Tool to manage UPK files in Astellia needed


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Astellia is opening in the West, a typical MMO with all the usual questing / dungeon / crafting features and seems pretty good to play. It also looks very good with nice clean graphics and advanced character creation customisation. You have sliders for literally everything to make your character how you like.
Here's an example of the Scholar (healer):


The game is just begging to be modded, specially the armors/costumes, which are my thing when it comes to modding. But I need help to get at the texture files so I can mod them and some means to insert the mods back into the game.
This game appears to have a lot of similarity to Blade & Soul where texture files are concerned, using the same UPK format to package them.
Back when B&S was popular, our own stricq created a UPK Manager application which did exactly what was needed to extract and re-pack texture files in the game. I expect this same tool could be modified to work with Astellia, or at least a similar kind of app could do the job. But stricq is nowhere to be found at the moment, so I'm looking for anyone who can help out on this project.
I'm ready and eager to do some modding in Astellia, but I need help please.


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It depends on the upk file in question....the short answer is every upk file can be different.

Some games link every upk file in some way meaning that to repack you would need to rebuild the entire game. Again the short answer by the guy who programed the upk viewer was figuring out the encryption to unpack the asests is easy...but without knowing the "key" to rebuild the files it would be next to impossible.

That being said if the upk is not special, you could try the Killing Floor 2 editor, available on steam...note I recommend it over the offical tools at it will bypass some file protections.