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Dialogue Typing Speed 0.1 by stuntcock

Adjusts the speed at which dialogue text is printed onto the screen

  1. stuntcock
    Description: This mod adjusts the speed at which dialogue text is printed on screen. If you're a fast reader, then a bit of acceleration may help you to breeze through a text-heavy dialogue scenario at a more comfortable pace. If you'd like to take it easy and savor every detail storyline, then you're free to slow down the text print-out.

    Warning: This mod should not be used in conjunction with advanced dialogue mods. The authors of those mods carefully test their dialogues to ensure proper playability. Changing the speed of dialogue presentation may cause timing errors, loss of synchronization, or missed triggers. You're free to experiment, but please do not complain to the dialogue author if you manage to break something.

    Usage: Extract the 7z archive. Move the configuration file (dialogueTypingSpeedSettings.txt) into your \Settings folder. You should then adjust the typingSpeed setting within the text file before loading the mod. If you load it as-is, then it won't have any influence on the game.

    • 55 is the default speed
      • At this setting, the mod will have no effect on the game
    • 1 is maximum speed
      • An entire paragraph of text will appear at once
      • The girl's mouth will not "voice" the line properly; she'll just flap her mouth once and then stop speaking
    • 999 is minimum speed
      • Several seconds will elapse before the next letter is printed
      • The girl's mouth will spend several seconds forming each syllable