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Your top 10 SKW wrestlers

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by soxfan2319, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. soxfan2319

    soxfan2319 Potential Patron

    Jul 7, 2011
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    Just wondering who people hae as their top ten skw wrestlers.
  2. tgn

    tgn Vivacious Visitor

    May 26, 2011
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    I haven't really seen enough of sk's matches to have a top ten.

    How ever I do have a thing for Serena and Keri though.
  3. meepmeep

    meepmeep Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 26, 2011
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    Jessica Nicole
    Sinn Sage
    both Rains (wildly different body types, both eminently fuckable and hot in completely different ways)
    Addie Juniper
    Amber O'Neal
    Cali Logan
    Kymberly Jane

    No real order apart from the first two.
    <3 <3 <3 Natasha

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  4. thesteedman

    thesteedman Ryonani Teamster

    Aug 15, 2011
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    Mine are not in any specific order, but I would have to say:-

    (Not the professional wrestler Rain but the SKW gal. If I had to pick one fav it would probably be this girl. If she comes back to SKW I'll be tempted to get a custom since there isn't many clips at all of her in my favourite holds.)
    ('Cause she sells moves very well and has been the victim of some great bearhugs. My fav clip is her against Little Jeanne, being put into some gruesome crushing and back breaking holds.)
    Annie Juniper
    (Mostly for the same reason above, I think there are nicer gal's but I like Annie cause she can sell a hold well and has a nice look to boot. Saw her in a hot scissors and some good bearhugs)
    (Cause she has a body to die for. Not really seen her in any of my favourite holds much yet but I look forward to seeing her caught in a bodyscissors or hug sometime soon. If I don't ever get a hold of Rain I'd be tempted to custom Alisa)
    (Serena is in there for the classic clips I really enjoyed. I loved her in She's got Legs against Jackson)
    (She's nice looking, and been victim to my favourite holds too :D)
    (Goes without saying for some of the great clips she's been a part of along with featuring in other sites)
    Gia Primo
    (She's getting on a bit, but I still have the hots for her. She has a very toned build and has often fallen victim to some sexah holds. Plus she's good for applying moves too)
    J. Velvets
    (A girl I'm starting to get into there at SKW)
    (I know she's not SKW but she's featured on there enough times so I hope that qualifies. She's got a heavier build now but is still very sexy in my eyes. She sells moves well and can also apply moves and make them very sexy when she teases her opponant. I tried to get a custom from her... but she never got back to me :( )

    And that is my run down. I'd put Rain at the top of it, but everyone else is more or less the same, I'm very fond of the lot of them.
  5. TheCrimsonRisk

    TheCrimsonRisk Ryonani Teamster

    Jun 10, 2010
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    Since we're not setting any criteria, I decided to list a few heels too:


    Cute face, sexy body. She really knows how to sell and has done all kinds of videos for SK: boxing, F/F, pro style, sleepers only...along with Jackson, she's really been one of his most valuable stars.

    She really won me over when she got pounded by Vanessa Harding. Love seeing her trapped in that crossface!

    Such a cutie! For me, she's kind of taken over for Sumiko as the top babyface. She really gets put through the ringer.

    Kind of underutilized as a jobber. She's certainly..."gifted" in certain areas. I was never more jealous of Kid then when I saw these pictures with Carmen.

    Classic. I'm not sure if there is a Sleeperkid's World today without her contributions.


    Arguably the best looking girl to ever work for his site. Alas, she only did a couple of shoots.


    Straight up monster.

    SK's top bully over the last few years. So good at dishing out punishment that she has her own series of videos. Genuinely threatening.

    Like Angelina, she was indispensable in those early years. Tough looking and willing to perform any move asked of her, she really helped to show what Sleeperkid's World performers were capable of.
  6. randomguy

    randomguy Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 5, 2010
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    my favorite(in no order)

    Rain(the short haired girl with blue eyes) she has a very cute face! She sells hits very nicely, too bad she hasn't been around for a while. she had a decent amount of vids so i figured she was popular. I LOVE the vampire vid with her

    Gia like rain has striking blue eyes and she has a tough girl kinda persona. she can sell decently and I like the noises she makes they are an interesting contrast to her tough attitude.

    Helena she is the best at selling most all moves. specially sleepers and she also has a confident persona and she looks genuinely scared when put into some holds. She inspired a lor of the faces I do in my Xnalara stuff(loved her powergirl performance)

    Lacey(short blonde hair) was only in two things sadly(an image set in one vid where jackson kicks her ass) she had again a cute face and body.(I'm big on faces)

    Sumiko pretty much what a lot of others said about her. She just sells it so well and is REALLY good looking

    Natasha pretty face can sell pretty good

    Emmie(getting lazy with reasons)

    Jackson while i liked her best with short hair(it suited her face more) she is still one of the best and most flexible performers.

    Serena: her new mid cut looks good on her and like all the other picks great at selling hits

    Alice: we don't see her much but she was very cute. Hope she appears again
  7. Trigon

    Trigon Avid Affiliate

    Jun 20, 2011
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    Like tgn, I haven't seen enough SKW for a full top ten. From what I've seen, I do like these girls (in no particular order):

    Jackson: a random bearhug video of her on youtube was how I discovered SKW.
    Angelina: I like all her stuff. Her punch drunk look in boxing videos is classic.
    Sumiko: involved in some of the best clips I've seen.
    Natasha: cute, cute, cute!
    Addie Juniper: I mostly know her from other sites, but what I've seen on SKW is good too
    Fantasy: I have a thing for cleavage
    Keri: only seen a few with her
    Serena: ditto
  8. CapnDinner

    CapnDinner Guest

    So many lovely ladies to choose from... but alright, here goes:

    Jade (the cute brunette girl from She's Got Legs 4 and other goodies) - Jobber
    Sapphire (the one and only) - Heel
    Natasha - Jobber or Heel
    Gia (of course) - Jobber or Heel
    Keri (though I think of her more as a SuperActionFight girl) - Jobber or Heel
    Jessle - Heel
    Sumiko - Jobber
    Serena - Heel
    Angelina - Jobber
    Alex - Heel
  9. Bonemeal

    Bonemeal Guest

    10. cali logan - again, she doesnt do much with skw, but her skw stuff is great. i wish she was willing to take bumps like sinn sage, tho
    9. natasha - so cute and innocent-looking. its a joy to watch her get squashed..shame she doesnt do more with them
    8. sinn sage - she doesnt do a lot w/ skw, but when she does its amazing!
    7. pre-crisis (early) alex - she was a real cutie when she first started out w/ skw..shame that time has not been kind to her..
    6. fantasy - few heels ever really find their way into my heart the way she has (gimme dem tits)..she can dole out some incredible punishment and, more importantly, make it look good!
    5-1. sumiko - my god..what a beauty..shes the total package: looks, skill, and the ability to take and sell bumps like few others in the business..if you ask me, sumiko should be in EVERY video skw does
  10. DavidAlanStern

    DavidAlanStern Potential Patron

    Apr 9, 2011
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    Natasha, Sumiko, Rain (SKW), Angelina, Anne-Marie, Keri, Pandora, Cali, maybe Jackson and Devon too.
  11. shim23

    shim23 Potential Patron

    Jul 2, 2011
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    In no particular order, and ignoring visiting wrestlers:

    Cali Logan
    Kari and Alishia (together, they put on a show as good as any I've seen on any site)
  12. poupa

    poupa Vivacious Visitor

    Aug 4, 2011
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    Hard to give an order:

    Sumiko gorgeous and terrific fighter
    Alissa amazing body
    Addie Juniper for the way she handles Kos and all the stuff she does beside SKW
    Jackson: for being atletic and sexy as well. doing a good job beteting or being beatedup.
    Rain: same opinion as thedude255
    Bri was doing also a great job. too bad not having seen anything from since a while. thumb_P1010028.jpg
    Jade work also interesting
    I was really fan of Anne Marie on earlier time IMG_6152.JPG
    Helena for all her work here
    Laticia was also a great jobber
  13. VeXeDZERO

    VeXeDZERO Guest

    No particular order...bur here we go

    Sinn Sage
    Alisa Kiss
    Gia Primo
    Cali Logan
    Addie Juniper
    Jessica Nova

    Love SKW, one of my favourite websites =P
  14. Ginazi

    Ginazi Ryonani Teamster

    Dec 3, 2010
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    My list contains only girls that appeared in SK's mixed matches so unfortunately it is rather short.

    Jackson - she has a great body and is very flexible. Thanks to the latter various stretching and bending holds (as well as bearhugs) look very painful and sexy when performed on her. She has recently put on some weight though, gaining a little blubber, which isn't entirely to my tastes.

    Jennie - perfect in the looks department - both a great body and a pretty face. Looks extremely sexy when punched in the belly (which is perfectly toned).

    Ivy - very cute and sexy with her selling and moaning when hurt. A nice belly and greatly shaped butt.

    Serena - great body and legs and she and can take and convincingly sell really powerful looking punches and kicks.

    Angelina - just cute

    Amanda - nice breasts, girlish looks and a bit of cocky nature.
  15. Number 1 by a longshot is Alisa Chan.

    2. Sumiko
    3. Tara
    4. Vivian
    5. Dinah
    6. Kumi
    7. Honey I like seeing Alisa, Tara, Vivian, Dinah, and Honey get their butts handed to them and I like seeing Sumiko and Kumi kicking ass!
  16. CapnDinner

    CapnDinner Guest

    Reading all these comments about Rain (Not the professional wrestler Rain but the SKW gal) made me look her stuff up and oh my God. I think I'm in love. She's now very very high up on my list of favorite jobbers.
  17. jns3

    jns3 Guest

    In no particular order:

    1) Angelina- one of the pioneers of SKW.
    2) Jessle- often my favorite heel on many photos/videos.
    3) Jackson- still hot and flexible.
    4) Pandora- she has a banging body.
    5) Natasha- cute
    6) Ivy- my favorite cute girl at this moment
    7) Anne Marie- a fan of her. Recently she packed a lot of weight- hope she gets back to decent shape.
    8) Stephanie Star- SKW should do more videos with her.
    9) Sapphire- great current heel.
    10)Addie Juniper- a favorite of her from other sites. Her best work is here at SKW.
  18. tarab.jpg

    Sorry to digress a little but I wonder if Tara got into any fights in jail? You know its a nice thought!
  19. shim23

    shim23 Potential Patron

    Jul 2, 2011
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    Heh, is that real? What'd she do?
  20. she got rolled for drug possession in Florida