Paige Returns Ep. IV: vs. Eva Marie


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Sep 25, 2015
Paige Returns Ep. 4: Paige vs. Eva Marie
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A month has passed since Paige was banished from Raw following her thorough defeat at the hands of Lana. The raven-haired beauty has kept a low profile and has yet to make her Smackdown debut, hoping that time will help herself and others forget and move past her string of humiliating losses.
But tonight, Paige has her first match on the Blue Brand. It's a one-on-one match against All-Red Eva Marie in a hardcore match. Early in the evening, Paige is in the back on her phone, talking to her retired friend, AJ Lee.
"Yeah, it'll be a piece of cake" Paige says over the phone. "Eva's a joke. She never improves and she can't wrestle for shit. I'm telling you, this is my chance to redeem myself, put all this shit behind me at last."
"I know you can do it. You'll get back on track. Isn't it a hardcore match though?" AJ asks. "Eva could cheat. I know she's a loser but be careful, okay?"
"I know. But come on, it's Eva. Besides, she's bailed on all her Smackdown matches anyway with wardrobe malfunctions and other nonsense. She may not even face me."

Eva Marie happens to walk by behind Paige as the pale beauty continues to trash talk her, seeming confident despite her recent history. Eva quickly has none of it though and immediately struts right up to Paige, making her hang up at once.
"What are you doing?" Eva questions angrily. "Talking smack behind my back? You want to say something to my face?"
Paige's reaction is to burst out laughing. Eva is such a non-existent threat she isn't even on Paige's radar. It's hard for the former champion to take her seriously.
Eva responds with a swift slap, shutting Paige up in a flash.
"You think you're so great, don't you?" Eva chides. "But you're lazy and undeservingly arrogant! I'm the one who's been working hard and tonight, I'm going to show you just how much better I am than you!"
Paige goes to say something, but Eva cuts her off and continues. "I mean, look at you!" she says, judging Paige's body. "You can barely stay in shape, bitch. But look at me, look at my body. I keep a fit figure and then some!"
Eva scoffs and starts to back away with a smirk. "Even if you are the better wrestler, I could still beat your ass. You're just a sluggish, whiney loser, and I'm all woman."
Eva struts off, leaving Paige alone, speechless, and with a bruised ego.

Later in the night, Paige is in her dressing room getting ready for her match. She's applying her makeup in the mirror and has a bag of her ring gear behind her. Without her knowledge though, Eva Marie slips inside the room and creeps up behind her, as silent as a mouse.
Eva pauses by Paige's bag and peeks inside, finding a treasure trove of sexy items. She plucks a couple from the sack- some striped red panties and dark knee-high socks. With Paige none-the-wiser, Eva steps up behind the oblivious girl and strikes in a flash.
Eva wraps the dark socks around Paige's throat and yanks back hard, stunning the girl as Eva presses her small body against her own. Eva chokes Paige in a tight grip with her own clothes and holds her close enough to whisper in her ear.
"You don't stand a fucking chance tonight, bitch!" Eva sneers in Paige's ear as the pale girl clutches at her throat for breath. "I'm going to embarrass you like never before! If you're smart, you won't even show your face out there!"
Paige's gargled chokes and frantic flailing fades after a few seconds and she grows limp in Eva's grip. Eva loosens the choke before she passes out though, and Eva holds her up a moment, eyeing her in the mirror like a plaything in her arms, a toy. Paige's eyes are half-shut but she's still aware, still taking in what's happening as Eva smiles at the reflection, the image of her dominant, being the only thing keeping Paige on her feet.
Eva then lets the weakened girl slump to the floor, barely conscious. The red woman bends over her, Paige's panties still in one hand, and shakes a finger at her. "No chance" Eva tells her again with a confident smirk. She then stuffs Paige's panties into her mouth, gives her a light smack on the cheek, and struts off as quickly as she came, leaving Paige sobbing in her own dressing room, panties stuffed in her mouth.
Even after she picks herself up and heads for the ring, Paige is still wiping away her ashamed tears. Whatever confidence she had is already shaken.

Eva enters the arena first, strutting slowly to the ring, taking all the time in the world. She keeps her head high, confident despite the boos raining over her. She even takes the time to admire herself in a small handheld mirror she brings with her.
Paige gets a better reaction when she enters next, but her pop isn't as loud as it once was. She angrily makes her way to the ring for some retribution, trying to ignore how disappointed the fans are with her.
"It's kind of quiet" Eva comments as Paige hops onto the apron to remove her jacket. She gets a small pop when she does, and Eva takes note of it. "Sounds they only like you for your body now that you're a weak little bimbo" Eva says hurtfully. "You're even lesser than all us models you say you hate. You're not even an Anti-Diva anymore."

Paige decides to shrug off Eva's insults just like she's brushing off any threat the redhead may pose. Paige seemingly embraces being admired for her body and flaunts to the crowd, earning some cheers back as she shows off atop the turnbuckle. With the fans in her corner again, the pale beauty is ready to go and eagerly awaits the bell to silence Eva and get some much-needed revenge.

The bell rings to start the hardcore battle and Paige fearlessly steps up to Eva's face. The redhead doesn't back down though and suddenly spits in Paige's face, blinding and stunning her as she staggers backwards, caught off guard. Eva laughs and admires Paige a moment, then hurls her boot between the girl's thighs.
Paige drops to her knees in near-slow-mo, holding her crotch in pain as Eva laughs again. "I don't need to wrestle to kick your ass!" Eva shouts down at her. The vindictive redhead goes so far as to dance sensually in front of Paige, throwing her hips about to show her superiority over the younger girl.
Eva then grabs the small mirror she brought to the ring with her and smashes it over Paige's head, flopping her to the mat in a stunning flash. The glass shatters everywhere and Paige is out like a light, instantly motionless before Eva.
The referee hurries to check on Paige as the crowd erupts in boos, but they don't seem to phase Eva's arrogance. But the ref soon begins to motion for the bell, claiming Paige is unable to continue.
"Whoa, no way!" Eva argues with the official. "This is a hardcore match. It can't just be called off. The bitch has to take it."
The ref hesitates and then sighs. "Just go ahead and pin her in that case" he tells Eva. "You clearly beat her." With another wicked laugh as Paige lies motionless, the redhead slowly crawls over the girl, lying fully on top of her with her breasts covering Paige's face. With Eva nestled comfortably atop her body, the ref makes a decisive count.
"One! Two Three!'
The match ends in a heartbeat and the bell rings, silencing the stunned crowd.
Eva Marie just beat Paige in less than a minute.

"Here is your winner... Eva Marie!" shouts the announcer, making the crowd erupt with disappointment and rage. Eva looks to enjoy every bit of it though as she stands tall over the defeated Paige, who barely begins to come to as Eva's music goes on for a solid minute- even longer than the match itself.
With Paige slowly coming to and now on all fours, crawling to the ropes, Eva hoofs her hard in her ribs. Eva kicks her again and again, adding insult to injury, as her music fades and the crowd boos harder. Paige curls up in the fetal position, broken a little more with each shot to her ribs, and she lies there, quivering in defeat. The ref finally has to get between Eva and her helpless victim to make her back off, which Eva does nonchalantly with a stuck-up grin.

The second the ref is out of the way though, Eva storms back up to Paige and grabs her by the wrist. She wrenches her body up like a ragdoll as Paige begs her not to, then hurls her from the ring like a piece of trash. Paige lands with a smack outside on the floor and again curls up in a wounded heap.
Eva follows without relent and grabs Paige up again. She throws Paige with all her might into the barricade, crushing her body against it, snapping her in two and utterly destroying her.

Eva ignores the referee's shouts for her to stop her assault and looms over Paige. "I told you I'd embarrass you like never before" she sneers. "I liked Lana's idea after she kicked your head in... What was it? Oh yeah! She threatened to tie you to the ring post with your own clothes."
Eva turns Paige's lifeless body onto its stomach and undoes her trademark leather top, revealing a small black bra underneath. She then unhooks her belt and yanks down her small tights, fighting and tugging to get them off her ample ass and around her boots. Paige is stripped of her ring gear for all to see, but Eva is just getting started.
The wicked redhead grabs a handful of Paige's hair and jerks her off the cold floor, pushing her against the ringpost. She holds Paige up so her battered, exposed body doesn't keel over and wraps her hands up above her and around the ringpost. She then ties them there using the straps of Paige's top, making Paige dangle draped along the post, trapped and embarrassingly exposed for everyone to see.
Eva stands back to admire her handiwork as Paige slowly comes to, just barely awake. She squirms a little, shifting her frail body about the post, but she can't break free and remains trapped, completely at Eva's mercy.
Eva laughs and turns to the fans at ringside. "Get your cameras ready, boys" she tells them with a smirk.
Eva slowly takes a step closer to Paige and presses up against her, belly-to-belly, before pushing her down some and buckling her knees just so Eva can look down on her. Eva then leans down on her and delicately presses her lips to Paige's, kissing her softly at first. Her hands soon find their way onto Paige's boobs and she kisses harder, groping her as aggressively as she wants; Paige is helpless to stop her.
Paige winces and tries turning her head to avoid Eva's red-lipped kiss, but there's nowhere to go and she slowly succumbs. Her body even stops naturally revolting. Before the end of the humiliating make out session, Eva gets Paige to chase her lips, albeit only for a moment, which Eva instantly mocks her for in front of everyone.
"Oh, do you like this, you dirty little slut?" Eva trash talks as she steps off of Paige. "You like the taste of my lips? I can't say I blame you, but I didn't expect you to actually chase them!"
Eva laughs as Paige's head droops in utter shame. Everyone at ringside got a full-on view, and many even recorded the ordeal on their phones.
Eva grabs Paige's undone belt and then frees her from the ringpost. The broken girl's legs instantly give out on her and she falls to her knees in a tearful mess, head still down to hide her sobs. Eva wraps her studded belt around her neck though, tightening it so she can use part of it as a leash.
"Do you like being choked?" Eva asks Paige with a sneer. "How do those metal studs feel around your throat?"
Eva drags Paige behind her like a dog, leading her with her own belt all the way to the back, crawling just like she did when she left Raw.
By the time Eva walks Paige to the backstage area, the former Anti-Diva begins to try stumbling to her feet, maybe even to fight back. So Eva hurls her by her leash against a container, ending any rebellious spirit before it ignites.
Eva ends the walk in the exercise room filled with weights. She tosses Paige down and lets her cough and hack for breath on the floor. The brutalized girl isn't going anywhere, so Eva calmly picks up a nearby dumbbell and squats over her with it, showing her strength with it firmly in hand.
"Do you even know what this is anymore, bitch?" Eva asks mockingly. "You don't look like you've been working out. You're getting a bit doughy."
Eva smacks Paige's pale stomach and makes her flinch. Then she drops the dumbbell right on her belly, crushing her and making her suddenly gasp for air.

Eva frowns with disgust at Paige's breathless body. She looks like a hot mess on the floor, half-naked and panting like the dog she's becoming. Eva grabs her leash again and drags her out of the gym to the cafeteria, where several of the women's peers are eating comfortably.
Paige is pulled off the floor and pushed into a table, but Eva doesn't strike her again. Instead, she steps back and points to a small tabletop.
"Get up there" Eva orders, like a master to a slave. "Dance like the slutty little loser you are."
Paige flinches in embarrassed pain and tries to cover up. She can't stop her body from trembling, and she hangs her head so her hair blocks the humiliation in her eyes.
"Get up there and dance or I'll strip you naked!" Eva threatens.
Paige hesitates, still trembling, but she slowly steps onto a chair and then up atop the table itself. As Eva watches on, infinitely amused, Paige is forced to shake her hips and flaunt her body in front of the Smackdown women. They all join Eva in laughing at the obedient rebel, shaking her pale body in nothing but her bra and panties as tears stream down her face.
Suddenly, Eva interrupts Paige's little dance by throwing a nearby donut at her, smacking her unexpectedly in the face and smearing some frosting under her eye. Paige is taken aback and then stunned again when Eva hurls more donuts at her, forcing her to step down from the table. The second Paige steps down to the floor, Eva meets her with a pie to her face, grinding it against her pretty features in a slow mess as Paige stands frozen in shock and disgust
Eva drops the smashed pie and laughs at Paige's gaping jaw and stunned expression. Her face is smeared with white cream and its caught in her hair. Eva doesn't stop there though and pushes Paige against a long table lined with food. She throws her onto it, right on a big chocolate cake. Paige's skin is stained with icing and Eva presses her face down and rubs her nose in the food.
Paige squirms in shock as she's smothered by cake and drowned with the other women's hysterical laughter. Eva finally lets her up for air, but Paige slips in her own mess and flops down on the cake's remains. She cries uncontrollably as everyone watches her disheveled mess of a self.
Eva suddenly wraps a nearby rope around Paige's throat and undoes her belt, trading it in for her new, bigger leash. She then drags Paige right off the table, her smeared body being pulled like a flailing mutt. Eva again walks Paige to a new location, this time towards the parking lot, but she stops the cameraman from following.
"That's as far as you go" she tells the camera. "The rest is just for me. Paige and I need some private playtime."

Paige is thrown into an open area in the lot and left alone for a moment. She gags at herself, at the feeling of food across her skin and the cold concrete under her. She manages to take the rope off from around her neck, but she can't get up and ends up squirming and sobbing in a filthy mess.
Eva pulls out her phone to record and further humiliate Paige's degraded state. The redhead even films herself lick icing off Paige's bare belly, her tongue catching and sucking on the small piercing in Paige's frosting-encrusted navel. Eva licks her belly button clean and nibbles on her piercing, tugging at it playfully with her teeth as she films Paige's mixed reaction of sobs, disgust, and a hint of reluctant pleasure.
Eva giggles as she rests her chin on Paige's heaving and now-cleaned belly. She moves her phone's camera to focus on her and she whispers to it as Paige's sobs can be heard in the background. "She's crying a lot" Eva notes quietly, grinning with delight, "But I bet I can get her to make a very different sound..."
Eva shifts up Paige's body to rest her chin on Paige's soft breasts instead, then moves one hand down her body while keeping the phone on her face to capture Paige's every reaction, no matter how involuntary. Eva's fingers touch the top of Paige's dark panties, but stop to tease a little before plunging under them. Paige can't help but bite her lip between sobs, both dreading and desiring Eva's touch. She tries to resist and squirm away, but Eva keeps her pinned down and slowly turns her groaning to a different-sounding moaning.

As Paige's resistance nears its end, Eva suddenly pushes herself off her, letting the enfeebled girl up. Paige barely has the strength to even roll over, but she manages to and begins to crawl away in full retreat. She crawls her way to a waist-high container and pulls herself to her feet against it, knees wobbling from her still-vibrating body.
Eva calmly walks up behind her and reaches around her, pinning her small frame against the container. Paige is trapped and begins to sob again as Eva reaches her hands around her body, one on her breasts and the other sliding back down her panties.
"N-No..." Paige begs in a quivering voice. "You can't do this..."
Eva leans in close, pressing her warm body against Paige's bare back. She nibbles on her ear and whispers "I can do whatever I want to you."
Eva holds Paige between herself and the container, fingering her delicately from behind while kissing her neck and teasing in her ear. Paige's moans return and her body gives out over time. She grows louder and louder with each reluctant moan, and Eva whispers to her again.
"Sh..." Eva tells her. "Don't get too excited. You're too loud. Don't cum so hard in such a public place..."
Eva laughs wickedly as she finishes Paige off and brings her to orgasm in the palm of her hand. Paige is so spent she falls over against the container, flopping in half like a ragdoll. Eva steps away from her, gleefully satisfied, and Paige slips down the container to the concrete floor, landing in a degraded mess.
Paige's moans (sound of her actually moaning and groaning!):
Paige moaning - Clyp

Eva decides to add one last humiliation and sets her phone aside so it can capture the final pinfall. Just for the hell of it, Eva sits atop Paige's mangled body and places her fingers on her mouth, still wet from Paige's orgasm. Eva pins her with the two fingers that made Paige cum, pressed against her pale lips.
"One..." Eva counts, cocking her head in amusement.
"Two..." Paige shows no signs of movement. Only her lips move, pressed down by Eva's wet fingers.
"And three..." Eva finishes. She stands up and blows a kiss down on her victim, but Paige is too far gone to even notice.

With Paige lying in her own filth, Eva gets one last idea. There's a dumpster nearby with a sliding door on its side, so Eva pulls it open and then drags Paige to it. Paige is barely aware of where she's at but sees the dumpster and begins to beg for mercy.
"No, please..." she whimpers. "Don't put me in there..."
"Aw..." Eva mocks with a phony sad face. "Would you rather have me in you again?"
Paige sobs and hangs her head in shame.
With a laugh, Eva grabs a garbage bag from the dumpster and breaks it open all over Paige, staining her with literal trash and putrid liquids. Paige freezes in stunned disgust, gaping in shock at the disgusting feeling over her body. Eva then swiftly pushes her into the open dumpster door and slides it shut, sealing Paige's broken body inside.
With a grin, Eva finally leaves the scene with everything recorded on her phone. As she struts away, Paige's humiliated moans can faintly be heard echoing within the dumpster with her own kind- trash.


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Sep 28, 2012
Another excellent chapter. Really poor Paige. Really liking how you are keeping things fresh and the pictures and gifs contribute a lot. Can't wait to see how you conclude and for any other stories you have planned.


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Jul 15, 2016
Lol poor Paige just cant catch a break. Wonder how she is gonna come back from this latest humiliation and how much worse it can get for her.


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Feb 26, 2011
There is literally no way that she could sink any lower without getting fucked up the ass in the middle of the ring on live TV while sobbing. Hint hint.


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Nov 27, 2009
You'll have to wait and see what happens! After this though, I should be done with Paige and move on to others. Alexa bliss and liv Morgan, and maybe Kaitlyn vs Vickie Guerrero
Yus! Pumped for Alexa and Liv stuff.


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Just registered today after reading your excellent, well thought out and impressively extensive Paige stories. I love them and am very much looking forward to the final chapter where presumably Paige's career will be utterly finished for good >:)

Also, in your AJ Lee story, I LOVED the part at the end where her top is shoved in her mouth. The defeated girl having something like that shoved in her mouth as a kind of punctuation of her defeat is a huge favorite of mine. I don't know when you'll think it fits in a given story, but I'll always love to see that. It fits both in the case where she's knocked out, and when she has just surrendered but is conscious, and simply taking whatever is done to her as a result. lol

In general, you really emphasize humiliation in these fights above all else it seems, and thus it fits my style perfectly.

Anyway, well done on everything. Just wanted to give my thoughts.


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Sep 25, 2015
Just registered today after reading your excellent, well thought out and impressively extensive Paige stories. I love them and am very much looking forward to the final chapter where presumably Paige's career will be utterly finished for good >:)

Also, in your AJ Lee story, I LOVED the part at the end where her top is shoved in her mouth. The defeated girl having something like that shoved in her mouth as a kind of punctuation of her defeat is a huge favorite of mine. I don't know when you'll think it fits in a given story, but I'll always love to see that. It fits both in the case where she's knocked out, and when she has just surrendered but is conscious, and simply taking whatever is done to her as a result. lol

In general, you really emphasize humiliation in these fights above all else it seems, and thus it fits my style perfectly.

Anyway, well done on everything. Just wanted to give my thoughts.
Thanks for the feedback! I LOVE to hear back like this. Makes it very worthwhile!
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