1. atkope1212

    Issues with dialogue speed

    Hey all, long time lurker trying to make their own dialogue. The guides on here have been a huge help so far but I've hit a roadblock. The dialogue I currently have is fairly comprehensive in terms of line count which may be the cause of my problem but I just wanted to get some other ideas just...
  2. stuntcock

    Dialogue Typing Speed 0.1

    Description: This mod adjusts the speed at which dialogue text is printed on screen. If you're a fast reader, then a bit of acceleration may help you to breeze through a text-heavy dialogue scenario at a more comfortable pace. If you'd like to take it easy and savor every detail storyline...
  3. stuntcock

    Auto Mode Accelerator 1.0

    This mod applies an adjustable coefficient to Auto Mode behaviour so that the characters will tend to move more quickly (or more slowly). Background and Technical Information Usage Download and Extract the 7z archive. Move the autoModeAcceleratorV1settings.txt file into your Settings folder...