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Zero 7's 2nd Dialogue - Therapy

Discussion in 'Dialogue' started by Zero 7, Aug 25, 2012.

  1. Zero 7

    Zero 7 Potential Patron

    Jul 8, 2012
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    This is my second dialogue attempt that I started weeks ago and haven't had any free time to work on till last night. I thought the concept sounded good in my mind but in the end I didn't like how it looked or sounded in notepad while I was reading it but thought I'd upload it anyway because I didn't think the concept had been done before (and I think someone else would have done a better job).

    "THERAPY" Scenario:
    As a soon to be graduating high school student, the following summer is very important as far as deciding the next step in your future.
    During your senior year, your family has notice considerable changes in your overal attitude and interest in a lot of things and believe it with effect your future. This of course, concerns them. So they decide you should see a therapist, and after more than a week of not making any progress with you,she shows you how determined
    she is to help.
    Fun Fact: This is based off of my real life experience of being forced to see a therapist.
    Fun Fact2: Nothing says I love like having your family force you to meet and talk to a complete stranger about you personal life.
    dialogue_name: "Therapy"

    all: "CLEAR"

    intro:"Good afternoon *YOU*!"
    intro:"Good afternoon Dr. *ME*... listen, I'm not staying today. I've decided that this is my last day."
    intro:"Really, are you sure?"
    intro:"Yeah, This isn't really for me. I like to deal with my problems my own way and the only reason I came was
    because my familly thought it would help... and because they already paid for it."
    intro:"Oh, I see."
    intro:"But this is my last day, though I appreciate your effort and I hope you don't take this personaly."
    intro:"No, of course not... but, if today is your last day, perhaps we could try something different today?"
    intro:"*sigh*...I guess... sure, why not."
    intro:"Excellent, then would you please stand over here."
    intro:"That's fine.*starts to unbutton shirt*
    intro:"Uhhhhh...Dr. *ME*
    intro:"Yes? *tosses shirt on chair*
    intro:"What are you doing?
    intro:"*Unziping skirt* Undressing.
    intro:"I can see that, but why?
    intro:"*takes off bra* Well *YOU*, in the time that we've spent together *tosses bra on chair* I feel that your dilema is that you've simply built up a lot of stress,
    which I belive is the cause of your loss of interest in things and is only natural for someone your age and at this point in your life.
    intro:"Okay... but what does that have to do with you taking off your clothes.
    intro:"Well *walks toward you*...I've decided that I'm going to help you relieve some of that stress.
    intro:"Wait. But...
    intro:"And even though you said you aren't stressed, I believe you really are, and I also believe a woman's "touch" will do wonders for you.
    intro:"Wait...Dr. *ME*, we shouldn't be doing this.
    intro:"*kneels down* *unzipps pants* It's alright *YOU*, it's a doctors duty to take care of her patients *takes dick out*, Oh my...[LOOK_UP]I can feel
    the stress built up.
    intro:"Dr. *ME*...
    intro:"[LOOK_UP]Don't worry, I'll take good care of you so[LOOK_DOWN][HAPPY_MOOD]... let's get started.

    general:"[LOOK_UP]Aren't you starting to feel better *YOU*?"
    general:"There's no need to be so reserved?"
    general:"To think he's this big."{"style":"Thought"}
    general:"Are you enjoying yourself?"
    general:"I cant't believe this is happening."{"style":"Thought"}
    general:"Just relax *YOU*, I'll do all the work."
    general:"This is just the beginning of the process *YOU*... there is much more to come."
    general:"I know I could just leave... but this feels awsome!"{"style":"Him"}{"style":"Thought"}
    general:"[LOOK_UP]If you admit that you're enjoying this, it will make the process easier."


    first_throat:"I cant't believe it... I just hit the back of her throat!"{"style":"Him"}{"style":"Thought"}
    first_throat:"If I can go just...a little[WINCE]...deeper..."{"style":"Thought"}
    first_throat:"Seems like I need to go all the way to releive your stress."
    first_throat:"Your're still holding out, aren't you *YOU*. [ft1] "
    ft1:"I'm not holding out anything...we shouldn't be doing this at all. [ft2]" {"style":"Him"}
    ft2:"If so, then you can leave whenever you want. [ft3]"
    ft3:"........ [ft4]" {"style":"Him"}
    ft4:"See, you want to this, you want someone to relieve your stress so you'll be happy again so[LOOK_DOWN]...[AHEGAO_MOOD]let's continue."

    first_dt:"HOLY SHIT!!! I-I can feel her throat!!!"{"style":"Thought"}
    fitst_dt:"I honestly can't believe I was able to take him all the way down."{"style":"Thought"}
    first_dt:"[SHOCK]I can feel him twitching... he's almost there..." {"style":"Thought"}
    first_dt:"You liked that didn't *YOU*... a little longer and you'll finally release some of that pent up stress,but... I can see you're still holding it in,
    [HAPPY_MOOD]so I'll have to be a bit forceful."

    held:"If I use my tongue, I'm sure that will help."{"style":"Thought"}

    Vigorous:"Dr. *ME*... slo-slow down![v1] "{"style":"Him"}
    V1:"Once I'm able to relieve you." {"style":"Thought"}
    Vigorous:"You're almost there,[LOOK_UP]aren't you *YOU*?"
    Vigorous:"Mabey it would be more effective[LOOK_UP][LOOK_DOWN]if I let him do it." {"style":"Thought"}
    Vigorous:"[SHOCK]I-I think I may be getting a little too into this."{"style":"Thought"}
    Vigorous:"It's gotten bigger since we started, and it's twitching even more too...[LOOK_UP]it's just begging me to get all that stress you have out."
    Vigorous:"She's doing it so hard..."{"style":"Him"}{"style":"Thought"}
    Vigorous:"Come on..."{"style":"Thought"}

    pre_cum:"Release it *YOU*, release all of it!"{"style":"Thought"}
    pre_cum:"Dr. *ME* I'm..."{"style":"Him"}
    pre_cum:"I Can practicly taste it..."{"style":"Thought"}
    pre_cum:"Just let out whenever you're ready."
    pre_cum:"Don't hold any of it back!"
    pre_cum:"That's it..."
    pre_cum:"Whenever you're ready *YOU*,[HAPPY_MOOD]just let it go..."
    pre_cum:"Just a little more *YOU*..."

    cum_in_mouth:"I should probably swallow it so I don't make a mess."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_mouth:"[SHOCK]It's so... warm."
    cum_in_mouth:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]He let out so much."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_mouth:"It's like he full of it."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_mouth:"My mouth is so full, but I can't spill any of it."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_mouth:"I can't believe she let me shoot it her mouth." {"style":"Him"}{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_mouth:"It doesn't taste awful."{"style":"Thought"}

    cum_in_throat:"[WINCE]It's all in my throat."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_throat:"It feel like glue is in my throat[SWALLOW]."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_throat:"I think we're making[COUGH]progress, don't you?"
    cum_in_throat:"[WINCE]It's so... Thick."
    cum_in_throat:"I cant't believe it[SWALLOw]...[LOOK_UP]you[COUGH]... right in my throat..."

    cum_in_throat:"I can feel it in my stomach."{"style":"Thought"}
    cum_in_throat:"I can still taste it."

    swallow:"[SHOCK]It's so...thick."{"style":"Thought"}
    swallow:"I can't believe she just did that!"{"style":"Him"}{"style":"Thought"}

    drool:"[SHOCK]Oh no...I shouldl've swallowed it."
    drool:"[AHEGAO_MOOD]Such a wast-[NORMAL_MOOD] I mean...mess."

    finish1:"I feel like once isn't enough for you...[LOOK_UP][AHEGAO_MOOD] so we should start again."
    finish2:"Don't you feel better *YOU*, or do you need another session?"
    finish3:"[SHOCK]Three times!"
    finishother:"[SHOCK]Again!? [HAPPY_MOOD]You must have been really holding it in."

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  2. ElQonquiztador

    ElQonquiztador Avid Affiliate

    Sep 28, 2011
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    So you're saying that your therapist gave you a deepthroat blowjob? ???
  3. ignignok

    ignignok Potential Patron

    Oct 15, 2011
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    Good work, just a couple notes: there're several intro lines that don't have quotation marks at the end, and "touch" needs to be %22touch%22, otherwise it'll cut the line and not show touch" or anything after it.
  4. HentaiBob

    HentaiBob Avid Affiliate

    Jun 6, 2012
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    The intro conversation doesn't work like that.
    You will have to do it like you did it with the "first_throat" dialogue ;)

    Another thing are the restart lines... you don't have any ^^
    The "finishes" lines don't show up by themselves!
    You will have to add following line:
    This should work... I think ^^
  5. Zero 7

    Zero 7 Potential Patron

    Jul 8, 2012
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    No, not the blowjob just the actual therapy. It was a pain in the ass by the way.

    Thanks ignignok and HentaiBob. Didn't really get to work on this like I wanted to and I wasn't really planning on posting it till I had the time, but the way things are looking now, I won't have much time to really do anything I want to which is why I went ahead and posted it.
    Also, like I said, I didn't really like the way it came out either (due to the lack of time to work on it like I wanted to).
  6. Xiombarg

    Xiombarg Avid Affiliate

    Sep 1, 2011
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    This certainly has potential! I'll have to give it a spin.
    Just noticed a few minor things. Mostly spelling and a bit of grammar. If I get a chance, I'll highlight them for you, or otherwise pass the info on, if you don't catch them yourself ;)

    Kudos on a fantasy-inducing dialog!
  7. Hutsairb

    Hutsairb Potential Patron

    Sep 20, 2012
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    This has The potential to be amazing, but the intro is all mixed up, and plays randomly at times; as well as a few lines being said by the wrong person(I think). I would try to fix it, but I haven't quite figured out how to edit the order of things in the new dialogue format(meaning I haven't bothered to look it up).
  8. Aerodynamite

    Aerodynamite Potential Patron

    May 20, 2012
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    I'd never considered a therapist-patient situation. Surprisingly hot!