1. C

    Request - Text To Speech Engine for dialogue text?

    Was wondering if anyone has tried to add a text to speech engine for the basic text dialogue? A mod that can recognize and automatically output basic speech anytime the game ques up your loaded dialogue phrases. There's lots of text to speech engines/voices out there and it would obviously be a...
  2. Avatar Korra Audio Dialogue (And BG Audio Tracks)

    Avatar Korra Audio Dialogue (And BG Audio Tracks) V1.0, LDR1.0

    Now you'll see what an Avatar can really do!
  3. Phoneme Shaper

    Phoneme Shaper 0.1

    Loader mod which allows SDT to animate mouth movements for additional languages
  4. Resource icon

    Dialogue Typing Speed 0.1

    Adjusts the speed at which dialogue text is printed onto the screen
  5. Furries

    "She" hardly ever speaks. "His" dialogue always plays.

    I'm creating custom dialogue where both he and she speak. However, no matter how many times I copy and paste "her" lines of dialogue into notepad, she never says a word, at least when it comes to the "pull_off" dialogue type. How do I make her speech appear more often? Here I've attached my...

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