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Cassandra panted as she pulled herself up onto the rocky platform, sweat covering her face as she stood up. She was immediately greeted by blast of cold wind, the mountain air making her short blonde hair swayed to a side. Her blue eyes scanned the ruins before her, a statue eroded away by nature and pillars lying on the ground. Her eyes finally fell on a black crystallised shard hovering above a whole pedestal. Finally her search for the shard has concluded.

Before she could reach for the shard, another figure jumped from behind a chiselled out pillar and approached the shard. The new figure was a Chinese woman with short brown hair and eyes, equally as toned as Cassandra. At her waist was a straight sword with swung at every movement. Recognising the figure, Cassandra called out to her before she could get her hand on the shard.

‘Halt Xianghua! Go no further!’

Chai Xianghua stopped just an inch away from the shard, whirling turning her head towards Cassandra. A look of confusion was immediately replaced with cheerful smile as she waved at the blonde.

‘Hey Cassie! What are you doing here?’

‘I should be asking you the same thing and don’t call me Cassie!’ Cassandra snapped. ‘How did you get up here so fast?’

Xianghua shrugged. ‘I took the cable cars up here. They’re so convenient. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to pick this nice little shard up.’

Xianghua reached out for the shard again but then stopped when she saw Cassandra unsheathing her sword and unstrapping her shield. Once her weapons were ready, the blonde stepped menacingly towards Xianghua.

‘Oh no you don’t you bitch! That shard is mine! Step away or I will cut you into ribbons!’

Xianghua’s cheerful tone disappeared as she growled, unsheathing her sword and marching towards Cassandra. ‘Don’t you that tone on me you blonde bimbo! It should be you who is going to be cut into ribbons if you don’t leave here at once!’

‘En garde!’ Cassandra screamed.

The two warriors screamed as they slammed their swords into each other, sending sparks flying everywhere. Xianghua was the first one to pull her sword away before slamming it onto Cassandra’s shield, her straight-sword sliding down the shield so she can piece the blonde by the side. Seeing what Xianghua was aiming for, Cassandra pushed the attacking blade down and thrust her own sword at Xianghua’s throat.

The Chinese girl simply lowered her back and head, the sword almost touching her nose. She pulled her sword back and swirled around, knocking Cassandra’s sword away. The blonde gasped at the strength of Xianghua’s attack. She quickly brought her smiled up to her face, the tip of Xianghua’s sword making a small dent in the shield.

Xianghua continued to assault by feinting an attack to Cassandra’s leg but brought her sword up to the blonde’s face. Cassandra gasped but knocked the blade away as she swung her sword around, missing its target as Xianghua instantly ducked. Xianghua straightened up and jumped back before Cassandra could bring her sword down on her.

Cassandra growled as her sword hit the floor, glaring up at the Chinese woman. Xianghua glared back and the two fighters stood where they were, breathing heavily as they continued to stare daggers at each other. Sweat flowed down her face as Cassandra’s blue eyes burned with hatred… and lust. She frowned as she wondered why she was feeling this way. Then it hit her. The dark shard hovering nearby was giving out this mysterious influence that was making them more aggressive and sexual. Like some sort of aphrodisiac.

Cassandra growled as she raised her sword. As if that mattered! She and Xianghua charged into one another, swinging their swords at the same time. The two blades clashed and flew away from their owner’s hands, falling onto the floor. Cassandra looked at her fallen sword in confusion before turning to Xianghua, getting punched in the face.

Cassandra and stumbled back, only to gasp as she was kicked in the stomach by Xianghua. The blonde snarled and speared the Chinese woman against a pillar, making her gasped in surprise. Not caring that she had also lost her shield, Cassandra tore off Xianghua’s top, showing her brown nipples and small six-packs. Then the blonde pummelled Xianghua’s face with two punches.

Xianghua gasped in pain but managed to slam her knee into Cassandra’s crotch, sending her reeling back. She snarled and reached out, tearing off Cassandra’s top as well. The blonde screamed as she tried to cover up her brown nipples while her small six-packs were being exposed. Xianghua went as far to strip off Cassandra’s bottom, showing her blonde hair vagina.

Cassandra screamed with rage as she kneed the Chinese woman in the stomach before grabbing her by the head, slamming her face onto her knee. With Xianghua stumbling on the spot, Cassandra easily pulled out her shorts, showing Xianghua’s brown hairy vagina. With both of them naked, Cassandra grabbed one of Xianghua’s arm and hip tossed her onto her back.

Xianghua cried out in pain but pulled Cassandra on top of her, surprising the blonde. With Cassandra on top of her, Xianghua wrapped her legs around Cassandra’s waist and rolled her onto the side; squeezing her in a body scissor. Cassandra groaned as she felt the air rushing out from her, Xianghua’s legs like anacondas.

Desperately, Cassandra punched Xianghua in her urethra, making the Chinese woman screamed and let go of the blonde. As Xianghua hold her sore urethra in agony, Cassandra jumped onto her feet and began stomping on her nemesis; her foot smashing Xianghua’s breasts and stomach. Xianghua cried out in pain as she failed to defend herself.

Weakening Xianghua, Cassandra pulled her opponent onto her feet and smashed her face into another pillar. With Xianghua dazed, the blonde woman slowly lifted her into the air. With a growl, Cassandra slammed Xianghua’s back onto her knee in a backbreaker. Xianghua screamed in pain as Cassandra prepared to finger her clitoris.

Without warning, Xianghua wrapped her arms around Cassandra’s head and head-butted her right in the face. The blonde woman screamed and fell onto her back, holding her face in pain. With Cassandra on her back, Xianghua growled and spread her legs wide open; slamming her knee onto Cassandra’s hairy vagina. Cassandra screamed louder as the Chinese woman repeatedly smashed her vagina with her knee.

‘You whore! I am going to make you cum all over this place!’

Cassandra could only drooled as her vagina was being brutalised, her eyes rolling back. Then with a moaned, she urinated all over Xianghua’s knee and onto the floor. Xianghua smirked as she stood up, watching her opponent urinated all over the ground. She waited for Cassandra to finish urinating before pulling her onto her feet, stepping behind her. Wrapping her arms around Cassandra’s waist, Xianghua lifted her into the air and slammed Cassandra’s vagina onto her knee in an atomic bomb.

Cassandra screamed again as this time she orgasmed all over Xianghua’s knee, moaning pitifully afterwards. The blonde screamed again as Xianghua suplex her into a pillar, breaking it into rubble. Then turning the blonde woman upside down, Xianghua leapt into the air and tombstone pile-drive her into the floor.

Cassandra eyes were now rolled back as went out cold, cumming and urinating at the impact. Xianghua let her go and watched Cassandra fall onto her back, unconscious but still orgasming and urinating on the ground. Xianghua grinned and stood above Cassandra, moaning as she urinated all over the blonde’s body.

‘That’s right bitch, know your place. That shard is mine! You can have this instead!’

When Xianghua was done urinating on the blonde woman, she sat on her face and rubbed her hairy vagina all over Cassandra. With a moan, she orgasmed all over Cassandra’s face, covering her in her thick cum. She licked her lips and stood up, grabbing a fabric of Cassandra’s torn clothing and drying her vagina.

Xianghua then tossed the ruined fabric on the blonde’s face before gathering what remains of her clothes. Covering up the best she could, Xianghua picked the shard from the pedestal and winked at the still unconscious Cassandra.

‘See you Cassandra. Don’t bother looking for another shard because I will simply kick your ass and take it from you again.’

Xianghua laughed and collected her sword before making her descent, leaving an out cold and naked Cassandra where she laid.