Streets of Rage 4


Ryonani Teamster
Jul 30, 2010
I really, really like Blaze Fielding’s redesign in SoR4. She’s the perfect “street brawler”, “tough hot girl” body type and costume: fit, busty, midriff and thigh-bearing, goodness. I have trouble playing as her because I just want to see her get owned.B498282B-CFBF-40C0-9AA8-F0307B6A2C92.png

When I first downloaded it I was playing couch co-op and kept getting distracted whenever Player 2 (who was playing as her) would get grabbed, smashed with a melee weapon or knocked on their ass by a well-placed enemy blow, breaking their combo and embarrassing them. Luckily, Blaze keeps getting up after she’s knocked down. At least, until those lives run out at the hands of a dominant boss.

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