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For me, half the time moreclothing loads and the other half it doesn't. I also have moreclothing to load last as sby instructed as well, but I'm still having trouble getting it to load right all the time. Is there a way to reload mods without having to restart the entire game? Thanks.

The mods in question are Moreclothing mod by sby sby and configured by DrZombi DrZombi in their Sweet Treats loader pack

Sweet Treats

I also use ModGuy's loader as well

Hope this is enough info, if you need more please ask

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1) Narrow down to find what mods fail to load.

2) Try loading them in a different order.

The reason why the game is so complicated is that there is no API, there are no standards, so everything is ultimately customizable instead.

There is no auto mod loading because many mods mess with each other. So instead the user has control.

Change the mod load order.

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