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this mod adds a button next to the collar selection to bring up a menu to enable this mod with a resistance slider.

the tautness slider goes from loose fitting -> tight fitting.
adjust this according to how well the collar fits against her neck. tighter collars will scale outward more and have a sooner restrictive profile. slide it to the left for a loose or low fitting collar, where the penis will allowed to expand down a fair amount. slide it to the right for a tight or high fitting collar, where the penis will be blocked earlier from expanding into her throat
for all of the vanilla collars, leaving this at halfway should look fine.

the rigidity slider goes from stretchy -> rigid
adjust this according to how stiff the collar would be made. a lace band would be very stretchy, vs a leather collar would be more rigid. more rigid collars take longer to stretch through

if resistance is enabled, when wearing a collar, her throat will have resistance holding back the penis from expanding down into her throat beyond the collar.
it is based on his penis width, and her throat bulge amount. if the throat expansion amount is too little, the penis may go down into her throat without being held back.

if stretching is enabled, you are able to push past the resistance collar area and stretch the collar by either holding down the mouse press, or over time the collar resistivity will lower as the penis is held against it. the more rigid the collar, the longer the press will need to be held and the longer it takes to lower resistivity.
example with stretching on and off for a very tight fitting collar with a large throat bulge being used:

supports a setting to have her wince when the collar is holding back the penis from being forced further into her throat
supports charcode saving

a dialog line 'collarresistance' can be played when a collar is holding back the penis.
this will not get built if your dialog does not have the line

collarresistance:"do you like forcing yourself against my collar?"
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Awesome. Now there needs to be a way to snap her choker >:)
This is an awesome mod, but to ask an extremely noob question, how do I get it to load? The FAQ's images explaining how to load mods have broken links. Thank you for your help in advance!


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