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The Adventures of Star Virgin

Discussion in 'Fiction' started by princeofpain, Mar 16, 2012.

  1. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Name: Gizele Amy Willians/Star Virgin
    Powers: Super Strength, Super Speed, Over Human Reflex.
    Weakness: Her breasts and crotch can´t be touched or she will be weakned, few experience in combat.
    In her normal life Gizele is a student of arts, when she discovered her powers she started fight against the crime as the Super Heroine Star Virgin, in combat situations she is some times careless, and this can cause some terrible defeats.
    Enemies: Demonika and The Psychic Demon

    Name: Demonika
    Powers: She can fly, ultra strength (she can be stronger than Star Virgin), her bite can suck the powers of her opponents, Ultra Speed (she can reach mach 2 or 3), her body is solid as a diamond (one of her main attacks is crush her opponents against her boby).
    Weakness: Unknow
    Demonika is a demon created with only just one reason, defeat Star Virgin. Her creator stills unknow but we can considerer that is someone with even more powers, she loves to torture her victims, she is also know as "the maiden of the suffering".

    Name: James O´Neal/ Psychic Fiend
    Powers: Super Strength, Hipnosis, his armor is equiped with rays that can penetrate in opponent´s minds, this let´s him to make mental sugestions, Mind Control, mental shock waves.
    Weakness: Without his armor, he is just a normal man.
    James O´Nel was just a bank robber who was arrested by Star Virgin, from this moment he lives just for have his revenge.
    One day, he presented himself as volunteer for a project for a new armor equiped with weapons that attack the opponent´s mind, during the tests he cheated the scientists and stolen the armor.
    One day he knows Demonika that have a plan that can give him his chance to bring our Heroine down.

    First Part coming soon
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  2. evilhero

    evilhero Potential Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
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    Hey, nice to see that you agree with my sugestion.
    The enemies look like be very powerful and bad, our heroine will have many problens fighting with their.
    I am waiting for the story
  3. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    I hope all members enjoy my new story.
    I may posting the first part this weekend.
  4. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    The Adventures of Star Virgin. Chapter 1: Star Virgin´s Capture.

    James O´Neal, an ex bank roober scaped from the jail after stolen a secret,after hours running to scape of the Special Forces, he scape.
    A monstruous figure appears!!!
    Demonika: O´Neal!!!
    James O´Neal: Who... who are you???
    Demonika: My name is Demonika, I killed the soldiers who were hunting you.
    James O´Neal: Well thank you, see you later.
    Demonika: Stay right in your place and listen to me, or your destiny can be worse
    than the soldiers.
    In this moment Demonika shows the bodies, they are mutilated and charred.
    - James O´Neal: Oh my God!!! You are a demon, what horrible thing. I liked you.
    - Demonika: We have a common enemy, a little girl, called Star Virgin,I want
    you bring her to me.
    - James O´Neal: And how I will supose to do this??? She can be just a little girl
    but is stronger than anyone I faced before.
    - Demonika: Let this to me.
    - James O´Neal: AAAAAAAAHHH, yes, yes, I never felt like this before, such power!!!
    - Demonika: From now until your last day, you will be called: Psychic Fiend!!!
    I gave to you more powers than you ever dreamed, I made of the powers of you armor
    your powers, and they are amplifyed, while you use your armor, you will be invicible.
    - Psychic Fiend: If you are so powerful, why don´t you capture Star Virgin by yourself???
    - Demonika: I am arrested in a prison in a other dimension, only beings from your world can
    enter here, but I can´t out.
    - Psychic Fiend: What is my reward for do this??? I hate her as much as you.
    - Demonika: If you break our pact, I can take your powers, remember, I gave to you and I can take then
    and what I will do for her is nothing compared to what I will do for you.
    - Psychic Fiend: You really know how to negociate. Ok, wait right in your place
    while I will bring your packet.
    Hours later.
    Gizele Amy Willians (a.k.a Star Virgin) is enjoyin her lunch in university´s restaurant
    when she look in TV the breaking news.
    - Journalist: The situation is critical. A man called Psychic Fiend invaded the local
    power plant, he made many hostages and is threatening to explode the reactors if
    his requirements don´t be done. What he wants??? Money??? Attention??? No, he wants
    as he said, "fight with Star Virgin".
    - Gizele: If he wants to fight against Star Virgin, let´s give to him what he wants.
    She runs to a hidden place an transforms the gentle student in the powerful crime fighter
    Star Virgin!!!
    Immediately she fly to the power plant.
    - Star Virgin: I hope nothing happens until I arrive there.
    p4.jpg p5.jpg p6.jpg
    Some minutes later, she arrives in the power plant, landing gently to not call attention.
    She enter by the roof.
    All she finds is a dark room, she looks to all sides.
    Until Psychic Fiend call her.
    Psychic Fiend: Hello my dear!!!
    Star Virgin: Whoooaaaa!!!
    Psychic Fiend: What´s the matter??? Are you Scared???
    p7.jpg p8.jpg
    Star Virgin: This voice, I know you, you are James O´Neal, a crazy bank robber and
    assassin, I sent you to the prison years ago.
    Psychic Fiend: James O´Neal is dead, now you know me just as Psychic Fiend.
    Star Virgin: I beaten you once, I can do this again, this armor will not save you.
    Psychic Fiend: Let´s see??
    Psychic Fiend attacks Star Virgin launching laser beams. Using her incredible agility
    and reflex she dodges.
    p9.jpg p10.jpg
    Star Virgin finds an oportunity and attacks with a flying kick, but she feels as she
    was repelled.
    p11.jpg p12.jpg
    - Star Virgin: What happened??? I felt like something repelled me.
    - Psychic Fiend: Hahahahaha, did you liked??? This is a mental force field, I have
    just to imagine and I am protected by a powerful force field. Now I will toy with you.
    Psychic Fiend Grabs Star Virgin by her legs, he prepares her and throws her with all
    his forces.
    p13.jpg p14.jpg p15.jpg
    - Star Virgin: AAAAH
    p16.jpg p17.jpg
    Psychic Fiend approaches her, and, before she can do any movement... he launches
    a powerful beam right on her face.
    p18.jpg p19.jpg
    The beam sends her flying, she is scared with such power. When she lands, she feels
    a terrible pain like she never felt before.
    - Star Virgin: AAAAAAAAAHHHHH, OOOOOHHHH, UUUUHHH, what is this???
    - Psychic Fiend: Did you liked??? This is a little gift, I call Mental Shockwave.
    This beam causes to you a pain 10 times worse than the worts pain you ever felt.
    - Star Virgin: Nooooooo, how can be???
    - Psychic Fiend: I am not the same guy you defeated before.
    p20.jpg p21.jpg
    Psychic Fiend grabs Star Virgin by her arms, he captures her with one arm, so
    he begins to torture her.
    First, a belly punch
    - Star Virgin: UUUUHHHHFFF
    For second a breast punch (for some unknow reason this one cause much more damage).
    View attachment 8579
    She starts to act strange, she is now more... soft
    So, he prepares to punish her face and lands a powerful punch right on her face.
    p24.jpg p25.jpg
    He enjoys to see her face of suffering.
    View attachment 8582
    - Psychic Fiend: Let´s have a little conversation???
    He now grabs Star Virgin by her head.
    View attachment 8583
    - Psychic Fiend: Star Virgin, tell me, what is your weakness.
    - Star Virgin: Nooooo, I will not tell you.
    Psychic Fiend looks her in the eyes and says:
    Psychic Fiend: Is useless to resist, I can read your mind as an open book.
    Star Virgin: Nooo... I can´t tell, iiiiissss, m...m...y breasts a...nd m...y
    pussy, if anyone of then be attacked I lose all my powers and get very weak.
    Psychic Fiend: I realized whe I punched your breast. So, let´s have even more fun.
    Cruelly, Psychic Fiend grabs Star Virgin, hanging her by one of her weak points.
    View attachment 8584
    - Star Virgin: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, ssssstooop!!!
    - Psychic Fiend: Hahahaha, what good sensation, I can defeat the all might Star Virgin!!!
    Psychic Fiend release her, she felt on the ground massaging her breasts.
    View attachment 8585
    She is now so weak that any normal person could beat her now.
    Psychic Fiend remembered of her pussy and give a very strong kick in her pretty pussy.
    View attachment 8586
    - Star Virgin: Nooooo.
    With such force, Star Virgin is sent flying, but...
    View attachment 8587
    - Psychic Fiend: Where do You think you are going???
    Using the power of his mind Psychic Fiend can manipulate Star virgin´s beatiful body.
    - Star Virgin: (thinking for herself) What is happening here??? How can this guy beat me
    so easilly??? I can´t even move freely.
    Psychic Fiend drops Star Virgin, leaving her upside down. He don´t wast time and steps on her
    pink and soft pussy, and puts force, much more force... even mor force.
    View attachment 8588 View attachment 8589
    - Star Virgin: OOOOOOOOOOOOHHH, please, don´t hurt me anymore.
    - Psychic Fiend: As you wish princess.
    View attachment 8590 View attachment 8591
    Psychic Fiend stops his torture and uses his mental strength one more time, now
    he is lifting Star Virgin´s body.
    He leaves her in a position like she if she is being crucifield.
    View attachment 8592
    - Psychic Fiend: Hahahahahaaaa, I don´t even imagine how much a dreamed with this day,
    the day that I beat Star Virgin as I can.
    Psychic Fiend approaches of our beaten Heroine and starts a new punishment.
    View attachment 8593
    A right Slap
    View attachment 8594
    A left punch right on her cute face
    View attachment 8595
    A right punch on her right breast
    View attachment 8596
    A left punch on her left breast
    View attachment 8597
    He continues with a belly punch
    - Psychic Fiend: Hahahaha, a Super heroine as punch bag!!!??? This is getting even better.
    Now he uses his powers to let Star Virgin´s legs very well open, and... destroyes her pussy
    attacking, using his hand as a claw.
    View attachment 8598 View attachment 8599
    Psychic Fiend releases Star Virgin´s body, she falls and he steps on her head.
    - Psychic Fiend: It´s time to finish you.
    View attachment 8600
    Psychic Fiend starts to strangle our beaten beauty.
    - Star Virgin: Cof cof, uuuuuh, stop, please, I beg... mercy.
    View attachment 8601
    - Psychic Fiend: I want to kill you.
    Sundelly, Demonika´s image appeared.
    View attachment 8602
    - Demonika: Don´t dare to do this, you had your revenge, now she is mine.
    - Psychic Fiend: You will kill her, let me do this right now.
    - Demonika: What I will do to her is not your business, bring her to me, or I will
    destroy you.
    - Star Virgin: Th...is, this vo...vo...voice, I remember.
    - Psychic Fiend: Shut up Star Bitch.
    He knocks her pressing her neck until she faints.
    - Psychic Fiend: I don´t know what that monster prepared to you, but I am sure I would
    be less cruel.
    Psychic Fiend takes Star Virgin on his arms and leaves her to her terrible destiny.
    View attachment 8603 View attachment 8604
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  5. evilhero

    evilhero Potential Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
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    Hey dude
    your story is very good, but the link for the pictures are bronken.
  6. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    An error ocurred.
    After I posted the story and the pictures, I was logedout, I don´t know why this happens, I pass some minutes logged and after I am disconnected.
    I am working right now to correct this mistake.

    ---------- Post added at 04:13 PM ---------- Previous post was at 12:45 PM ----------

    After many tryies (6 to be exact) I think I finally fixed the story

    ---------- Post added at 04:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:13 PM ----------

    This the best I can do, I can´t let all the images showing, some times stay, but some times they become links.
    I hope all members enjoy the story
  7. evilhero

    evilhero Potential Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
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    Star Virgin is pretty!!!
    She hav a Cute face, she is a beatiful heroine, I am in love with her.
    I can´t wait until her fight against Demonika, if Psychic Fiend humilited her in this way, can you imagine what Demonika can do???
  8. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    That's pretty good, I like. I can only imagine how Demonika is going to pick her apart.
  9. evilhero

    evilhero Potential Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
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    I loved Star Virgin, she is so cute.
    She looks so sexy when she is loosing a fight, her innocent appearence... and when she is weakned... princeofpain, please make more stories with her
  10. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Hey guys
    tonight I will post the fight between Star Virgin and Demonika.
    But, I would like to give a warning: Sometimes I disconnect of the forum, this causes the loss of the images, they stay as links and when not, they become broken links, if have some broken link, please tell me.
  11. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    The Adventures of Star Virgin: Star Virgin vs Demonika

    CHAPTER 2: Star Virgin vs Demonika

    After defeat Star Virgin in an epic battle, Psychic Fiend is guided by Demonika
    to the local of her prison.
    - Psychic Fiend: Here, take your order.
    p1.jpg p2.jpg p3.jpg
    - Demonika: You bastard!!! She is totally beaten, I will have to wait until her recover.
    - Psychic Demon: It´s not my business, but, why this girl???
    - Demonika: Since she arrested me in this dimensional prison, the only way for me scape
    is if I defeat her here draining all her energy, her energy keep the dimensional gate
    - Psychic Fiend: So, she is all yours, see you latter.
    - Demonika: Now my little pet, I will have my revenge.
    Demonika makes Star Virgin her prisioner until she recovers from the beat that
    she received.
    p5.jpg p6.jpg
    - Demonika: Wake up bitch!!!
    - Star Virgin: ooooh...aaaah... where a...am I???
    - Demonika: Don´t you remember??? here is the dimensional prison where you arrested me.
    - Star Virgin: Humpf, do you really think you will take my energy???
    - Demonika: Hahahahaha, that´s the way I like, I want to get my freedom in a fight against you.
    Demonika undoes the magic handcuff that holds Star Virgin´s arms.
    - Star Virgin: You commited a big mistake.
    p8.jpg p9.jpg p10.jpg
    Star Virgin launches herself, attacking with a punch and a kick.
    - Demonika: This is the best you can do???
    Star Virgin look surprised, the force of her attacks could destroy iron walls, but they didn´t
    nothing to Demonika.
    - Demonika: Did you forgot that you arrested me with other demons??? I killed all them and stolen
    their powres.
    - Star Virgin: Oh no, this is not good.
    - Demonika: Let me show for you how powerful I became.
    p11.jpg p12.jpg p13.jpg
    Demonika grabs Star Virgin as a ragdoll, so she gives a right punch to her face, after a backhand strike
    from the left.
    Demonika don´t wast time and grab Star Virgin by the back of her head, pressing with great force.
    - Star Virgin: AAAHHH put me down.
    p15.jpg p16.jpg p18.jpg
    Demonika prepares and scratchs Star Virgin´s back.
    - Demonika: Did you liked???My claws are much more powerful now, I could slice your weak body now
    but I want to bash you first.
    p19.jpg p20.jpg p21.jpg
    Using just one hand, Demonika lifts Star Virgin from the ground and throws her to the ground.
    - Star Virgin: OOOOHHH
    Star Virgin hits hard the ground, so, Demonika kicks her, now she is turned.
    p22.jpg p23.jpg p24.jpg p25.jpg p26.jpg p27.jpg
    Demonik start to fly getting even more high. She looks to her target and focus on Star Virgin weak points.
    Demonika come with great speed and hits Star Virgin´s breats and pussy.
    - Demonika: Hahahahahaaaaa, now I remembered, the best way to retire energy from you is weaken you.
    Star Virgin twists on the ground massaging her breast an pussy, the attack left her very weak, she is now almost
    unconcious, but she can feel the pain with all intensity.
    Now, Demonika lift Star Virgin by her arms.
    - Demonika: Star Bitch, do you like games??? Let´s play one??? The are simple,
    I throw you and while you are flying I will try to arrive first im my place, if I win, you will be hited,
    but if you win... nothing happens!!! Because I will take you.
    p30.jpg p31.jpg p32.jpg p33.jpg p34.jpg p35.jpg
    Demonika starts the insane game.
    - Demonika: Here you go!!!
    - Star Virgin, noooo, please.
    Star Virgin fly, faster than her own speed. But, Demonika flying even mor fast pass for her and prepares
    for the impact.
    Star Vigin: AAAAAAAHHHH
    Star Virgin hits Demonika´s body as she hitted an iron wall, Star Virgin falls and stay on her knees before Demonika
    p36.jpg p38.jpg
    - Demonika: 1 for me, let´s again???
    - Star Virgin: Noooooooooooooooo!!!
    One more time, Demonika receive our heroine, this time stoping her with the arm.
    - Star Virgin: OOOOFFF
    - Demonika: Again.
    This time, Star Virgin go in the direction of Demonika´s foot.
    - Star Virgin: OOOOOHHH
    Demonika don´t let our heroine fall and grabs her in a painful bear hug, Star Virgin feels like she is
    being crushed by 2 trucks.
    p41.jpg p42.jpg p43.jpg
    Demonika press using even more strength, this causes the pressing of Star Virgin´s breasts against
    Demonika´s body.
    Suffering great pressure, our beauty starts to loose her conscious.
    - Demonika: Well my doll, I almost have all your energy, now I will make you suffer a little more.
    Demonika approaches her mouth of Star Virgin´s neck and as a vampire she bites her.
    - Demonika: Did you know??? my bite don´t make wounds or bleeding, but, I suck your energy.
    p44.jpg p45.jpg p46.jpg p47.jpg
    Demonika fly high with our beates girl, so, she drops her.
    Star Virgin´s back hits Demonika´s knee, one more perfect strike for Demonika.
    Demonika press Star Virgin by her pussy and breasts, the few energys on our cute heroine is being drained.
    Star Virgin faints, her eyes rolls and now the white of her eyes is appearing.
    Demonika takes Star Virgin in front of her.
    p48.jpg p49.jpg
    - Demonika: Well Star Virgin (a right punch), I could kill you right now (an attack from the left), but
    I will not, I want you survive, because I want to punish, torture and tormente you for the rest of your days,
    be a good girl, rest and wait for me for you next beat, hahahahaaaaaaaaaa.
    Demonika drops Star Virgin´s sexy body, our heroine is now on her knees,motionless, like a statue, in honor of
    Demonika´s victory.

    The End
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  12. evilhero

    evilhero Potential Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
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    Great story!!!
    I loved the way that Star Virgin was beaten, she was totally humiliated, Demonika dominated her all the time like she was nothing.
  13. Raden

    Raden Ryonani Teamster

    Sep 24, 2011
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    Methinks Star Virgin is in a hell of a lot of trouble... hehehee.
  14. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    I hope everybody enjoy these two first Star Virgin stories, I will try to make more in th next weeks.
    I need help, someone knows a site where I can download xna lara models???
    Please, leave your comment about the story, your sugestion or critics
  15. onlinehero

    onlinehero Swell Supporter

    Dec 15, 2009
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    I liked the story and I also like the idea of putting images into it too. Your heroine got totally dominated & humilated, which is great :P

    Anyway, I could give some tips for the images you put into your stories:
    1) You could use some other background than the basic grey one. Im sure you'll be able find and download bgs from other games like SC for example
    2) Use more zoom. Camera is bit too far in many of the images
    3) Put the camera to same level as the characters, so that it doesn't point downwards. Unless you definitely need this kind of angle.

    I have never used xna lara and have no idea how difficult or easy it is to pose characters...
    Overall I really like your stories, but images could use some more work. Anyway, they are good like this too :P
  16. evilhero

    evilhero Potential Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
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    I loved the story, in my opinion you could make more stories using Star Virgin, she is pretty and sexy.
    The only thing I have to say is try to work more the camere, the image are not bad, but could be better, for example, you could give some zoom in the heroine or put background, your stories are very good.
    Other idea is (and this can be more hard) try to make a clip of Star Virgin fighting against the villians, you could use Windows Movie Maker and take sounds from the net.
    Please continue your work
  17. princeofpain

    princeofpain Ryonani Teamster

    Feb 4, 2012
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    Thank you for your comments, all gave me great ideas for the next stories, now, I am working on more enemies for our heroine.
    onlinehero, I will try to work better on the camera.
    evilhero, a clip can be dificult to do, I admit that I am learning to use the program, but, I will try, I liked your idea, can take some time, but I will do.
    Thank you all, and please, continue to comment
  18. sooperhero1

    sooperhero1 Vivacious Visitor

    Nov 15, 2011
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    Once again, i LOVE pictures with captions that tell a story. Keep up the good work!
  19. evilhero

    evilhero Potential Patron

    Mar 13, 2012
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    I loved this heroine, I would like to see this fight as a video clip
  20. Mardion

    Mardion Swell Supporter

    Jan 18, 2010
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    I've never been one for stories, but I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Demonika make minced meat out of the heroine through these illustrations. Nice bearhugs and kicks particularly. Great job!