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Howdy folks. It's taken me awhile to think on this and revise after writing out my thoughts for the charter on the Discord server, but I wanted to post this updated version of the community charter here now that I'm comfortable with where it's at. If you're new to our server or the website, I have a quick history lesson for you...

The Dreaded History Lesson​

Undertow is the result of three different online communities merging.

Ryonani - A forum started in 2009 by me to discuss and share ryona related content and adjacent kinks
SDTMods - A modding forum started in 2011 by anonymous for the free, Flash-based game, Super Deepthroat by konashion
GameVixenZone - An abandoned forum brought back from the early 2000's in 2012 by katzmotel for general appreciation of female video game characters and sharing game mods/skins for PC games

The sites pre-dated the social media boom and it'd be fair to say we haven't moved that direction much with the intention of protecting our privacy and having control of the content we've created over the years. Small, self-hosted online communities are dwindling with most people preferring to use social media sites and admittedly we're not an exception to this. While we've continued to hold a steady member base over the years, the merger into Undertow caused a lot of friction and many people have left since due to moral objections with the site's content and due to poor management of the community while I went through various life events and career changes. So with that, I'll try to keep the mission statement of the community as short and sweet as I can.

Mission Statement​

I'm a firm believer that people should have healthy outlets for their sexual interests and that without them, over time they turn to obsessions. I've gone through this myself over my adolescence and young adult life with ryona and I'm confident without having this community to help normalize my experience with others in a partially anonymous environment, my sexual fantasies would have one day seeped into my reality. Over the course of hosting the forums, I found many others shared similar experiences for other interests and have struggled to find stable places for a sense of community. While I don't believe Undertow will ever be one of the largest online gatherings for any particular interest, the core tenet of this community is to allow people to explore and discuss sexual interests free of shame, persecution or ridicule.


As the community has a rocky and organic history, I can't realistically expect everyone to be at the same level of acceptance of all sexual interests and I understand everyone has their own reasons for being here and that it may have nothing to do with my interests or goals. If that's the case, I simply ask you keep any negativity or shame based language outside the realm of sex/sexuality. If you're unwilling to do this, you'll be asked to leave.

Current State​

For 11 years I self-funded the site and have recoup some costs through generic publisher advertising, but as of April 2021 the site is now hosted through donations from supporters. As I have a strong interest in passing the torch off to someone for this community one day, I'm always looking for people to step into more leadership/development oriented roles. If you're interested, feel free to contact me directly.


The site is allows for a good deal of anonymity and I have no expectations for anyone to share any personal details they're not comfortable sharing. I'm personally a big proponent for privacy on the internet and life in general. If you're looking for any suggestions on maintaining your privacy online, don't hesitate to reach out or ask for suggestions in The Guest Room.

So with that, please enjoy your time here and share what you'd like to share as long as it adheres to the site rules linked in my signature.


Keeping this spot open to share some thanks and praise for others later.
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