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Sep 25, 2015
Eva Marie's Revenge

Eva Marie has been demoted to NXT for her lack of in-ring skill and charisma on the mic.
This is a game where you control Eva into getting her revenge and showing her dominance over the women in the WWE.
Matches are not meant to be difficult, but are to be a fun experience to dominate and destroy the women wrestlers.
There are 26 matches with over a dozen women, starting in NXT and ranging to legends like Trish and Lita.

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Known Bugs:
Pressing the right arrow key or page down while in battle will attempt to change party members, but since there's only Eva, it makes the game crash. DO NOT PRESS RIGHT OR PAGE DOWN WHILE IN BATTLE.

This is a weird bug I could potentially fix, but I've spent long enough on this already. I think the game turned out pretty good and gets better and better as you advance. The humiliation scenes get stronger and it's a lot of fun to pick off the roster one by one.

Thanks for playing and enjoy! Feel free to post questions/comments.

EDIT (8 JAN 2018): Link is in post at WWE Ryona RPG
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Dec 13, 2009
Tried out the game. Its simple and great. I miss all the WWE Divas. I wish there was way more videos of them, I need to revisit. I got a thing for Liv Morgan and her shitty gimmick =P


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Jan 11, 2017
The humiliation of Piggie James was so good. Also loved Emma's, Summer's and of course Paige's. All the more embarrassing that they were being humiliated by Eva too.


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Aug 14, 2018
Sorry for this request as my first post, but I was wondering if this game is still available somewhere. Thanks!

Edit: Nevermind, I've found it. Really entertaining. wish it was even more extensive. But I definitely apreciate the work put into it! Would have been great to see Naomi, and a little more Trish action would have been fun! :D
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