HUGE gamechanger for the community. The ease of being able to change hair colour without tongue or headwear workarounds is great for customization.


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