WWE - It's All About Me: 1 - The Boss Gets Demoted


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Jun 3, 2018

"Welcome - to Monday Night Raw!!!"

The crowds cheer, as always, excited for what awaits on another unpredictable episode of Monday Night Raw!

After the typical intro, the camera feed cuts to Renee Young, an always pleasant sight. She looks smart despite her semi-casual look, her hair let down, a simple tight-fitting black tank top, with some blue stone washed jeans, and some black high heels.

"WWE Universe, I'd like you to please welcome my guest at this time, Sasha Banks!"

The Canadian smiles sweetly, turning slightly to the side as so she's looking both her interviewee in the face, but not so far that she's not in direct view of the camera.

The Legit Boss struts into frame, recieving a rather 50/50 mix of intense boos and adoring cheers. Popping the collar of her leather jacket, an arrogant red-lipped smile plastered across her face. Her pink and yellow gear contrasts well with her caramel skin (not to mention highlighting her impressive abs)

"Thank you for meeting with me Sasha! Now, I'm sure you've been getting bombarded with the same question all week, but people just want an explanation - why?"

The smirk across Sasha's face drops, as she slowly raises her 'BOSS' sunglasses, looking at Renee as though she's a stupid child.

"Why? I'm asking myself that very same question Renee: why Alexa's world champion, while I'm here talking to you! That's what Iwanna know Renee!"

The typically cheery blonde's smile sinks, falling off her face. She smacks the Candian across the face, yanking the mic off of her.

"I... I-I just

You wanna know why I attacked Bayley??? Why I 'turned' on her? That little-


The Boss falls to her stomach, clearly suprised and in tremendous pain! The camera shakily focuses on the grounded Sasha, who groans loudly, doing her best not to curse live on air.

The steel chair drops to the floor, the dent Sasha's small frame caused quite visible.

Banks is quite out of it after such a sudden assault on her back, already not in the best shape. She slowly reaches her right hand out to grab the chair... And Sasha lets out a whimper, as her hand is quickly stomped on, holding her in place.

"Well well well, if it isn't the 'Legit b*tch'... Remember me?" the strong Aussie accent was ringing through Sasha's ears. But wait... She... recognized that voice? Yes, it had been awhile, but the loud cackle confirmed it.

She slowly peered up the long, knee-high black boot (with a silver strip down the centre), and a pair of thick, golden thighs. The stylishly sexy red and black trunks and top didn't catch her eye - but the piercing black aviators did - Emma!!!

The camera man moved from Sasha to the pronounced half-smile on Emma's face. The crowd nearly all cheer wildly, months since they'd last saw her.

"Camera guy - do your job, follow me and focus on me!"She points directly at him, not breaking eye contact. Not wanting to end up like Sasha, he nervously complies.

Sooooo, Sasha! How've ya been?" she quips, delighting in the 'baddest' floored at her hand, shaking in pain.

Ever defiant, Sasha just sneers.
"Nia will be glad to have her bitch back..."

Screams of pain are all that can be heard on camera as Emma starts to grind her boot on the back of Sasha's hand, perhaps broken now.

"Nice to see you too..." she scoffs, not at all suprised by Sasha being such a little brat. She takes her foot off of Sasha's hand, only to repeatedly kick at her wrists as she clumsily tried to get back to her feet, knocking her down each time.

"Y'know Sasha, I though I could be a bit of a bitch sometimes, but you? I watched the Chamber match... Poor Bayley." Emma chuckles as Sasha looks up to her, wishing she could do something, anything.

Emma leans down and grabs Sasha, hoisting her to her feet by the hair. Sasha can't even punch her, her good arms numb with pain. The Aussie starts dragging her down the hallway, the camera man following, staff and other wrestlers watching the ongoing assault. In the makeup dept. She haphazardly holds Banks in place by her throat writing 'Legit bitch!!!' on her forehead in bright pink lipstick. Emma walks her out into the parking lot where she spots a nearby dumpster.

"You still with me Banks, huh? Spit it out, c'mon!"

The exhausted Boss is coughing and spluttering, responding only with pissed off stares and looks.

"It's sooooo good to be back, and I'm feeling competitive - what say later on tonight, we have a no DQ match? Well, if you can still even compete after this!

Sasha, bent over, uses the last of her energy to simply spit at Emma, right on her cleavage

Grabbing Sasha by the cheeks, she bellows "Seeya out there, Sasha..."

She roughly pulls at Sasha's 'BOSS' ring, putting it on herself despite weak protests from Sasha, and punches her square in the right cheek with it, knocking Sasha out rather immediately, the word 'BOSS' now imprinted on her face.

Emma picks the featherweight up by her pink and yellow trunks, giving her a bit of a wedgie even, before rather effortlessly throwing her into the open dumpster. She dusts her hands off, and casually makes her way backstage, security and medics rushing out to aid Sasha, forcing the camera man to cut the feed.

Cut back from commercial break

'It's All About Me' plays as Emma struts down to the ring, the audience soaked in a purple light as her black grin has full focus of the camera. The audacious Aussie steps into the ring (flaunting her ass as she does so, of course) with a microphone in hand.

"Well... did ya miss me?" To her delight the crowd are quick to respond! The arena roars with conflicting chants - "WELCOME BACK EMMA!"and "WE WANT SASHA!" echo throughout the arena as the commentators are left speechless by the hot crowd.

" 'We want Sasha'? Oh do you? So do I! So do I - and I can't WAIT to show you all what I have planned for her... So Sasha, if I didn't scare you off earlier, get out here. NOW!" The Aussie bellows as she squeezes the mic in her hand, her knuckles going white with strain.

'Sky's the Limit' goes off, pink circles of light hovering around the crowd, as 'BOSS' lights up on the titantron, and... Nobody comes out. The crowd are either concerned, or still chanting for Emma so loud they almost drown out the music.
The music cuts, and starts up again, and yet again, nobody comes out, the Banks fans in attendance are starting to get antsy.

"Awww... I guess I gave the big bad 'boss' one too many boo-boos earlier, but even I thought you were better than this though, pfft..." Emma simply smirks and drops her mic out of the ring now as a ref slides in and starts to count.







Finally, 'Sky's the Limit' hits, and this time, there she is: Sasha Banks! Though anybody could tell you, her usual confidence seemed to have been left backstage tonight...

She angrily storms out, nursing her hand from earlier, which had been hastily wrapped in a bandage. Her typical bling was missing, and she still rubbed her cheek, the word 'BOSS' still somewhat visible on Sasha's cheek. The 'Legit b*tch' marking had been removed from her forehead. Sasha slides into the ring, furious.

"Off to a good start then, eh?" the cocky Aussie chuckles

"Just shut up for once, and let's do this!!!" Banks snarls, throwing her jacket at Emma.

"Wait wait wait - what's the dork doing here?" she points, a look of annoyance and confusion on her face. Banks quickly turns around, tensions still high with her former BFF, expecting Bayley - only to be greeted with the sight of an empty stage. The bell rings and Emma wraps Sasha's head up in her own jacket from behind, pulling at the make shift tool, Sasha choking on the inside!

She harshly kicks at the backs of Sasha's knees, forcing her to kneel. She drags her towards the ropes, signalling the nearest camera man to get a closer shot of her dirty work.

"C'mon guys! 'Let's go Sasha!' Isn't that what you idiots were yelling?" Banks' arms are desperately flailing as she tries to smack at Emma or get this god-forsaken leather prision off her head, her screams at least thankfully too muffled to really hear.

Things only get worse though as Emma starts using her feet to push Sasha's throat to the ropes - relishing the fact that the damn ref can't do anything to stop her. The 'Boss' feels woozy as her kicking and flailing get weaker... And weaker... And weaker... Suddenly, Banks is blinded by light as her jacket is yanked off of her head, though not for long, as a strong grip grabs a handful of her hair and her head is yanked backwards, slamming harshly into the mat.

Emma dusts her hands off, checking if her hands had been stained purple at all. She starts lightly kicking at Sasha's back, as she lays in the centre of the ring, face down, coughing and spluttering whilst she gasps for air.

"Noooo no no, I'm not letting you off that easy!" she cackles, running chills down through the Banks' spine. That very same spine has its history of issues, issues that were well known - and Emma intended to use it to her advantage, and got to work on stomping on her poor back, even dropping to her knees and hammering away at it! All the Horsewoman could do was whine and moan, before rolling herself out of the ring to rethink her her strategy.

Emma just soaks in the love and hate directed at her, even putting on Sasha's bright red shutter shades, mocking her classic hip swivel, even flipping the ailling purple-haired performer the bird with both hands.

"You wanna play dirty? Fine - let's play dirty!" she grabs a kendo stick from under the ring and slides in, letting pure emotion fuel her now!

She swings - and misses! Swings! Emma ducks it! Swings again - and misses. Again. No matter how fast or precise she tried to be, Sasha couldn't even graze the Aussie, never mind hit her properly. The 'Boss' goes for one last swing, only for Emma to kick at her injured hand! Banks curses under her breath, the kendo stick dropping to the mat.

Emma shoves her into the nearest turnbuckle, further winding the former 4x women's champion. But, winded or not, Sasha has a match to win, so she lunges out, running towards Emma... Who kicks Sasha's jacket towards her, tangling her legs up, and bam! Sasha eats the mat face first as she crashes down, moaning in pain and grief.

"And that was all with these stupid things on!" she waves Sasha's shades in front of her, before breaking them over her knee and tossing them haphazardly into the crowd."Are you even trying? C'mon!!!

"Shu... Just please... Shut up..." was all the usually firey Banks could muster up, too dazed and embarrassed to think of anything witty or insulting. Emma rolls her eyes and picks her up off of the ground, seating Banks on the second turnbuckle, her legs wrapped around the outside of the ropes, as were her arms, keeping her in place. An all too familiar grin appears on Emma's face as she picks up the kendo stick...

She struts over, mockingly making Sasha choke on the stick as she shoves the tip down her throat, making her deepthroat it, getting gargled "STOP IT!!!"s in response.

Emma quits toying around, and places the stick into the front of Sasha's trunks, Banks looking terrified, no idea what's happening. She begins to push the stick down, pushing the other end against clit, grinding against it, forcing her to hide her pained and orgasmic moans."Hey!!! I- ughhhhh - what're you... Doing...?"

And then, as suddenly as this twisted trick began, it ended, as Emma let go.


Sasha falls to the ringmat, crying out in pain and kicking her feet in agony as she covers her face with both hands completely, Emma slingshotting the stick into Sasha's face. The damn thing was clean in half, both pieces Emma held up to the camera, laughing hysterically!

She holds a now crying Sasha's head up, a big red line now running down her face from the very top of her forehead to her chin.

"Who's the 'baddest' now, huh???" No response. Sasha just looks up, tears streaming down her face...

But in one last act of defiance, one last moment to regain herself, Sasha sucker punches Emma straight in the jaw, knocking her back a bit, giving her some much needed space.

"I've got her, I've got her!!!" she thinks to herself, a glimmer of hope in her eyes! She limps towards Emma's back as fast she can, this could be it! She goes for the Banks Statement!!!

Sasha falls straight onto her back, Emma grabbing the ropes to counter the attempt, as she crumples up in agony as she knows she just lost her last chance. Emma picks her up, spins her round and - she locks in the Banks Statement on Sasha herself, the crowd are going nuts now! Sasha's own move, being used against her!

She flails, she screams, she cries, she can't believe what's happening! It's like a waking nightmare. Her spine contorts as she is roughly bent upward, Emma's iron grip just taking years off her career surely.

She has no choice... Sasha taps to her own finisher. The bell rings and Emma is declared the winner.

The arena is unhinged as Emma not only won in her return, but single-handedly broke possibly the biggest egotist Raw had to offer! And in what's just plain bullying now, Emma begins stripping Sasha, who is in so much pain and shock, she can't even fight her perverted hands off... Within 2 minutes, the former 'Boss' is completely naked for millions to witness around the world.

Emma leaves the ring and re-enters with a... bucket? And it's filled with something... Hay. Emma leaves it in the middle of the ring before shoving Sasha's head into it with her foot.

"Consider it a little pity snack!"
She finally lets up after a minute, and a teary, bug eyed Sasha pulls her head out, hay sticking out of her mouth as she groans in painful acceptance of her new role as Emma's bitch...

Emma just snickers and put the bucket - along with the remaining hay - over Sasha's head, making sure it's on tight.

"Good luck prying this off of your five-head, Mega Mind!!! Now..." she steps on Sasha's hurt hand, a loud whining heard echoing from the bucket. "You gonna thank me for teaching you a lesson? Teaching you your place? Or even for this yummy horse feed?"

After some loud, ugly sobbing is heard, a meek, pathetic "Thank you Emma..." is quietly uttered.

Emma stamps down harder on Sasha's bad hand. If it wasn't broken before, it certainly is now.


"N-N-N-NEIGH! NEIGH!!!" she cries out, still sobbing.

Emma needlessly plants her foot over Sasha's petite, caramel abs, for 3 seconds. Then? She leaves. She struts out of the ring and up the ramp, a huge, evil smile on her face. She was back, better than ever, and she had such plans for everyone on Raw... Oh yes, such plans.
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