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Sep 25, 2015
AJ Lee vs. Eva Marie
Guest Referee: Stephanie McMahon

"What do you think of my new shots?" Eva asked Stephanie. The two were backstage looking over some of Eva's latest pictures, ignoring anyone and everyone wandering the hall as though they were all irrelevant.

Stephanie grinned and nodded approvingly. "These are good" she said with a smirk. "Very hot, very sexy. This is what a real Diva should be able to pull off. Not like the champ over there..."
Eva followed Stephanie's gaze to AJ Lee, sitting alone down the hall, like always. She was always on her own, holding her title close like it was her child. Creepy thought Eva. What a lonely loser.
AJ's head suddenly sprung up as she overheard Stephanie and Eva trash talking her. With a skip and a hop, she came right up the pair without any fear. But Stephanie showed no intimidation and stepped right up to the shorter girl, getting right in her face with a stern glare down on her.
"I can hear you talking about me, you know" AJ jeered at Stephanie and Eva.
"So what?" Stephanie muttered. "You can't do anything about it."
Stephanie inched even closer, just daring AJ to actually attack her boss. AJ glared only for a moment and quipped "You're too close, Boss Lady. And you don't scare me. I'm the Diva's Champion! I'm the face of our division!"
"Well maybe that should change" Stephanie declared, glancing Eva's way. "Eva here has been improving down in NXT. Maybe it's time she come to the main roster. Maybe tonight, against you, for the Diva's Championship."
"What?" AJ gasped with a snicker. "She can't even wrestle! Everyone hates her. She's just a slutty bimbo with way too bright hair and a snobby attitude."
"I'm a trained wrestler now!" Eva cut in. "And I can beat a little loner like you!"
AJ paused and then burst out laughing at the remark. "Dream on, honey" she chuckled. "But fine, if you want your first match here to be against the champ, then I'll be the first to beat you. How about we make it 2/3 falls so I can do it twice? And when you lose, you go back to NXT and leave wrestling to pros like me."
Eva looked rattled and hesitated, looking to Stephanie for some reassurance.
"Deal" Stephanie decided for her. "But I'm adding one more stipulation. There's going to be a special guest referee- me."
AJ scoffed at the idea and flung her hair back with confidence. "Whatever, Boss Lady" she sighed. "I'll see you in the ring. You should go get ready if you want to stand any chance."
AJ turned and skipped away to prepare, leaving Eva and Stephanie to correlate a strategy. Both glared after the champ for a moment first though, until Steph turned to Eva with a determined grin. "We're going to humble that little brat tonight" she declared proudly. "We're going to destroy and humiliate her so she never holds her head up high again."

Stephanie entered the arena first, donning her official's attire proudly. As boos and jeers rained down on her from the sea of fans, she took the mic to introduce the Divas in the match.
The bell rang and AJ's music hit first. "Introducing first..." Stephanie began, "Your current Diva's Champion, the ever-skipping twig-nerd, AJ-Loner-Lee!"

Despite the rude welcome, AJ skipped happily down the ramp as the fans gave her their love. She was so beloved and confident, she bowed happily to the people, but all Steph could see was a skin-and-bones little girl. Stephanie may have despised the outspoken champion, but AJ connected honestly and openly with the fans, and that was something Stephanie just could never grasp. AJ was too unpredictable, she thought, and she didn't fit the bill of a classic Diva.
Eva did, she thought. When the redhead's music hit, Stephanie declared clearly and loudly "Introducing the challenger, the vivacious redhead and a real, luscious woman, Eva Marie!"

Eva pranced her way into the ring with an arrogant, sexy strut. Every step she took involved a flip of her hair and flare of her curvy hips. She knew exactly how people saw her, but she didn't care. This was her chance to show off more than her body.
AJ was far from impressed though and laughed hysterically at Eva's cocky entrance. It was all flash, she thought. Eva was just a dumb bimbo, and an absolutely terrible competitor.
As Eva's music died, AJ stood proudly in the center of the ring and raised her championship high one last time before the match began. Stephanie handed it off to the outside as AJ dared Eva to face her. To AJ's surprise, Eva boldly stepped right up to her, apparently ready to get right into it. Instead of grappling though, she whipped her bright red hair right across AJ's eyes.
It stung for a split second, but it was more disrespectful than anything. What a bitch AJ thought to herself. Before she had a chance to react angrily though, Eva pushed her down hard, landing her smack on the mat. She was stronger than AJ expected. But AJ could hardly believe the fiery bimbo's brashness. She scoffed at the appalling lack of sportsmanship and began to get back up, but Eva pushed her hand against her face, shoving her right back down.

AJ was getting annoyed. What a bitch..! she thought angrily. She finally got back to her feet as the bell rung, and she took her wrestling stance. Eva needed to be taught some respect.
AJ inched towards Eva, ready to lock up, but mindful of the woman's strength. She was bigger than her and she knew it, but she also couldn't wrestle worth a damn. No match was all about strength, AJ thought with confidence.
A sudden boot landed in her gut though, keeling AJ to the mat. "Oof!" AJ cried out with surprise. Eva hit a lot harder than she thought. Cheap, sudden strikes were all she had though, AJ told herself. Before she could stand back up to prove Eva's lack of talent though, the bitch grabbed a handful of AJ's long locks and dragged her up by force. AJ squirmed against the iron grip on her roots, but Eva wasted little time smashing her face-first against the nearest turnbuckle.

AJ went down as she held her nose in surprising pain. She could hardly believe how Eva was besting her with so many underhanded little shots.
Rather than press her advantage though, Eva gloated as AJ pulled herself up. She was a dumb rookie, AJ thought. She should have struck when she had the chance. I won't give her another opportunity to get me AJ vowed silently.
"Is that all you got, bitch?" Eva taunted, daring AJ to stand against her. "Some champ you are. You're just a nerdy little twig. You're all skin and bones, not like a real woman. Not like me!"
Is this chick for real wondered AJ. She wasn't sure if she should laugh or kick the bimbo's ass. Eva was way too cocky, and it was so undeserved. AJ could only glare at her with disgust.
"Come at me, little nerdy girl" Eva dared. "Bring your flatness over here so I can show you how a real woman handles little brats like you."
AJ heard enough and charged for Eva, who slipped under the ropes at once. Coward AJ thought angrily. She quickly followed without thinking and stepped out onto the apron, but Eva grabbed her foot without a second thought. She threw AJ's leg out and dropped her like a bad habit, then ripped her tiny body down onto the floor with a hard, sickening smack.

AJ was suddenly reeling. Her back was killing her and everything spun. All she saw clearly was Eva's red hair standing over her, reaching down and grabbing her up. "Ohhhh...." AJ moaned, holding her spine. There was nothing she could do to stop Eva from hurling her little body against the announce table, bouncing her off it with a terrible smash. AJ plopped down on the floor, groaning in a daze, unaware of what had even happened.
With a victorious smirk, Eva slid back into the ring and strutted around as if she'd already won. But AJ didn;t see any of it; her head was still spinning. By the time the ringing left her ears and she started to stir, Stephanie's shrill voice was already counting up to five.
Shit AJ cursed under her breath, rolling onto her stomach. I have to get back. Move. Move..!
"Six..!" Stephanie counted as AJ forced herself to a crawling position. Everything was slowly coming back into focus, but she felt her aching back and pounding head even more. "Seven..!"
AJ began to crawl back towards the ring, but she felt as slow as a snail. "Eight..!" shouted Stephanie. "Nine..!"
Eva suddenly whispered to the guest referee. "Don't count her out" Eva told her. "I won't win the title!"
AJ looked up through glazed eyes to see Stephanie nod in agreement. "Nine-and-a-half..!" she counted next. "Nine-and-three-quarters..!"
Her count slowed tremendously, and AJ finally staggered to her feet. Stephanie then stopped counting altogether, and AJ realized their plan. They won't count me out she realized. She had to come up with a way to beat them both, and she decided to rest and recover before getting back in the ring. She eyed the two closely, warily, and reminded herself just how inferior Eva was. She could still win this, she told herself, easily. Even with Stephanie bending the rules in Eva's favor, the redhead didn't stand a chance.
"Bring it on, bitch!" Eva screamed down at AJ. AJ glared right back and suddenly smirked. She could always freak the bimbo out, she thought. It was time to bring out crazy AJ. With an adorably devilish smirk, AJ leaned against the apron and looked up at Eva to unnerve her. If she got in the bimbo's head, she'd be easy prey.

AJ reentered the squared circle as happy and confident as could be, and Eva even backed away from her. Stupid bitch AJ thought maniacally. She's so easy to confuse.
AJ acted her best crazy self and smiled and laughed oddly, just begging Eva to make a move. The fans cheered AJ on as she turned on her cutesy, dorky charm, the same persona that earned her the love of so many fans everywhere. To someone like Eva, AJ knew it was both distracting and disarming, and it was giving her the opening she needed.

AJ closed the gap and began to saunter towards Eva, keeping up her devilish demeanor. But suddenly, Stephanie threw her boot between AJ's legs from behind.
"Ah!!!" cried AJ as her illusion shattered and she collapsed to the mat. She held herself in pain and shock and glared back at Stephanie, who played innocent and shrugged off the disgustingly cheap attack. AJ was so stunned she could barely move, and she struggled through gritted teeth to push herself off the canvas.
Before AJ had risen even to her knees, she felt Eva's strong grip in her hair again as she was yanked forcefully to her feet. AJ stumbled awkwardly, still hurting between her thighs as Eva held her, and she offered no resistance to the redhead's grip.
"God, you're pathetic" Eva sneered as she looked right into AJ's squirming eyes. "What an ugly little freak. You are so screwed, little girl."
Eva twisted AJ's arm with a quick snap and held her tightly by her wrist. AJ couldn't muster enough strength to break free and she was forced to just stand there, barely on her feet as Eva proudly looked down on her writhing victim.

Eva laughed at AJ's weakness, how she was only standing thanks to Eva's grip, and she flung AJ into the corner. The little nerd landed hard and bounced from the impact, right back into Ev'as hands. The wicked redhead pushed AJ's limp face against the ropes and grinded her along them, burning her eyes as badly as she could.
"Ahhhh!!!! No! Ahhh!!!!" AJ screamed in agony and Eva ripped her away, tossing her down to the mat to let her wiggle around in pain. The so-called champion was a truly sad sight, and Eva reveled the more the inferior little girl squirmed.

AJ lay gasping for breath for a moment as Eva circled her proudly, hands on her hips with a devious smile. Stephanie stood back and watched with an evil grin of her own as the fans booed and booed, but nothing was getting AJ up any faster. Her tiny chest was heaving desperately for breath, for some kind of relief to her unexpected exhaustion.
Eva decided to cut short her breather and hooked both her legs for a sudden pin. AJ was so light and frail she was a cinch to fold up like a little doll, and Eva practically rolled her into a ball as Stephanie dove in for a fast count.
"One! Two! Thr-"
AJ kicked out, barely, just at the last second. But Eva just grinned and laughed at the feeble resilience she showed. The champ was a lightweight, and now she knew just how easy it was to push her around.
"What the hell, Steph?!" AJ cried out angrily, squirming away from Eva to create some distance. "That was a fast count!"
"Was it?" Stephanie mocked with an unconcerned shrug. "You're the champion. You're the real wrestler. You're the pint-sized badass. Aren't you? Kicking out against someone like Eva should be easy for you. Hell, with your skills, I'd be shocked if Eva even gets a chance to pin you."
Bitch... thought AJ as she forced herself up, fuming. Stephanie tilted her head, as if thinking, and looked back to the champ with a taunting grin. "Actually, I guess she almost pinned you already" Steph noted mockingly. "In fact, I'd dare say she's kicking the shit out of you. Ditzy Eva Marie is whooping your ass, AJ."

AJ was red hot with rage and glared daggers at the evil vixen Eva. Fucking bitch! AJ screamed silently as charged her madly. Eva scouted it though and leaped onto the incoming AJ, pinning her down with a heavy Thez Press.
Eva laid into the champ with slaps and punches, raining down a ferocious hellcat's storm on her without relent. AJ squirmed under her weight, but Eva's sharp nails clawed away at her without stopping. Each fist blazed right through AJ's fragile arms, pummeling her like a weak ragdoll.
Once AJ's squirming subsided and she was rendered limp once more, Eva stood up and kicked her body aside like the trash it was. AJ rolled once and settled spread-eagled on her back, dazed and incredibly groggy from the pounding she'd just received.

AJ's head bobbed from side-to-side as her little body shifted about, unsure of where it was even trying to go. There was a far off look in the champion's weakened eyes. She didn't even know where she was at as she stumbled around on all fours, holding her battered face in dismay.
Eva rested against the ropes and watched the pitiful girl crawl about. When AJ got too close, Eva pushed her face away and she rolled across the ring, light and useless. All her fight was gone.
Eva laughed out loud and looked to Stephanie. "This is too easy" Eva bragged. "I almost feel sorry for the poor thing. I think I hurt her."
"Yeah, maybe" Steph agreed with a smirk. "You beat her up pretty bad..."
The two women made sure to speak loud enough that AJ could hear. They wanted her to hear. She couldn't shut them up, and even if she tried, Eva could put her down again.
"She's such a weak little thing..." Eva sighed, not even bothering to look down on the battered champion. "Do you think she's had enough? I think she's had enough."
"I think she's had enough" Stephanie agreed.
Eva turned to AJ and leaned down to mock her with a phony pouting expression. "Aw poor thing. You had enough, honey?" she mocked.
AJ sat up on her knees to catch her breath and eyed her opponent warily, serious for the first time. It wasn't such a cake walk after all, she realized. It wasn't even one-on-one thanks to Stephanie. Shit... thought AJ with worry. I can't lose, not to this bimbo. Not to Eva of all people!
AJ glared at the redhead, but Eva didn't seem to like that one bit. With an amused smirk, she strode right up to the kneeling nerd and pushed her down face-first, rough and taunting. AJ was still too hurt to counter the demeaning shove, and she froze for a moment, struck by the humiliating fact that Eva Marie was doing whatever she wanted with her.

Before AJ coudl stand, she saw a flash of red go behind her and suddenly tug at her hair. Eva yanked back on it hard, lifting little AJ off the mat before dropping her back down, still holding on tight.
"Ahhh!" cried AJ as she flailed in futility. "Let me go! Let go! Ahhh!"
"God, you whine a lot" Eva muttered in AJ's ear. "You need to shut up."
"What are you do- Ack!"
AJ suddenly felt something tighten around her throat, cutting off her cries and turning them into gargled, choking groans. It was her own hair; Eva was strangling her using her own hair. AJ swatted at Eva's hands and fought for breath, but it was in vain. The more she tried to struggle, the harder Eva pulled, and the more AJ slipped down to the mat.
Eva reared back hard with her hair, even harder and tighter than before. AJ could barely even cough, and her eyes struggled to stay open. All she could hear was Eva's condescending voice.
"Is this how you like it, bitch?" Eva taunted. "You like it rough? Huh?"
Eva suddenly released AJ's hair and smashed her face into the mat. AJ went still, and Eva surveyed her handiwork with a grin. "Nah, you can't handle it rough, can you?" she mocked. With a superior smirk, she stood up and rolled AJ onto her back for the whole arena to see. She was nearly out cold and only her chest showed signs of life, heaving up and down with exhaustion.
"This is your champion?" Eva asked the crowd as she strolled around the ring, hands on her hips and head held high. She looked down on AJ lying still in the middle of the ring. She sure didn't look like a winner.
"This girl is nothing!" Eva shouted, turning her back on the champ. She shook her hips and flaunted her body to enrage the crowd even more, but she didn't care. Everything was in hand. Beating little AJ was effortless at this point.
The little nerd suddenly leapt onto Eva's back and wrapped her arms around her head. Eva was surprised and staggered, but it didn't last. AJ was too weak to tighten the hold, and Eva rolled her eyes at the pitiful offense. With a sigh, the redhead backed into a corner and crushed AJ against the turnbuckle, breaking free with ease.
Eva laughed and strutted away from the corner, taunting the crowd and its champion some more. "Just pathetic!" she shouted with a laugh.
AJ suddenly tried charging her, but the little thing was a lightweight. Eva scooped her up under her arm, held her feeble body for a moment, and then cracked her down over her knee and let her bounce to the canvas.

AJ held her back as she lay on the mat in pain, but Eva just laughed and shook her head at the weakling's offense. The redhead then looked to Stephanie and the two shared a laugh.
"This is a joke" Steph muttered as she strode by AJ's weakened body, writhing at her feet. "I barely have to even interfere here. I mean, I thought she'd be tougher than this. What a little loser."
"I know, right" Eva agreed, surveying the damage already done on the little girl. "AW, poor thing. Does your back hurt? Here, let me help you..."
Eva moved the little champion to a sitting position and yanked her arms behind her body, pressing her knee against her boney spine. AJ cried out in anguish at once and squirmed, kicked with her feet, and gritted her teeth, but nothing helped. Eva pulled back hard and laughed, mocking AJ with a sarcastic pout.

Slowly, the crowd began to get behind the Geek Goddess and urged her on. "AJ, AJ, AJ..." they cheered. AJ found some strength as they encouraged her, and she fought to her feet and began to turn herself out of the hold. She even snapped away from Eva's grip and ran across the ring, bouncing off the ropes for some momentum...
And then she hit Eva's outstretched arm. She was taken down like a ton of bricks in a stiff clothesline, and all her momentum drained at once.
With an unimpressed laugh, Eva dragged AJ up by her hair and, just to teach her a lesson against fighting back, tore her down with two more standing clotheslines. The poor champion was helpless to struggle again, and she went down like a ragdoll, groaning and holding her back in pain.

"How you feeling, AJ?" Eva shouted down at the Geek Goddess.
"Ohhh...." groaned AJ. It was all she could manage to say anymore.
"Come here, girl..." Eva muttered, grabbing AJ up by her hair and tugging her around. With little effort, AJ was hurled through the ropes and splattered the floor below, ending up sprawled out on her back.
In the ring, Eva pranced around like the owned the place. For now, she did own the ring and also the champion outside it. And oh, how she loved to rub it in everyone's faces, especially AJ herself.
"How'd you get all the way out there, AJ?" Eva shouted to her. "It looks like someone kicked your ass! Someone you sorely underestimated, bitch!"
Eva gloated as the crowd jeered. Stephanie started to count to ten, but Eva motioned for her to stop, just to add on to AJ's humiliation. "I want this bitch to know I own her" Eva said as she stepped outside. The redhead stood over the skinny champ and looked down on her, right in her dazed eyes. With a smirk, she slapped the girl hard and spun her body half-around.
Boos rained down as AJ offered no resistance. With a grimace, she curled up on her side rather than fight back, letting Eva stand tall over her mangled body. Eva laughed out loud at the pitiful girl and relished the reaction from the fans as their geek goddess was destroyed before their eyes.
With her beaming, wicked grin, Eva grabbed AJ by her hair and dragged her up, laughing more and more as the little girl cried and flailed weakly. AJ swatted at Eva's grip, but her hands were limp and worthless. Eva had no trouble hurling the skinny girl into the barricade, breaking her body in two. AJ flopped to the floor with a smack and lay there, barely groaning and barely conscious.

"Too easy!" Eva bragged with her hands on her hips. She slid back into the ring and gloated even more, letting Stephanie begin her count at last. By the time she reached eight though, AJ was still nearly motionless, so she stopped short.
"Don't worry" Stephanie said. "I'll bring her back in. We can't have her get counted out and keep her title. A great champion like her would want to fight it out."
Stephanie exited the ring and paced by AJ's body as she began to stir. The little fighter was starting to struggle to her feet at last. Stephanie waited patiently for her to stagger up and sway groggily back and forth.
A bucket of water was outside the ring, and Stephanie splashed every drop onto AJ, drenching her waist-up. AJ froze from the sudden shock of the water and just stared wide-eyed in disbelief. At least she's awake now thought Stephanie with a smirk. A hard slap later though, and the weak little geek was down again and whining like a bitch.
Stephanie isghed at how easy it was to put AJ down. Waiting was growing tiring though, so she picked the little girl up by her hair and her shorts and rolled her back in the ring. AJ struggled to get her bearings at first, but the crowd came alive for her again and she forced herself to snap up on her knees. But the instant she did, she saw Eva before her, pacing like a red lion for her prey to get up.
AJ warily got to her feet, knees wobbly from all the punishment she'd endured. She barely took one half-step forward before Eva moved, throwing her between AJ's legs with brutal impact, lifting the girl clear off her feet.
"AHH!!!" AJ screamed from the cunt bust. She collapsed in a heap to the mat and cried, holding herself in agony as the crowd went silent with surprise. A second later, they booed Eva as she stood proud and tall over the lesser woman.

Eva let the image sink in a moment, staring out at the jeering crowd with AJ prone before her. It was truly a pathetic sight. What kind of a champion was she, wondered Eva. AJ was a ragdoll, not a competitor, not a champion. She was Eva's plaything. She was so easy to own.
With an unflinching smirk, Eva grabbed the little girl by her wrist and jerked her up like a feather. The skinny nerd was lifeless, dangling in Eva's grasp without any fight life. Again, Eva stared her drooping body down as the crowd booed on and on, angry as could be at Eva's dominating performance over their beloved Geek Goddess.
Eva wrapped her arms around the small girl and lifted her up into a tight squeeze. AJ was limp and flopped around in the redhead's arms as she was tossed from side-to-side, the life being wrenched from her body. AJ was out before the bearhug began, and any energy that might have remained was quickly sapped by Eva's iron grip.
Stephanie got close to check on the lifeless champion and sighed with disappointment. "You know, I expected more of a fight than this" she admitted, slowly shaking her head. "You really killed her."
Eva grinned as Stephanie held up AJ's arm. It dropped without any resistance, and Stephanie repeated the action. If AJ's arm fell once more, the first fall would be done...
But Eva suddenly dropped the little nerd. "Not yet" she declared arrogantly, gleaming with pride at the spread-eagled Goddess under her boot.
Eva bent down and looked the girl in her face. AJ was breathing heavily, with lips just barely open as her dark hair covered her eyes and hung over her mouth in a hot mess. Her chest heaved up and down, the only sign of life in her little body. Eva snapped her awake though with a viciously hard slap across her cheek, jolting her limp body to the side.
AJ was too hurt to move from her side, and she lay in a messy heap under her conqueror. Eva knelt down, grabbed a handful of AJ's hair and whispered in her ear "Who's my bitch?"
"Ah..." gasped AJ meekly. The little sound was all she could make as Eva asked her again, tugging at her dark locks.
"Who's my bitch?" she repeated with a taunting sneer before tossing AJ's head back to the canvas. AJ groaned, panting pitifully, while Eva laughed above her.
At Eva's feet, AJ slowly, painfully, began to stir, just barely reaching out her arms as slow as could be. Eva stood form and tall as AJ pulled herself up the redhead's legs, clutching her boots and then pulling herself up Eva's powerful thighs. AJ managed to drag herself up to her knees and looked up with scared, puppy dog eyes at the bigger woman, knowing it was over, knowing just how humiliating her ordeal was.
Eva showed no mercy though. She grabbed AJ by her messy hair and forced her head between her own thighs, then hoisted her tiny body up to powerbomb her. She rested AJ high up on her shoulders a moment, letting the reality of the situation settle in on the champ and her fans. Eva could hear the girl cry out, pleading to be put down, but Eva just couldn't oblige. Beating her was too much fun.
Eva ran AJ into the corner, crashing her small body into the turnbuckle with jarring authority. The girl's body smashed and bounced off the corner and flopped to the floor in a heap, totally through. AJ was so lifeless and broken that Eva dragged her limp body around mockingly, showing off her victim for all to see.

The crowd hit its loudest peak, booing the dominant redhead as she let an unconscious AJ flop before her. The crowd let Eva know how much they hated her, but the woman laughed and blew a kiss down on the champion.
Without any further ado, Eva picked up AJ's legs and locked in a sharpshooter, torturing AJ's back and bending her in half. AJ woke up only to scream and cry, hearing deafening boos as Stephanie smirked in her face.
"You give up, little goddess?" Stephanie asked with a sneer.
"Ahhhhhhh!!!!!" cried AJ desperately. Her body was completely folded up. There was no escape.
"Go on, give up, bitch" Eva taunted her loudly. "You've lost!"
"Fuck..! Okay! Okay! I give up!"
AJ finally tapped, slamming her palm against the canvas over and over, submitting for everyone to see. But Eva didn't relent and leaned back even more, laughing as the bell rang and gave her the first fall.
"Tell me how weak you are" Eva demanded. "Tell me how inferior you are to real women like me."
"And me" Stephanie added with a laugh.
"Ahhhhhh... God..! I- I'm weak! I'm inferior! You're better than me! Just let go!"

Eva finally broke the hold and turned back to AJ, letting her crawl away in a vain attempt to flee. Stephanie grabbed her though and held her limp body up, forcing AJ to stand in fear before Eva. AJ whimpered and sobbed, dangling weakly in Stephanie's grasp, unable to even look up and make eye contact with Eva.

Eva sauntered forward and daringly got in the champion's face as she struggled to stand. In a flash, she threw a hard hand across AJ's face, dropping her like a bag of bricks, leaving her in an exhausted heap on the mat.
"You're pathetic, bitch" Eva muttered, leaning down over the Geek Goddess. "You call yourself a great woman, but look at you now. All you do is out others down, others like me, like real women. You're just jealous. You're jealous you look like a scrawny little girl and I've got the curves of a real woman!"
Eva whimpered a pitiful sob and covered her face with her tiny arms, exposing her twisted, broken body for the arena to stare down on. Eva paced about her prey a moment for the sight to sink in, then dropped a sudden knee between AJ's legs, forcing the champ to sit up with a cry on pain. Eva instantly grabbed her pained face and forced it against her chest, smothering AJ between her breasts.
"See, AJ?" Eva taunted. "These are a real woman's boobs, not like your tiny little chest. I'm hotter and sexier than you in every single way."
"Mpmh!!! Mmmmmm...!!!" AJ cried, muffled between Eva's tits.
Slowly but surely, AJ's squirming subsided and her body drooped again, limp and lifeless. She fell to the mat, again a demeaning, sweaty, broken mess.
Eva squatted over AJ and examined the beaten girl. She grabbed her chin and shook her face, barely getting a moan to show she was still kicking. Eva scoffed and let AJ's head slip to the side, too gone to even look up anymore.
"My boobs beat her" Eva realized aloud with a triumphant smile. "I'll pin her with my ass."
Eva shifted herself up AJ's body and sat on her face, wiggling around and settling in comfortably on the miserable champion. Eva rested with a victorious sigh and looked out at the crowd as they watched, stunned and silent as their beloved brunette geek laid KO'd under the redhead's luscious body. Eva proudly nodded to Stephanie, who knelt down and counted a long, slow count...
AJ showed no signs of life... Her leg twitched some, but then she went silent...

Eva burst out laughing as the bell rang. "Here is your winner, and new champion, Eva Marie!" shouted the announcer. Stephanie raised the redhead's hand high above the beaten Geek Goddess, who barely stirred below as Eva's music hit. Eva celebrated by taking AJ's title and holding it high, parading around with it to the stunned, furious fans.
After a while, AJ's eyes fluttered open, weak and dazed. Her hair blinded her wide eyes, hung in her gasping lips, and covered her ashamed expression. She came to slowly, realizing that she'd lost, not just the match and her title, but her pride to a woman like Eva Marie. She let the shame of public defeat and failure wash over her and linger, but she was too beaten to move her wracked little body. All she could do was sob as the redhead stood above her, title in hand.
"Hey, Eva, she's coming to" Stephanie noted with a smirk.
"What a loser" Eva scoffed. "I'm done with her."
"I'm not."
Stephanie grabbed AJ up by her dark hair and shoved her head between her thighs. Stephanie hooked the former champion's arms up and stopped, waited, looked around and let the audience brace for the coming pedigree. They waited on hushed breaths before Stephanie leapt and planted AJ down face first into the canvas, crushing whatever remained of her dignity. The little nerd was obliterated by the powerful boss, swept under the rug like dirt.
Stephanie let the sight of AJ's broken heap of a body etch itself into the fans' eyes. Then, she tore off AJ's top, stripping her of it like Eva did her ego, and then stuffed it into the geeky girl's mouth. AJ was out cold and left to rot on the mat, robbed of everything she held dear.
Eva stood tall with the girl's championship while Stephanie raised her hand, finished humiliating the once-daring girl. AJ was beneath them now. She'd never challenge their authority again.



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Jan 11, 2015
Better to see how AJ losing to gleaming Kelly Kelly, but this is the greatest ryona author in the world!!! *______* I love U! :3
Also, I'm just crazy about this pair of rivals. Bayley who totally defeats and humiliate latex clad blonde Dana Brooke. What you think? ;)


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Better to see how AJ losing to gleaming Kelly Kelly, but this is the greatest ryona author in the world!!! *______* I love U! :3
Love the support and feedback! I really like to hear what others think of this stuff. I prefer doing faces losing to heels, so Dana and Bayley probably won't get written by me. Bayley would be great in a humiliating loss though.
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