1. stuntcock

    Phoneme Shaper 0.1

    Introduction Vanilla SDT is limited to the Latin alphabet. The game's code includes a set of hardcoded associations between Latin glyphs and SDT mouth-shapes. This mod extends that association logic, allowing players to specify which mouth-shape(s) should accompany any particular glyph. This...
  2. stuntcock

    Dialogue Typing Speed 0.1

    Description: This mod adjusts the speed at which dialogue text is printed on screen. If you're a fast reader, then a bit of acceleration may help you to breeze through a text-heavy dialogue scenario at a more comfortable pace. If you'd like to take it easy and savor every detail storyline...
  3. Furries

    "She" hardly ever speaks. "His" dialogue always plays.

    I'm creating custom dialogue where both he and she speak. However, no matter how many times I copy and paste "her" lines of dialogue into notepad, she never says a word, at least when it comes to the "pull_off" dialogue type. How do I make her speech appear more often? Here I've attached my...
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