So you want to be a zako? (RP, Mentos Edition)


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Mar 6, 2016
Gently taking Bianca's other hand, Bee looks up to her, looking deep into the Tiefling's jet-black eyes before closing her own and kissing Bianca gently on the cheek.
Blushing profusely as she draws away, Bee releases one of Bianca's hands, holding the Tiefling's other hand as hard as she can as they continue.
I really hope I didn't just mess it all up...
"I mean it", Bee adds. "I've just met you, but I can already tell you're a great person."
Looking at Bianca as they walk, she makes a decision.
"I'll go with you on the mission... Y-you're my closest friend right now, and... I... I'll stay with you. Uh, Go. Go with you. To fight Magatha."
Seeing Bianca smile at this, her heart soars - She likes me! I think. I didn't mess it up, so... She like-likes me too!? If we get back after the fight, I'll ask if she wants to k-kiss me... I promise, to myself. If I live, I'll ask!
For the next few minutes, Bee enjoys the moment, walking through the forest, holding hands with Bianca.
Then, she has a thought.
"Uh, I've asked a lot about you... If you want to ask me anything, go ahead. Anything's fine, I promise."

So yeah, Bee's going on the mission to kill Magatha.

"If I see anyone with claw wounds, I'll tell you." Arastine says, smiling. It wasn't a member of Miasma, and in her experience there isn't much interaction between the members of different battalions in Toxin's army. Still, if she sees anyone with claw marks, she'll tell Kaeda. It's the least she can do. Even more so, since Kaeda reminds her of one of her own daughters, safe from Toxin's armies in her distant homeland.
Remembering back to when she left, her daughters weren't particularly happy with what she did. To be fair, it was enough to get her exiled. But she'd made sure her children knew she loved them, and always would, and left.
She hopes they're doing well. Maybe if she survives all of this, she'll be able to return and convince them that her decade - By the time she returns, a little more than two decades, actually - of exile changed her. Maybe not, but... Whatever. She'll be reunited with her children sooner or later anyway. For now? Give every bit of effort to fighting for good and survival, in that order. Victory or death.
(That doesn't mean she won't use trickery, of course)


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Aug 23, 2014
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Kaeda worried about showing herself outside of the cage in camp, but she approached populated areas to gauge reaction and while some of them stared at her or possibly looked uneasy, but no one forced her back, leading her to hope everyone just assumed she was allowed outside of the cage freely now. She sighed in relief at the little bit of freedom she had attained and owed much gratitude to Arastine for helping her gain it. She wondered if the soldier who captured her might be where Magatha was, but didn't wonder enough to volunteer. She hated being a slave dog to the witch as is, so she wasn't about to accept an extra volunteers-only mission just on the off chance she could get some revenge that wouldn't solve anything anyway. She'd still be a slave dog no matter what happened to that soldier. That's when she is reminded of Astrid and goes to find her.
"Astrid," she mumbled blankly.
"Kaeda?! You're allowed out of the cage now?"
"Arastine let me out. But... let's say yes if anyone asks"
"Well I mean that's great!"
"I don't talk much but I'm a good listener. Can we... chat?" she asked.
Atrid patted the wolfgirl's head. Couldn't help it with how cute she looked asking to talk. "Alright little Kaeda, how about we go someplace private? I'll catch you up to speed with some of the stuff here," she said with a grin. Kaeda's cheeks were red and her mouth curved upward ever so slightly into was rare of her, something that could almost be seen as a slight smile.


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Jun 23, 2015
Miasma Battalion
Soldiers: 6x Archers: 3x Rogues: 7x Mages: 3x Clerics: 2x
Mission 10: Assassinate Magatha
Difficulty: 5/5

1: Lieutenant Amanda (Soldier, Claymore 24/F): 40/40 HP (Level 6) Items: Black Claymore +3 to ATK, Superior Elven Armor: +2 to DEF
2: Li Ann (Rogue, Kunais 21/F): 21/21 (Level 7) Items: Elven Daggers: +2 to Attack Rolls, Mysterious Elven Bracelet, Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
3: Arastine (Stalwart Defender, Axe, Gauntlets, Tower Shield 49/F): 45/45 HP (Level 6), Items: Paladin Armor, +5 to Defense Rolls
4: McKayla (Cleric, E. Jewelry 26/F) 13/13HP (Level 5) (Spells: Heal, Shield, Gravity, Dispell, Drain Life) Items: Elven Jewelry, +1 to Healing Spells, Black Bow
5: Moira (Dark Mage, Magic Staff 32/F): 17/17 HP (Level 7) (Spells: Shadow Bolt, Drain Life, Summon Snakes, Cocoon, Poison MIst) Items: Elven Bracelet, +3 to Attack Rolls, Spider Shawl (+1 to Def)
6: Astrid (Soldier, Fencing Rapier 20/F): 40/40 HP (Level 7), Items: Elven Armor, +1 to Defense Rolls
7: Oola (Soldier, Barbed Whip 22/F): 20/20 HP (Level 3), Items: Elven Armor +1 to Defense Rolls
8: Rixa (Archer, Longbow 26/F) 18/18 HP (Level 7) Items: Bone Longbow, +4 to Attack Rolls, Doubles as a Melee Weapon
9: Beth (Dark Mage 25/F) 15/15 HP (Level 5) (Spells: Shadow Bolt, Carrion Swarm, Curse of Agony)
10: Elendra (Cleric, 19/F) 9/9HP (Level 3) (Spells: Heal, Shield) Items: Shriveled Heart of Nergal +1 to DEF
11: Anko (Rogue, Martial Arts 27/F) 16/16 HP (Level 5) Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
12: Yoshiko (Rogue, Kusarigama 23/F) 16/16 HP (Level 5) Items: Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
13: Eisenhilde (Reaver, Crossbow/Spear, 25/F) 19/19/ HP (Level 7) Items: Blade of Hel +1 to ATK, Tyris' Mace +2 to ATK, Elven Chain Mail, +1 to Def
14: Minuette (Soldier, Sword/Shield 19/F) 25/25 HP (Level 4)
15: Avaricia (Mage, 19/F) 13/13 HP (Level 5) (Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Stone Throw)
16: Halette (Rogue, Short Sword 17/F) 11/11 HP (Level 3)
17: Kuu'rin (Rogue, Daggers ???/F) (Level 4) (13/13 HP)
18: Kaede (Soldier, Claws/Biting ???/F) 25/25 HP (Level 4)
19: Kimiko (Rogue, Kunai/Bladed Fan 23/F) 14/14 HP (Level 4)
20: Bee (Archer, Short Bow 18/F) 10/10/HP (Level 3)
21: Bianca (Rogue, Scorpion Tail/Claws ???/F) (11/11 HP)

Unavailable: August (Soldier, Mace/Shield 30/M) 30/30 HP (Level 5) Items: Slaver's Beatstick, +3 to ATK, +4 against Elves, Ornate Elven Armor: +3 to DEF, Ring of Attack: +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense: +1 to DEF

Upon receiving Marla's orders (through Moira), Miasma Battalion heads back to the cave they had just came from. There, they strip the Acid Battalion soldiers of their uniforms. Luckily for them they had just enough uniforms that hadn't been completely ruined during the battle for a fitting disguise. Kendra, who had been silent through most of the proceedings, decided to play ball after her encounter with Marla/Moira. She knew that Magatha would kill her the second she returned a failure. In her mind, at least she had a fighting chance at surviving all of this if she stuck with Miasma Battalion. After securing 13 uniforms, the group left the cave, leaving the naked and cooling Acid corpses stacked on top of each other in a body pile, most likely not to be found until they'd completely rotted.

Though the mission to kill Magatha had quite a few volunteers, the five soldiers chosen to accompany Miasma's rogues into Azelea were the strongest of the Battalion, all of who had volunteered. Arastine, Eisenhilde, McKayla, Moira and Rixa. The rest of the group would stay behind and camp in the forest, under Astrid's command until Amanda returned. Donning the uniforms, the group had Kendra "lead" them back into Azelea, and into Acid Battalion's headquarters.

1: Lieutenant Amanda (Soldier, Claymore 24/F): 40/40 HP (Level 6) Items: Black Claymore +3 to ATK, Superior Elven Armor: +2 to DEF
2: Kendra (Soldier, Zweihander, 28/F) (Level 7) 40/40 HP Items: Enchanted Zweihander +3 to ATK, Superior Elven Armor: +2 to DEF
3: Li Ann (Rogue, Kunais 21/F): 21/21 (Level 7) Items: Elven Daggers: +2 to Attack Rolls, Mysterious Elven Bracelet, Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
4: Arastine (Stalwart Defender, Axe, Gauntlets, Tower Shield 49/F): 45/45 HP (Level 6), Items: Paladin Armor, +5 to Defense Rolls
5: McKayla (Cleric, E. Jewelry 26/F) 13/13HP (Level 5) (Spells: Heal, Shield, Gravity, Dispell, Drain Life) Items: Elven Jewelry, +1 to Healing Spells, Black Bow
6: Moira (Dark Mage, Magic Staff 32/F): 17/17 HP (Level 7) (Spells: Shadow Bolt, Drain Life, Summon Snakes, Cocoon, Poison MIst) Items: Elven Bracelet, +3 to Attack Rolls, Spider Shawl (+1 to Def)
7: Rixa (Archer, Longbow 26/F) 18/18 HP (Level 7) Items: Bone Longbow, +4 to Attack Rolls, Doubles as a Melee Weapon
8: Anko (Rogue, Martial Arts 27/F) 16/16 HP (Level 5) Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
9: Yoshiko (Rogue, Kusarigama 23/F) 16/16 HP (Level 5) Items: Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
10: Eisenhilde (Reaver, Crossbow/Spear, 25/F) 19/19/ HP (Level 7) Items: Blade of Hel +1 to ATK, Tyris' Mace +2 to ATK, Elven Chain Mail, +1 to Def
11: Halette (Rogue, Short Sword 17/F) 11/11 HP (Level 3)
12: Kuu'rin (Rogue, Daggers ???/F) (Level 4) (13/13 HP)
13: Kimiko (Rogue, Kunai/Bladed Fan 23/F) 14/14 HP (Level 4)
14: Bianca (Rogue, Scorpion Tail/Claws ???/F) (11/11 HP)

The assassination group heads inside Azelea at night. The city is silent, with most of the soldiers asleep and drunk. The raid upon Oakenshield is set to begin any day now, and already groups of soldiers have head out into the forest in preparation for the massive siege. According to Marla's intel, Magatha has taken possession of the city hall inside Azelea, where her and her soldiers are waiting to head out. With Kendra taking the lead, the group walks back into the city with little problem. Eventually they find themselves in front of the city hall. Amanda gives the signal and the rogues move into the shadows surrounding the building, while Amanda, Kendra and everyone else head inside. Upon noticing Kendra, the guards give their salute and make way for her to enter.

"Hey, Kendra's back!" - says one Acid Archer, a chubby girl with black hair standing on the balcony of the building. "Her group is a little thin though..."

"Do you see Nicole with her?" - responds another Acid Archer, a tanned, lithe girl with a ponytail. "Me and her had a date when she came back. Naga...I hope she's okay..."

"I don't's hard to see those girl's face-UGH"

The first Acid Archer's statement is cut abruptly short, she begins to clutch at her back but to no avail.

"Hey, what's wron-?" - The chubby girl suddenly falls into the second girl's arms, a Kunai protruding from her kidney. "Sarah! Are you ok-" Another Kunai suddenly pierces the second archer's brain, ending her life. (Kill for Li Ann)

The first archer falls on-top of her comrade, in deep pain. She turns around to see a group of shadow figures behind her.

"P-please...mercy-" Her cries are cut short as Anko brutally stomps down upon her neck. (Kill for Anko)


Kendra's group heads into the city hall. Upon arriving in the first room, they pass by a few Acid soldiers drunk on their ass. It seems the celebrations haven't thinned since Miasma first left the city, with many of the soldiers debasing themselves before what could very well be the end of their lives. Some of them were even naked. As the few soldiers that were sober or conscious salute Kendra, the group makes their way into the inner sanctum, where they find Magatha sitting in a large chair, surrounded by her soldiers.


In the backrooms of the City Hall...

"I just want to go home..." - whined a pale, blonde Acid Mage.

"Shut up already! All you do is complain" - replied an ebony skinned, curvy Acid Rogue. "You'd still be a dirt-farming peasant if yous was back in Kafra! I've made more gold here servin' Magatha than I woulda in a lifetime slavin away in that fuckin' city! And when I get back, I won't be livin that shitty life no mo-GRRK"

The rogue was cut short as a chain snapped tight around her neck and dragged her up into the rafters

"GIA!" cried the Mage. Before she could respond, a strong grip grabbed her from behind. She tried to fight it, but she was no warrior. Bianca held on tightly to the mage, ensuring she would not escape. Shooting her tail up, she pierced the mage's jugular, and held on tightly as the blonde choked on her own blood. (Kill for Bianca)

The ebony rogue, Gia, kicked and gagged for her life. She thrashed and spasmed so hard she flung her sandals across the room, but she couldn't escape Yoshiko's chain. Her kicking eventually ceased, and her life passed. (Kill for Yoshiko)


"Well well well, you've finally returned Kendra." Purred Magatha. She sat behind a large table, flanked by two Acid soldiers. On top of her head was an ornate crown with jewels embedded inside. Those present quickly recognize it as the crown Marla sent them to retrieve.

"I was getting worried after not seeing you for so long. I take it you've killed Marla's little whores?"

"Y-yes mistress, it's as you say. Miasma Battalion lies dead inside the cave, v-victims of our ambush." replies Kendra, shakily. Her and the rest of the group bowed to Magatha.

"Excellent work....ha ha ha, oh if only you could have seen the look on Marla's face when I showed up to the war meeting wearing this crown. She couldn't believe it! The dumb bitch. There's only room for one Dark Mage to serve under Toxin, and that's me!!"

As the group continued bowing, those who were paying attention could see dark figures moving in-between the rafters of the central room they were in.

"I have another mission for you Kendra. Gather your soldiers. It's time to finally kill that wretched whore once and for al-"

As Magatha was mid-speech, the rogues of Miasma made their move.


Acid Battalion:

BOSS: Magatha (Dark Mage, Elven Crown Level 15) 80/80 HP
Acid Soldiers Level 5 x4 (Greatswords)
Acid Archers Level 4 x2 (Short Bows)
Acid Rogues Level 4x1 (Daggers)
Acid Mages Level 4 x1 (Staff)

Yoshiko's Kusarigama falls from the rafters and wraps around Magatha's throat, cutting off the Dark Mage's speech. Suddenly, Li Ann, Hallete, Kuu'rin drop down from the rafters and begin stabbing her.

The soldiers flanking Magatha are completely surprised. As they move to grab their weapons, one of them, a musclar, tanned blonde, receives an arrow to the forehead from another "Acid Soldier", sending her sprawling to the ground. (Kill for Rixa)

The other soldier, a raven haired girl from the far east, gets a shadow bolt to her chest that sends her crumpled to the ground from Moira.

As the rogues are stabbing Magatha (-25 HP for Magatha), the chain constricting her suddenly loosens. In the rafters above, Yoshiko clutches a slit throat.

"Heh heh heh, aww did you get a little too comfortable?" - taunts Kimiko. She kicks Yoshiko off the rafters, where she falls and cracks her head open on the ground. (Yoshiko has died)

Anko lets out an anguished cry and launches herself at Kimiko as the two engage in a duel. Meanwhile, Magatha lets out an enraged cry and lets loose a shadowy explosion that knocks back the rogues that ambushed her.

The Acid soldiers present in the room attempt to react to sudden developments. The archers knock loose arrows at Kendra's group, however Arastine bats them aside with her shield as she closes in on them. One rogue attempts to block her path, however the tiny brunette with a bowlcut loses her head with a swift swing of Arastine's axe (Kill for Arastine)

Magatha, regaining her composure, faces Kendra.

"You stupid bitch!!!' I'll teach you what it means to betray me!" As she charges her magical aura, Halette attempts to backstab her, however Magatha's crown glows and mid-swing, roots suddenly burst from the ground and constrict the rogue. As Halette tries to break free, the roots tighten, breaking every bone in the girl's body before eventually painfully pulverizing the girl's body. (Halette has died)

Amanda and Kendra launch themselves at Magatha, however the mage launches a shadow bolt volley at the two of them that knocks them flat on their asses. McKayla quickly heals them, and the two launch themselves back at Magatha, who casts a shield on herself and begins blocking their attacks.

While Arastine is blocking the arrows from the rogue, she finds herself taking a fireball full force from one of Acid's mages, knocking her down to the ground. As the archers begin to knock their arrows, Eisenhilde lands in between them. With a 360 swing of her mace, she brains one archer, a dark skinned girl with dreadlocks, and breaks the arm of a pig-tailed blonde girl. (Kill for Eisenhilde) As the blonde girl clutches her arm and screams in pain, Bianca appears in front of her and with a swing of her sharp claws, ruins the girl's face, killing her. (Kill for Bianca)

The Acid Mage, seeing herself surrounded, casts a shield, however combined attacks from Eisenhilde and Bianca bring her down, with Bianca's tail piercing the brunette mage's heart. (Kill for Bianca)

Magatha meanwhile, is holding Amanda and Kendra back easily. Li Ann and Kuu'rin join the fight again and launch themselves at Magatha. The soldier that Moira knocked back also regains her footing, and attempts to grapple with Li Ann. As the soldier, a tall built girl with dirty brown hair in a long ponytail tangles with Li Ann, Magatha launches a shadow bolt that goes through both the soldier and Li Ann's stomach. The girl's go flying across the room before landing with a wet, meaty thud. (Li Ann had died)

Anko and Kimiko continue their duel, with the Martial Artist closing the gap on Kimiko. With a swift kick, Anko is able to disarm the eastern rogue's weapon.

"Go ahead and kill me! Erostus will bless me wi-" Anko has no desire to hear the rest of Kimiko's twisted words. She grabs on to the rogue, and slams her head against knee, over and over again until she hears a resounding crack, and Kimiko's resistance ceases. (Kimiko has died)

Dark energies swirl around Magatha as she begins to prepare for the killing blow against Amanda and Kendra. Rixa and Moira attempt to launch their respective attacks against her, but an Acid Rogue harasses them.

"It's a shame you girls had to serve a worthless fool like Marla! I would have made much better use of you!" As Magatha raises her arms, a rival magical wave slams her to the ground, interrupting her spell. (-15 HP)

"I'll have to ask that you cease killing my slaves. Why not pick on someone your own stature for once?" exclaims Marla, suddenly appearing at the entrance of the hall, flanked by 6 of her Elven Guard. A crater lies in the wall behind her, where various Acid soldier corpses are left in grotesque conditions.

Miasma Battalion Reinforcements:

BOSS: Marla (Dark Mage, ??/F) 80/80 (Level 15) Items: Mysterious Staff
Elven Assassins: Level 6 x2 (30/30 HP) (Daggers)
Elven Soldiers: Level 6 x2 (35/35 HP) (Sword and Shield)
Elven Ranger; Level 6 (25/25 HP) (Greatbow)

Marla and Magatha, screaming in hatred for each other, launch various magic spells at each other. Marla's Elven Soldiers spread out into the room to take on the remaining Acid soldiers. The two remaining soldiers of Acid find themselves unable to land a hit on the assassins as they dance around and take slashes at them. While their backs are turned, Kuu'rin back-stabs one in the spine, while Arastine smashes her mace on top of the other's head. (Kill for Kuu'rin) (Kill for Arastine) The remaining Acid Rogue meanwhile, is boxed in by the Elven Soldiers. The short brunette drops her weapons and attempts to beg for mercy, but her pleas do not reach the brainwashed Elves, who proceed to stab her.

Marla and Magatha continue their magical duel, shredding into each other. (-20 HP Each). Magatha activates her crown, and more roots emerge from the ground, knocking those who attempt to get near her back. Rixa and Moira, who managed to stay in the back, receive healing from McKayla before launching their intended attack at the dark mage. The combined force of Moira's Shadow Bolt and RIxa's Arrow hit Magatha in the back, launching her forward and at Marla's feet, crown falling off her head.

"W-wait!" cries Magatha "Toxin will have your head if you do this! You can't kill me! I'm too important to the cause!!!"

Marla, grabbing the fallen crown off the ground. Places it atop her head. It makes for an odd look with her plague mask.

"I'm afraid that's where you're wrong. This was but a test to see who could truly rule as Toxin's second in command. And I'm afraid you've failed. Goodbye rival! I'll truly miss you." With a wave of Marla's staff, a pillar of fire erupts from underneath Magatha. The dark mage writhes in agony, screaming bloody murder until eventually her convulsions cease, and all that remains on the floor is a pile of ash.

Marla adjusts the crown on her head, and surveys the room.

"Excellent work! I might be growing fond of all of you after all! Feel free to help yourselves to the spoils of war, though don't go too crazy. We're at the finish line after all."

With that, Marla and her Elves head out of the door.
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After the battle, as she stops and looks around at the battlefield, Arastine feels relief. Only four of Miasma's people had been killed...
I never thought I'd be thankful to see Marla... Gods. She sent us on this mission, but judging by her Elven guards she could've just sent them instead. It's not like she'd lose many attacking this place... Still, I suppose I should savor the victory. Live, while I am still alive.
Because if what I'm thinking is true, none of us have too much left.

Whether or not Marla really does plan to simply send them on dangerous missions until they're all dead, Arastine will be drinking her fill tonight.
During the early stages of her drinking, Arastine tries to console Anko. It's never easy to lose someone so close to you, and if she can help Anko feel a little better about her loss she'll give it a shot.
Later, long into her night - It's been a long time since she's really gotten drunk, and as she drinks Moira and Kendra start looking more and more attractive... She might even proposition one of them. Have some fun in her final days/weeks...

Eisenhilde is satisfied with the battle. Lady Hel will be pleased with the death of a powerful witch like Magatha, and the addition of a few unfortunate bystanders is just icing on the cake.
This! This... is Lady Hel's bliss. Do you feel it, Tyris? Do you feel the burning joy Lady Hel gives those who give Her worthy offerings? This is how I know Lady Hel approves of the gifts I give her, of the lives I end for Her! This is greater than I've ever felt before... Because of Magatha. Because she tried to evade death - No, not evade, conquer... Lady Hel is the One Truth! The Great Unifier! The Eternal Harvester! Lady Hel is the beginning and the end! All hail Lady Hel!
She continues like that for a while before gradually winding down.

Eisenhilde had a... religious experience, let's call it.
She removes the outmost layer of her robes, the layer above her Elven chainmail, and replaces it with a poncho-tabard bearing Hel's sigil on the front and back. The sigil, of course, is dyed by the blood of those who were killed in the fighting.
The cloth she removed is simply tucked back into her robes somewhere.

Bee sees Marla, her new boss, and 18 Elven guards leave Miasma's main camp. Seeing them, she's very, very glad she's not one of their targets.
I wish I could have gone with Bianca... I hope she's alright. I hope she doesn't get hurt...! Please, any gods that care to listen, protect Bianca and let her return safely.
As she anxiously waits for news of the mission's outcome, the thought occurs that most of Miasma, particularly those who went to fight Magatha, were... a lot stronger, more skilled, whatever... than her now-dead Acid comrades. She might have just gotten in the way. Still, though...
Bee really hopes Bianca will return safe and sound.

August/December's scheme is... progressing. There have now been just over a dozen slaves "disposed of" during the breaking process, and hopefully the free Elves will be preparing to meet with August/December to prepare for the next step. It will be difficult, of course, but... what hasn't been?
December's been practicing her projection while August sleeps. She's gaining practice with different bodies, and soon enough will hopefully no longer be stuck with just August or nothing. He was remarkably weak-willed, but her experience with him has left her more able to inhabit bodies.
Maybe some day I can get myself some poor dead fucker's body~! Heh, that'll be the day... Actually, if I start training for it now...


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Kimiko finds herself oddly aroused as Anko bashes her head in, but gets no relief, dying abruptly when her skull cracks. Most are only slightly confused by her sudden betrayal since she was always very unsettling anyways.

Tyris grumbles to Eisenhilde, "Well Astrid's gonna be disappointed. I've got nothing. Marla's more on top than ever and I dunno what I even expected. Mind if I have us talk Arastine and Moira about this?" She finds her fanatic moments disturbing but ignores them and lets her enjoy it since it isn't really harmful.


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Arastine approaches Anko, half-empty bottle in hand. The young ninja stands in the shadow of a large willow tree, not far from Miasma's camp. At her feet is a mound of earth, recently turned over--Yoshiko's grave. Earlier, a few girls had offered to help dig. Anko had refused; she insisted on doing it all herself.

Arastine clears her throat. "Hey, I'm... I'm sorry, about Yoshiko. Shitty way to go, gettin' stabbed in the back by that traitor." Anko gives a slight nod of acknowledgement, but doesn't speak. After a moment of silence, Arastine pats Anko awkwardly on the back and turns to leave. "Well, you probably wanna be alone, so I'll just--"

"Wait." Arastine turned back to find Anko facing her. The ninja held a pair of enchanted rings in her palm; one for defense, one for offense. "These were Yoshiko's. She was always very practical, when it came to things like this. She wouldn't want them to go to waste." Anko held the rings out to Arastine. "Since I can't make use of them... she would want you to have them."

"Me?" Arastine blinked. Her and Yoshiko hadn't exactly been close. As far as she could recall, their most significant interaction was when Arastine had nearly attacked her for trapping Aura underground with the Beholder. "Are you sure?"

Anko nodded. "Yoshiko was my big sister. She's always looked out for me, ever since I was a little shit. After I got kicked out of our clan, she practically made it her mission in life to protect me, to prepare me for when... for when she w-would..." Anko shook her head, blinking back tears. "Give us a sip of that, yeah?" Arastine handed over the bottle of wine. The ninja knocked it back and drained it. Anko tossed the empty bottle away and sniffled. "Bless you... anyway. For some mad reason, you seem determined to protect everybody... Even total jackasses, like me. So if there's anyone here who Yoshiko would count on to protect me, it's you." She held the rings out again. "Go on. Take 'em."

Arastine nodded and took the rings, solemnly. "Thank you. I... I know I can't ever replace her, but... we'll look out for each other, yeah?"

Anko nodded again. "Yeah." She gave the grave one last glance, and then shivered. "Gods, it's cold. I need another drink."

Arastine smiled. "Now you're talking. Let's go drink to your sister's memory." Together, the two of them walked back to camp, leaving the old willow standing sentinel over Yoshiko's grave.


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(So, Mentos left Kendra open, but if anyone else wanted to have her, feel free)

McKayla sat in the darkened, quiet corner of the tavern, sipping at her tall glass of warm milk with a biscuit on the side and a short book she had found along the way. The spirit in her head continued to abolish her for her choice of celebration for the immediate night after their victory over Magatha, but she had gotten used to ignoring it by now. And besides, no sense getting drunk in the middle of a war zone anyway.

The particular tavern she sat in was only mildly rowdy at this time, and almost none of her allies were inside either. After all, it was the tavern that used to be in the territory Magatha had formerly occupied. Her allies were fresh from a victory and some of them, especially Arastine, had a tendency of becoming rather rowdy in times of celebration. McKayla herself never really desired to frequent a tavern either but seeing Anko’s despair put her in a rather good mood. Enough to be in the vicinity of other people, at the very least.

“Haaaah! Another glass! Another!” Called a brazen, red haired woman from the center of the tavern, slamming her empty mug down onto the wooden table. McKayla wasn’t the only person to have left the original tavern owned by Marla, though she figured Kendra had came here too due to Arastine’s drunk, violent tendencies. Kendra herself had already unwinded and undressed her armor, revealing her massive breasts and toned midriff, only barely covered by a cloth top wrapped around her body.

And, of course, like most muscular, large women, Kendra was also a loud drunkard.

“And there I was, staring down that bitch Magatha. You guys should’ve seen the look on her face!” Kendra laughed, feet up on a chair as she took another large swig of her mug, “she was so surprised that her own lieutenant had turned on her. She may have even pissed herself at the thought of challenging me!”

“Woooow, I can’t believe you managed to stand up to her!” Said a small, blonde haired woman to her side. Kendra was flanked by a small group of women who McKayla assumed had been a part of Magatha’s group. The lucky individuals who just happened to not be in either battle.

“It was nothing! I told you guys we could’ve taken that whore and split.”

“B-But she was so strong!” Another of the women spoke in admiration, “but, aren’t we under Marla now? Isn’t she just as scary? O-Our allies are all dead too…do you think Marla’s army are…people like us?”

McKayla took another quiet sip of her milk. She was pretty sure Kendra was the one pissing herself during the last battle and not Magatha, but it was an interesting tale, nonetheless. Nothing worth correcting her over. She was more interested in hearing how similar Magatha’s army was to them. It made her feel slightly bad about the death toll between the two, but better them than her.

“Heh, not only that, but worse. They’re chicken shit!” Kendra gloated, emitting a loud belly laugh.

McKayla raised an eye at that particular comment. It was hard to forget how fast Kendra had started begging for her life, or the several times she stared at members of their group in wide-eyed horror. Hell, didn’t she just run away from Arastine an hour ago?

“Their lieutenant is a weak little girl. I was handing her ass to her until I realized we could take down Magatha together!” Kendra continued her story, none of it particularly accurate in the slightest.

Well, whatever. She can have her moment, I guess.

“Their warriors are nothing but rabblerousing losers worth less than the gum under my sandals. I could take five of them at once easily.”

Maybe one, if you’re lucky.

“They rely on dirty tactics to win, like rats in a sewer. If they didn’t jump on us from above, we would have killed them all from the first battle.”

No, actually, I’m pretty sure you guys jumped us.

“But they do have one good quality, and that’s how fucking delicious they look! You should see this whore of a mage they have dressed in red. Boy, I bet she was the one responsible for that little river camp incident a while back! Next time we see her, how about I show you girls a good time?”

McKayla closed her book shut and pushed her chair back.

“Alright. That’s it,” she muttered, standing up from her seat.

Hey, the idea in my head. You won’t betray me, right?

Don’t even concern yourself! I was thinking the same thing.

McKayla took a step towards Kendra’s table, clearing her throat in order to announce herself.

“Oh, well, well, well! If it isn’t one of Marla’s whores…I mean, our new teammates,” Kendra slammed her hands down on her table as she stood up with a wide grin on her face. The smaller girls around her cowered as the table shook, “what’s wrong? Are you here to pick a fight, cleric?”

McKayla frowned, “a rather brutish suggestion for a woman of the cloth, don’t you think, child? I was just listening to all the animosity and wanted to introduce myself.” McKayla finished her greeting by extending an arm.

The other women seemed to relax as Kendra pushed her way over to McKayla. Her feet stamping against the hardwood floor, nearly cracking each board as she walked.

“Heh, so the whore knows her place! Don’t worry, I remember you healed me before. A pleasure to formally meet you!” Kendra reached her own arm forward and grabbed McKayla’s hand with an iron grip. The cleric smirked under her large robed hood.

“Dispel,” she whispered. It was how she cleansed the spirit out of Aura, but nobody had said she couldn’t just use it on herself.

McKayla soon felt the presence disappear from her mind, as it seeped through her arm. Soon, Kendra’s wide drunken smile turned back into that wide-eyed fearful look McKayla and the rest of her allies were familiar with. Her fear filled face looked back at McKayla, terrified, but was only met with a soft, gentle smile.

“I’m McKayla,” she spoke through her smile, “I hope we can get along as allies.”

The presence soon returned back into her mind as Kendra responded, “y-yeah, I’m Kendra. Nice to…nice to meet…you.”

McKayla also turned to the four women around her too, “I’m a cleric in service to Marla, so be sure to find me if you need any healing.”

The other four women nodded too in response, with glowing smiles. Mostly because all of them couldn’t see Kendra’s reaction.

McKayla soon returned to her book, and Kendra returned to silence. A nice, quiet evening, just how she liked it.


I'll also throw those four former soldiers of Magatha into our death march. I mean, army.

Name: Courtney
Age: 21
Height: 5'8"
Description: Light, long blonde hair with fair skin.
Weapon: Crossbow
Class: Ranger

Name: Fedosia
Age: 29
Height: 5'11"
Description: Tall, deeply tanned muscular woman with long, dark brown hair.
Weapon: Poleaxe
Class: Warrior

Name: Tihana
Age: 18
Height: 5'2"
Description: Young, fair skinned girl with bright teal coloured hair in a ponytail.
Weapon: Has an 'Icicle' spell
Class: Mage

Name: Amaia
Age: 25
Height: 5'3"
Description: Short green wavy hair and slightly pale skin.
Class: Cleric


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Bianca trudged back into Miasma camp, wearing a fine set of elven armor that she had pilfered from the corpse of one of Magatha's archers. After the chaotic battle with the eldritch dark mage, Bianca thought herself lucky to be alive, especially considering Kimiko's betrayal. Right now the tiefling wanted nothing as much as a warm meal and a long night's sleep.

"Bianca!" The rogue's heart sped up at the sound of Bee calling her name. She turned just in time to see the petite archer running toward her. Bee flung her arms around Bianca in a breath-stealing hug. "Ohmygods, I was so worried about you! When I saw all those elves Marla took with her, I thought for sure you guys must be in trouble. Are you okay?"

Bianca returned the hug, gentle yet firm. "I'm fine, Bee... more than fine, actually." Bee pulled back, a question in her eyes. By way of answer, Bianca lifted the slim blonde up, one arm around her waist and the other sweeping up her legs. Bee's deep blue eyes went wide as Bianca kissed her.

After a long moment, Bianca pulled away, suddenly nervous, uncertain how Bee would react. "I-I've wanted to do that since I first saw you," she confessed.


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Hearing Bianca's confession, Bee blushes even harder than she was before.

She closes her eyes and leans in towards Bianca, initiating another kiss.
Then, after that, she moves her head to Bianca's ear and whispers a confession of her own.
"I w-was going to kiss you when you got back. I Promised myself I would".
Then, deciding to throw her fear to the wind, she adds something else, also whispered.
"I-if you want to go further... U-uh, w-would you like to... m... Make l-love?"
She can't hide the fear and anxiety in her voice, but it's clear that she'd be very happy if Bianca reciprocated her feelings.
It's the first time Bee has ever felt this way about anyone, and she's obviously not quite sure how to handle it.

Eisenhilde gives Tyris the OK to do whatever.
I trust you to not do anything that would hurt us, so certainly. You can tell Arastine and Moira as little or as much as you like.


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Tyris took control of her and Eisenhildes shared body, and rounded up Arastine and Moira, along with beckoning Astrid as well. She also grabbed a large cup of ale and took a swig. "So I'm Tyris. Well, sometimes. Eisenhilde's here too. Her and I have a lil' agreement of sorts. Astrid can vouch for this," she said. Astrid nodded in response and said, "It's true!" Tyris downed the rest of the glass before saying "Now I ain't going into detail of how, I can barely explain it myself and it doesn't really matter, but point is, same as it was saying before Eisenhilde supposedly 'killed' me, I'm worried for the future. Yep this is a rebellion meeting, just like old times. Not that 'old times' were really that long ago but it feels like it's been centuries since to me. Marla's not got much use left for any of us, is stronger than ever, and even if she does find use for us this shit'll be a never-ending loop of deaths and replacements. We need to end this cycle in whatever way we can. Astrid wanted details from the attack on Magatha that might help, but I'd say I'm pretty useless at this. Not good a much apart from bein' a brute and I thought of nothin' in particular at the scene. So if either of you have anything at all in mind that could be of use. Say it now. Your help is needed badly and quickly."
"I've gotten to know the wolfgirl, Kaeda, a bit. She's on our side," Astrid commented.
"That's... a start," Tyris grumbled.


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BOSS: Marla (Dark Mage, ??/F) 100/100 (Level 17) Items: Mysterious Staff, Elven Crown
1: Lieutenant Amanda (Soldier, Claymore 24/F): 40/40 HP (Level 6) Items: Black Claymore +3 to ATK, Superior Elven Armor: +2 to DEF
2: Arastine (Stalwart Defender, Axe, Gauntlets, Tower Shield 49/F): 55/55 HP (Level 8), Items: Paladin Armor, +5 to Defense Rolls, RIng of ATK +1 to ATK, Ring of Def +1 to DEF
3: McKayla (Cleric, E. Jewelry 26/F) 13/13HP (Level 5) (Spells: Heal, Shield, Gravity, Dispell, Drain Life) Items: Elven Jewelry, +1 to Healing Spells, Black Bow
4: Moira (Dark Mage, Magic Staff 32/F): 17/17 HP (Level 7) (Spells: Shadow Bolt, Drain Life, Summon Snakes, Cocoon, Poison MIst) Items: Elven Bracelet, +3 to Attack Rolls, Spider Shawl (+1 to Def)
5: Astrid (Soldier, Fencing Rapier 20/F): 40/40 HP (Level 7), Items: Elven Armor, +1 to Defense Rolls
6: Oola (Soldier, Barbed Whip 22/F): 20/20 HP (Level 3), Items: Elven Armor +1 to Defense Rolls
7: Rixa (Archer, Longbow 26/F) 20/20 HP (Level 8) Items: Bone Longbow, +4 to Attack Rolls, Doubles as a Melee Weapon, Ring of ATK +1 to ATK
8: Beth (Dark Mage 25/F) 15/15 HP (Level 5) (Spells: Shadow Bolt, Carrion Swarm, Curse of Agony)
9: Elendra (Cleric, 19/F) 9/9HP (Level 3) (Spells: Heal, Shield) Items: Shriveled Heart of Nergal +1 to DEF
10: Anko (Rogue, Martial Arts 27/F) 21/21 HP (Level 7) Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
11: Eisenhilde (Reaver, Crossbow/Spear, 25/F) 23/23/ HP (Level 8) Items: Blade of Hel +1 to ATK, Tyris' Mace +2 to ATK, Elven Chain Mail, +1 to Def
12: Minuette (Soldier, Sword/Shield 19/F) 25/25 HP (Level 4)
13: Avaricia (Mage, 19/F) 13/13 HP (Level 5) (Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Stone Throw)
14: Kuu'rin (Rogue, Daggers ???/F) (Level 5) (16/16 HP), Elven Daggers +2 to ATK, Ring of ATK +1 to ATK, Ring of DEF +1 to DEF
15: Kaede (Soldier, Claws/Biting ???/F) 25/25 HP (Level 4)
16: Bee (Archer, Short Bow 18/F) 10/10/HP (Level 3)
17: Bianca (Rogue, Scorpion Tail/Claws ???/F) (20/20 HP) (Level 6) Ring of ATK +1 to ATK Ring of DEF +1 to DEF
18: Kendra (Warrior, Zweihander) 45/45 HP (Level 8) Elven Armor +2 to DEF, Enchanted Zweihander +3 to ATK, Ring of ATK +1 to ATK
18: Courtney (Archer, Crossbow 21/F) 10/10/HP (Level 3)
19: Fedosia (Soldier, Poleaxe 29/F) 20/20 HP (Level 3)
20: Tihana (Mage, 18F) 9/9 HP (Level 3) Spells: Icicle
21: Amaia (Cleric, 18F) 9/9 HP (Level 3) Spells: Heal, Shield

Unavailable: August (Soldier, Mace/Shield 30/M) 30/30 HP (Level 5) Items: Slaver's Beatstick, +3 to ATK, +4 against Elves, Ornate Elven Armor: +3 to DEF, Ring of Attack: +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense: +1 to DEF

Marla sat in her quarters, alone with her Lieutenant Amanda, who was seated in front of her. The Dark Mage had been giddy as a school girl since slaying Magatha. Acid Battalion had fallen under her control, and along with it, Toxin recognized her as her loyal right hand woman.

As she adjusted the crown on her head, she took a sip from a straw that was placed in her nearby glass of wine. Amanda thought the scene looked quite comical, what with the fearsome sorceress drinking from a straw through her beaked mask, but chose not to voice that thought aloud.

"Are you excited Amanda? One more battle and you get to go back to whatever it is you do. Away from this...wretched forest...hehehe."

She began to stroll around the room, drinking from her straw while Amanda sat and watched.

"We've received our orders. When the final battle begins, we're to make a break for the Temple of Naga. No sewers to crawl through this time. Toxin and her forces will engage the main Elven Army, and keep the Elven Queen, Anemone busy. That foolish woman is a soft-hearted pacifist. A real goody-two shoes. But when push comes to shove, she's a powerful sorceress. Possibly even stronger than Toxin herself."

That revelation certainly did not put Amanda at ease. Toxin's army was built on the fact that the Evil Sorceress could kill them all at a whim. If something stronger than her existed...and they would have to fight it...

"Wipe that look off your face, it ill suits you, my captain." Marla approached Amanda in her chair, and very suddenly, sat on her lap, straddling her.

"Our mission," said Marla, getting uncomfortably close to the frozen Lieutenant, beak rubbing against her face, "is to raid the temple, and capture the Eye of Abbadon. Once we complete that task, the battle for Oakenshield is over. It's as simple as that really. No more Elves, no more enemies, complete victory. After that...well who knows what will happen...hehehe"

For the first time since starting this campaign, Marla removed her mask. Her flowing long silver hair, which had been kept up by the mask, fell down to her back. She had a heart shaped, pale face, and bright pink lips. Her eyes were round, with purple irises. She'd certainly be beautiful, if you weren't aware of just how fully crazy she was.

"One last mission. Ready the Battalion. Don't fail me now.~"


Marla surveyed her army of loyal brainwashed Elven soldiers, mask firmly placed back on. The siege of Oakenshield was set to begin in just a few hours, and all of Toxin's forces were marshaling for the final battle. The elves had holed up in their capital city under the banner of their queen, Anemone. After a long and brutal campaign, this last battle would decide everything. If Toxin was unable to capture the city, the Elves and their Queen would be able to push back and wipe out the corrupt human invaders. Of the massive army that set out from Kafra, only the strongest and luckiest had made it this far.

On one side of Marla stood her Lieutenant, Amanda, while on the other side stood August. He had completed his end of the bargain. Of the 60 Elven Slaves handed over to August, he had managed to produce at least 20 brainwashed Elven Warriors to fight under Marla. These warriors were far stronger than the average human, and would be of great use in the upcoming battle. 20 of the Elven Soldiers had been deemed unfit, and been slain during the break-in process. The final 20 were malnourished and weak. There would be no time left to convert them before the final battle began.

"I'm quite pleased with your results August. Yes, quite pleased indeed. You have a very bright future ahead of you in the events to come. Now then, how about a demonstration?"

Marla holds her hand out to the Elven Slaves that had not been converted yet.

"Order our new loyal legion here to slay these vermin!"

Choice for August:
A) Execute the Order, you've gotta keep up appearances
B) Refuse, the chances of you seeing this through to the end just got drastically shorter, but you could never do something so horrible
C) Write-in


The siege of Oakenshield will begin soon. A myriad of thoughts run through your head. The next battle is guaranteed to be more fearsome than anything you've faced so far. While many of you will die, you realize that if you can survive, you'll no longer be just another expendable cog in the war machine. You'll be a powerful warrior who set out and conquered the ancient forest of the Elves.

Oakenshield will hold many opportunities. The most principle of which is the chance to finally rid yourself of Marla. If you feel as though you have a chance against the Dark Wizard, now will be the perfect time. She'll be preoccupied with raiding the temple and with fighting the host of powerful enemies that lie ahead. Princess Kia, who has already sworn to kill every last member of Miasma, her powerful mage companion, Severa, and Queen Anemone, who rivals even Toxin herself. The battle could be the perfect time to strike against Marla, however, if you do it too early, you may find yourself without a powerful ally against aforementioned trio. Perhaps it may not even be worth it to try and kill Marla. Maybe escaping with your lives might be good enough.

In any event, this is the last chance you'll have to rest before the final battle begins. Use it wisely!


This is the last rest chapter! Missions 11 and 12 will be a two-parter. Say your goodbyes, make your final preparations, do whatever your heart desires! You'll either die a Zako, or finally become something more.


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Arastine approaches Eisenhilde, and after Tyris is given control Arastine speaks to her.
"It's been an honor fighting beside you. I'm glad to have met you, and I'm a better person because of it. Thank you. For everything you did."
Seeing Tyris' mildly confused look, she smiles.
"In case anything happens during the battle, and I don't have time. Thank you."
Closing her eyes, she exhales deeply before opening them again. Then she smiles.

Readying herself for the bloodbath to come, Arastine grits her teeth. This will be one hell of a battle. And if they time things just right, wait for Marla and her Elven Legion to wear down against the defenders of the temple, then... Who knows?
She'll organize the mutineers, get them to attack on her order.

The order to attack Marla will be 'Miasma! To glory!'.

Bee is having a fun night with Bianca. Live or die, she'll do her best to have no regrets.

December grimaces, looking over the twenty elves she's just been told to kill. It's an unpleasant order, no doubt about that. If there was a chance they could fight their way through Toxin's army to Oakenshield, it would be worth a shot attacking Marla right now. But at the moment, there doesn't seem to be any chance of that succeeding, and so appearances must be kept. Actually, speaking of that...
"Mistress, would it be alright if I kept one of the unfit slaves for myself? It's been awfully damn tedious without any... relief."
Seeing Marla glance at her, she decides to add on a little more.
"Just for tonight, of course. After that, it can go with the rest of them."
Marla nods silently, and December picks the least-malnourished elf from among the twenty.
"Yes... You'll do nicely."
Taking her arm, December takes the barely-standing elf away from the other nineteen. Pretending that she was bitten by the elf, she suddenly backhands her chosen elf, and puts one foot on her back as she lies on the ground, face down. Turning to face the nineteen unfit elves, December speaks.
"Black Legion! Execute the nineteen in front of you."
And they do.

Several hours later, in her chambers, December does her best to help the one elf she could save and prepare her for her journey ahead with rations, rest, and explanations. The first two are a lot easier than the third.
"I know you fuckin' hate me. I'd hate me too. But you need to listen. I've already arranged for a meeting between an agent of mine, you, and some Elf scouts. I've been sending them information for a bit now, and I like to think they've come to trust me, at least a little bit.
I'll tell you this because I'm out of time - My original plan was to lead an Elven strike team past Marla's defenses and assassinate her. But with the siege coming up, that's fucked. So, new plan. "

She pauses to take a breath, and hopes like hell that the elf will believe her. It's all true.
"New plan is this: I send you to the meeting point with as much information as I can written down. The gist of it is that Marla will lead Miasma to attack the Temple of Naga. The mission is to raid the temple for an artifact, some fuckin' eye or something. It'll be in one letter, which you'll need to keep safe no matter what happens.
Can you promise me that you'll keep it safe? Deliver it to them safely?"

As the scared elf nods, she notices something. The slaver's eyes slightly change color when he speaks. If what he's saying is true... It doesn't matter. She'll go to the supposed 'meeting point', where she'll be freed from captivity one way or another.
Seeing the elf girl nod, December smiles.
"Thank you. You don't know how many lives you're saving."

Before sending her away in the night, December has one final thought.
"Here, keep this."
She hands the elf a dagger. It's not quite a shortsword, but it's long enough that it's clearly made for killing.
Looking into the girl's deep green eyes, she knows the elf understands what it's for.
What she knows cannot be allowed to come out.

One way or another... She'll be freed this night.

The letter December (August is completely gone now) is sending includes all that info, and an additional recommendation to target Marla and the Black Legion first.
December also tried to keep herself as the ultimate authority in the Black Legion's eyes, rather than Marla. With luck, it will have worked, and Marla will find herself very surprised by the betrayal. If it doesn't, well...
Maybe she'll be able to keep control after the body's death...? That would be... interesting. But hopefully it won't come to that.
There aren't many who get a second chance, and whether from divine intervention or sheer spite Vittoria got one.

It won't be wasted.


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Tyris is glad to have regained mutual respect with Arastine. She steels herself for the coming battle and tells Eisenhilde what her plan is. "Alright Eisenhilde. Let's keep to the front lines even if it's dangerous. I'm not valuing our lives over anyone else's, hope you understand that. You agreed to take in my foolhardy nature to defend these numbskulls when we merged together, so I hope you're ready."

Astrid is somewhat confident but wants to strike something off of her bucket list. If she does die tonight, she doesn't want to die a virgin! Both her and Kaeda agree they're really just friends, but maybe today they can be... friends with benefits? "My first time with a wolf girl... This'll be pretty wild, am I right?" she giggled. They have fun together throughout the night and thoroughly enjoy it.

Kaeda tells Astrid that night, "If I don't live long enough to help kill the witch but you do, make sure to bite her for me." Astrid squints at this and says, "Um... I'll try, but is stabbing sufficient?" Kaeda slightly grins and says, "Yes."

Beth is fed up. Nothing's gone her way since joining Miasma Battalion, and she's sick of it. She'd became bitter and acting almost robotically recently. She was also obsessed with replacing her missing arm, tired of living without it and sure dark magic could somehow fix her. Even though she hated Arastine, she approached her today to tell her this, "You. This stupid rebellion thing. Is it still going? I want in. I want Marla. That's the only cut of the spoils I want. I want to take her arm and put it where mine used to be. Or I want to put my spirit into her dead body. Or if all else fails I want to summon maggots to eat at her corpse until she's nothing but bone. I don't like you, but I want on your team. Deal?" She extends her hand to shake on it.


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With a mean look in her eye, Arastine smiles as she takes Beth's hand and shakes on it.
"Sure. We can always use an extra... hand."
Then, after Beth calms down a bit, she tells Beth what the attack keywords are.


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(Wow this was a long one, but it is the last major battle after all and against a "Final Boss" character!)

Miasma Battalion:
Mission 11: Battle of Oakenshield
Difficulty: 5/5
BOSS: Marla (Dark Mage, ??/F) 100/100 (Level 17) Items: Mysterious Staff, Elven Crown
SUB-BOSS: Elven Assassin (Assassin, ??/F) 50/50 HP (Level 10)

1: Lieutenant Amanda (Soldier, Claymore 24/F): 40/40 HP (Level 6) Items: Black Claymore +3 to ATK, Superior Elven Armor: +2 to DEF
2: Arastine (Stalwart Defender, Axe, Gauntlets, Tower Shield 49/F): 55/55 HP (Level 8), Items: Paladin Armor, +5 to Defense Rolls, RIng of ATK +1 to ATK, Ring of Def +1 to DEF
3: McKayla (Cleric, E. Jewelry 26/F) 13/13HP (Level 5) (Spells: Heal, Shield, Gravity, Dispell, Drain Life) Items: Elven Jewelry, +1 to Healing Spells, Black Bow
4: Moira (Dark Mage, Magic Staff 32/F): 17/17 HP (Level 7) (Spells: Shadow Bolt, Drain Life, Summon Snakes, Cocoon, Poison MIst) Items: Elven Bracelet, +3 to Attack Rolls, Spider Shawl (+1 to Def)
5: Astrid (Soldier, Fencing Rapier 20/F): 40/40 HP (Level 7), Items: Elven Armor, +1 to Defense Rolls
6: Oola (Soldier, Barbed Whip 22/F): 20/20 HP (Level 3), Items: Elven Armor +1 to Defense Rolls
7: Rixa (Archer, Longbow 26/F) 20/20 HP (Level 8) Items: Bone Longbow, +4 to Attack Rolls, Doubles as a Melee Weapon, Ring of ATK +1 to ATK
8: Beth (Dark Mage 25/F) 15/15 HP (Level 5) (Spells: Shadow Bolt, Carrion Swarm, Curse of Agony)
9: Elendra (Cleric, 19/F) 9/9HP (Level 3) (Spells: Heal, Shield) Items: Shriveled Heart of Nergal +1 to DEF
10: Anko (Rogue, Martial Arts 27/F) 21/21 HP (Level 7) Ring of Attack, +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense, +1 to DEF, Elven Armor, +1 to Def
11: Eisenhilde (Reaver, Crossbow/Spear, 25/F) 23/23/ HP (Level 8) Items: Blade of Hel +1 to ATK, Tyris' Mace +2 to ATK, Elven Chain Mail, +1 to Def
12: Minuette (Soldier, Sword/Shield 19/F) 25/25 HP (Level 4)
13: Avaricia (Mage, 19/F) 13/13 HP (Level 5) (Spells: Fireball, Lightning, Stone Throw)
14: Kuu'rin (Rogue, Daggers ???/F) (Level 5) (16/16 HP), Elven Daggers +2 to ATK, Ring of ATK +1 to ATK, Ring of DEF +1 to DEF
15: Kaede (Soldier, Claws/Biting ???/F) 25/25 HP (Level 4)
16: Bee (Archer, Short Bow 18/F) 10/10/HP (Level 3)
17: Bianca (Rogue, Scorpion Tail/Claws ???/F) (20/20 HP) (Level 6) Ring of ATK +1 to ATK Ring of DEF +1 to DEF
18: Kendra (Warrior, Zweihander) 45/45 HP (Level 8) Elven Armor +2 to DEF, Enchanted Zweihander +3 to ATK, Ring of ATK +1 to ATK
18: Courtney (Archer, Crossbow 21/F) 10/10/HP (Level 3)
19: Fedosia (Soldier, Poleaxe 29/F) 20/20 HP (Level 3)
20: Tihana (Mage, 18F) 9/9 HP (Level 3) Spells: Icicle
21: Amaia (Cleric, 18F) 9/9 HP (Level 3) Spells: Heal, Shield
22: December (Soldier, Mace/Shield 30/M) 35/35 HP (Level 6) Items: Slaver's Beatstick, +3 to ATK, +4 against Elves, Ornate Elven Armor: +3 to DEF, Ring of Attack: +1 to ATK, Ring of Defense: +1 to DEF

Black Legion Elves: x40

Oakenshield is a massive sprawling and rich city. The city is paved white, with ornate buildings, temples and shops lining the streets. At the heart of the city lies a massive hollowed out tree, which serves as the palace of Anemone, the Sorceress Queen of the Wood Elves. The city is normally peaceful, and is the most historic and valuable site that the Elves hold. Today however, the usual on-goings of city-life have been interrupted. Toxin's forces have arrived, and the city has fallen under siege.

What remains of Toxin's forces have lined up outside the city walls. At the center of the Army lies Miasma Battalion. While Toxin and the rest of the Army battle the Elves, Miasma is to retrieve a mysterious artifact from the largest Elven Temple in the city. The Elves will be too busy defending the Tree Palace, so only minimal resistance is expected at the temple...

The battle begins with Toxin summoning all of the magic at her disposal. The display is daunting to say the least, and all of the Magic users in Miasma begin sweating when they're reminded of just what their Overlord is capable of. With a deft swish of her hand, the central gate of Oakenshield implodes, leaving a massive hole in the city. A cheer emerges from Toxin's army as they begin an unorganized rush into the city. The promises of treasure, slaves and rape on most of their minds.

Miasma and the Black Legion head in after the first half of Toxin's army has charged through. Marla, Crown glowing and wielding her Raven Staff. leads the group herself, with her party of Elven soldiers. One of the Elves is sticking closer to Marla than usual. This Elf is heavily bandaged, wearing dark clothing and a lower face-mask. Her pupils are completely dark. Veteran Miasma soldiers recognize her as the Elf that tried to assassinate Marla way back during the beginning of the campaign, and succeeded only in murdering several Miasma members. Somehow the dark mage had managed to resurrect her, and apparently bring her to heel.

The group faces minor resistance at first, attempting to stay at full health for the Temple raid. A few Elves try to shoot at the group from nearby windows, however they're picked off by accurate shots from Rixa and Moira. (Kills for Rixa and Moira) After taking enough fire, Marla activates her crown and the earth shakes underneath the building where the elves are hiding. The group hears cries of terror from the offending Elves, before the buildings collapse completely.

The group heads through several different roads and turns before finally coming to the Elven Temple itself. The building and adjacent pillars are massive, with ornate elven runes drawn into the architecture and sealed door. However, the design isn't what captures the group's attention. It's the massive amount of Elves standing guard at the temple steps, with the familiar figure of Princess Kia at the top. Those trying to count the Elven defenders lose track at about 50...

Kia is standing at the top of the stairs. One hand is resting on her sword, which she has planted on the ground. The other is waving a letter back and forth.

"'ve finally arrived. I guess that letter wasn't a feint after all. You should have kept better watch of your soldiers, witch. It seems one of them has betrayed you."

Despite having her facial features hidden by her mask, those nearby can tell Marla is somewhat taken aback, however she quickly regains her composure.

"So what? You've chosen to die here instead of at the palace? Who cares? While Toxin's busy ravishing your mother, I'll have my fun with you first~ Maybe after a few hours of torture, you'll happily disclose who my little rat is." Marla says, tightening the grip on her staff

"You won't have the luxury of finding out. You're going to die. ALL of you are going to die. You've trampled over our sacred forest, murdered my kin, murdered my've even brainwashed some of my sisters to serve your perverse goals..." Kia draws her sword with her free hand, pointing it at Marla, though her eyes catch Rixa's.

"I don't care if any of you were forced into this. The sins you've committed against my people are far too great to just you walk away." Kia crumples the letter she was holding. You notice a crazed look in her eyes as the lust for battle begins to take over her. "You know, this letter told me to target you, but I won't rest at that. ALL OF YOU are going to die RIGHT HERE"


Elven Defenders:
Princess Kia (Warrior-Princess, ??/F) HP 100/100 (Level 16) Items: Elfcalibur, +10 to ATK, Mithril Elven Armor, +7 to DEF, Ring of ATK +3, +3 to ATK, Ring of DEF +3, +3 to DEF
Severa (Mage, ??/F) HP 50/50 (Level 10)
Elven Soldiers x?? (Level 5-7)
Elven Rangers x?? (Level 5-8)
Elven Fencers x?? (Level 5-8)
Elven Priestesses x?? (Level 5-7)
Elven Assassins x?? (Level 5-8)

With a roar, both sides begin their clash. Casting a shield on herself, Marla orders the Black Legion Elves front and center to take the brunt of Kia's forces attack. Kia leads the charge downwards, while Severa remains up-top channeling a spell. Four Black Legion Elves thrust their spears at Kia, only to have their spears, and their midsections, completely eviscerated by the raging Princess, who is trying to clear a path towards Marla and Rixa.

Amanda and Arastine lead the Miasma charge forward, staying in a close-knit formation very similar to the one they took when fighting Acid. Any Elves that try to attack them end up facing a bloody end. One blonde elf cradles the stump of what used to be her arm after a swing from Amanda. Another Red-Headed youngling gets run through by Minuette's sword after bouncing off her shield. Oola and Kaede begin using their respective abilities to pull any nearby Elves into their ball of death, allowing Kuu'rin and Bianca to deliver the lethal blows. (Kills for Amanda, Minuette, Kuu'rin and Bianca)

Marla stands in the back, casting her own spell. Two Elvish Rogues attempt to jump her, however with a few quick, unseen swings, the pair are brought down by Marla's Assassin bodyguard, who had been hiding concealed. With a swing of her staff, she launches a ball of dark energy at a cluster of Elves that were defending their backline. Any Elves that were near the shadowy ball suddenly find themselves lacking gravity. They begin to scream as they float into the ball, dropping their weapons, before exploding in a massive spray of gore. The Miasma Formation gets closer to the steps, and to Kia.

Severa, finishes casting her own spell, and throwing her hands into the air, a massive bolt of lightning descends from the sky and lands in the midst of the Black Legion Elves, frying them and sending a few flying in every direction. The Black Legion has already taken massive damage, and begins to fall back, drawing more attention to Miasma.

As the Miasma Formation continues staying close and slaughtering anyone that comes nearby, the Rangers at the top of the steps begin to aim and fire at the group. Arastine, Minuette, and December cover their comrades well enough, along with magical shielding support from McKayla, Amaia and Elendra, and are able to keep a good portion safe. However, Courtney and Beth take arrows in the left eye and throat respectively. Both of them fall behind in the formation. As Beth lies in the dirt, gagging and watching the boots and sandals of her comrades step around her (and sometimes on her), she reflects on how unfair this all seemed. (Courtney and Beth have died)

Anko, leading the other Rogues in Miasma, break away from the formation under orders from Amanda to get up to the top of the stairs and deal with Severa and the rangers. Meanwhile, Kia has finished dealing with the remaining Black Legion Elves that she was in combat with, bringing her current total kill count to 9. Seeing the approaching Miasma forces, she raises her sword and charges straight into the formation.

The shield wall tries to hold against Kia's attack, however the first cleave shatters Minuette's shield, slicing off both her arms and gashing through her chest. (Minuette has died) She takes some glancing blows from Arastine and December (-5) HP but is able to dance out of harm's way before taking too much damage. With the Rogues on their own assignment and one of their main defensive pillars dying, the formation begins to break up and everyone finds themselves embroiled in individual battles.

One Elven Soldier lunges her spear at Kaede, only for the wolf-girl to tackle her to the ground. With the full weight of Kaede on her, the Elf can do nothing as Kaede bites down on her jugular, feeling the elf thrash and convulse under her. A Fencer cuts her on the back twice, however Kaede is able to deftly maneuver on all fours and swipe at the back of the girl's legs. As the fencer collapses in pain, Kaede straddles her from behind and begins raking her claws all over. (2 Kills for Kaede)

Kendra manages to impale two Elven Fencers on her Zweihander. As they both struggle in vain to free themselves, an Assassin lands behind her. Before she can land a fatal blow, The Elf finds her swing drastically slowed. Before she can notice McKayla's Gravity Spell holding her down, Astrid opens a few new gaping holes in her. (2 Kills for Kendra, 1 Kill for Astrid)

Amanda, Arastine, December and Oola close in on Kia, who easily parries their blows. Oola manages to wrap Kia's free arm in her whip, however this time, Kia easily pulls on the whip as brings the larger Orc towards her. As the orc tumbles towards Kia, off-balance, Kia smashes the pommel of her sword into Oola's throat, completely crumpling her larynx. Elendra tries to heal the downed Orc, but a fireball from launched by Severa catches her fully in the side. She never knows what hits her, as Oola finally succumbs. (Elendra and Oola have died)

Marla waves her staff and a tornado of fire appears at the top of the steps. A few Elven Rangers find themselves engulfed in the flames, running around and screaming. Severa is able to dispel the flames before they wreak too much havoc, however as the Tornado dissipates, she sees Anko, Bianca and Kuu-Rin land in front of her. Severa holds out her hands and a blast of force knocks Kuu-Rin rolling down the stairs, however the defenseless mage is unable to weather blows from both Anko and Bianca. Anko lands a fearsome gut punch to the Elven Mage's stomach, while Bianca stabs downward with her daggers, putting an end to the Elven Mage. (Elite Kill for Bianca)

Kia, not even noticing her friend's death, continues trading blows with the trio of Amanda, Arastine and December. December manages to catch Kia in the shoulder with her a downward swing of her mace (-10 HP). Gritting her teeth, Kia swings her sword in a Whirlwind, knocking all but Arastine on their back. An arrow from Rixa lands in her chest, (-15 HP), which catches the warrior's attention. Seeing the woman that she believes murdered Shara, Kia launches herself at the Archer.

Eisenhilde, who's mace is sheathed in blood from three twitching elves behind her (3 Kills for Eisenhilde), engages in combat with Amaia backing her up with healing and shielding. The speedy Reaver is able to dance around Kia's blows and cracks her Mace against the Elf's clavicle, (-15 HP) eliciting a sharp cry of pain. Kia, noticing Amaia's back-up support, disengages out of combat with a kick to Eisenhilde's stomach. She charges Amaia, who can do nothing but scream in terror and put her hands up. One swing of Kia's sword is all it takes to send her head flying. (Amaia has died)

Back on the temple steps, the Elven Priestesses try to regroup with Kia in order to heal her, however the Miasma rogues wreak havoc on the Healers, who have been outranged by Kia's mad charge. Anko bashes two of the girl's heads together with a sickening crunch (2 Kills for Anko), while Bianca and Kuu-Rin go on a stabbing spree. (1 Kill for Bianca and Kuu-Rin). They are joined by Marla's Elven Assassin, who single-handedly manages to finish off the remaining Rangers and Priestesses.

Kia (60/100) closes in on the backline of Miasma soldiers, cutting down two Black Legion Elves that mindlessly try to stop her. An Icicle launched from Tihania clips Kia in the thigh, slowing her down a bit (-10 HP). Rixa and Bee launch two arrows at the Elf. While Bee misses, Rixa's arrow connects with the side of the Elf's cheek (-5 HP). A Shadow Bolt from Moira hits her in the gut, knocking her down to her knees (-15 HP). A group of Elven Soldiers try to aid their Princess, however a swing of Marla's staff sends them flying into each other with multiple bone-crunching thuds.

Marla begins to mock Kia as the battle turns in Miasma's favor. "Cease your struggling, princess. I'd rather not ruin your perfect visage anymore than I need to. After all you'll have to look pretty during your eternity of serving me."

Marla casts a heavy Gravity spell on Kia, who struggles to overcome it, as McKayla heals up the damaged Miasma members who begin surrounding the Princess. The remaining Black Legion Elves begin cleaning up the remaining defenders, some of whom drop their weapons and attempt to retreat.

"I-I yield...I am yours to command." Kia spits out, seemingly defeated.

Marla approaches the downed Princess, cupping her chin in her hand. "See? Was that so hard? If you had just given up from the start, all of your friends might still b-"

While Marla is busy gloating, the Miasma soldiers nearby notice Kia's sword glowing a bright white light. Those nearby feel a massive energy radiating from the blade, and suddenly the Gravity spell is null.

"Fool, I'd die fighting a thousand times before ever submitting to you!!" Kia is suddenly back on her feet, and with an upward swing, strikes at Marla. While her Magic Shield absorbs some of the blow, she receives a nasty gash up her midsection and through her mask. The energy from the blast launches the dark mage backwards, badly injured. (Marla -40 HP).

"I'LL KILL YOU ALL" - screams Kia, in a berserker rage, eyes locking with Rixa as she prepares for one final charge. (Kia gains ATK +10)

Arastine, Kendra, Amanda, Astrid and December all try to hold the Princess down, however in her current state, she feels no damage or pain. Her glowing weapon easily bats away Kendra and Amanda, who suffer grievous wounds. Astrid is knocked unconscious and Arastine is knocked backwards, barely able to hold on to her tower shield. December's attack is parried and riposted, as Kia impales the girl with her blade. Lifting her sword up high, with December still on it, she swings the girl towards the Miasma backline. December's body is launched, entrails flying free, as the body lands on both Bee and and Tihania, knocking them down. (December has died)

Moira and Rixa launch one last attack at Kia, who is rocked back by the hit, but keeps charging. (HP -25)

Glowing sword in hand, Kia swings down at Rixa, who blocks with her sturdy Bone Bow. Rixa blocks two more swings, however she is no melee fighter, and eventually Kia's blade swings down and catches Rixa through the shoulder and into her chest, fatally wounding her.

"That was for Shara, you bit-" Kia's words are cut short as with her last inch of strength, Rixa grabs an arrow from her quiver and slams it down into the Warrior-Princess' right-eye, lodging it into her brain and finally ending her life. The two bodies collapse on top of each other, and cease moving. (Kill for Rixa, Rixa has died)

With Kia's death, the remaining Elves thrown down their weapons and retreat. The few Black Legion Elves, along with Marla's Elven Assassin, guard the dark mage, who is screaming in both agony and rage, clutching her wounded face. Some of the remaining Miasma members who haven't been killed or knocked unconscious, move to chase the retreating soldiers, however, Marla suddenly orders them to stop.

"LEAVE THEM! HEAL YOUR WOUNDS AND GET READY TO ENTER THE TEMPLE!" She screams. Her mask has fallen off, finally revealing her pretty face, which has been marred by Kia's nasty cut.

The remaining Miasma members gather together and begin letting McKayla heal their wounds. With the Elves defeated, there should be no resistance awaiting them in the temple. That is...unless the urge to rebel still manages to exist inside certain Miasma members.


Anyone who survives this battle gains a Level-Up in addition to anyone they may have killed during the fight.

Individual Decision:

With Kia defeated, your leg of the campaign is seemingly over. The Eye of Abbadon lies within the temple, waiting for Marla to claim it. You don't know what it does, or what Marla and Toxin intend to do with it...but you do know that you've been plotting against Marla for what seems like ages now. This is a now or never opportunity. While Kia managed to wound Marla, the Dark Mage is still leagues more powerful than you, and she still has some Black Legion Elves who have survived the battle. If you let Marla do what she came here to do, chances are good you'll have survived everything. Or do you go the extra mile, and try to take her down...?
A) Betray Marla (This leads to one more chapter, and a final boss fight)
B) Let Marla claim the eye (This ends the campaign. Anyone who is left alive survives, and is technically no longer a Zako!)

This is an individual choice. Your character can either choose to betray Marla or not.
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A grim look on her face, Arastine begins to take Kia's armor. It's clearly better than hers, so she'll be swapping into it before any further fighting. She'd prefer her old armor goes to Astrid or Eisenhilde, in that order. Once she's fully clad in the deceased Elven princess's armor, she readies herself for the coming battle. Marla won't go down easy, but if the mutineers work together and attack as one they should be able to take her.

Eisenhilde, ecstatic with her success in the battle, hurries over to Kia's body and carves Hel's sigil into her now-unarmored chest with the Blade of Hel while grinning manically. Tyris helped her too, of course, but at this point Tyris is only present by the grace of Lady Hel, so Tyris' kills count.
She'll be attacking Marla at Arastine's command, and with luck end the witch's life herself. For Hel's glory!

Vittoria/December doesn't feel much of the pain from being impaled. Or eviscerated, or thrown into two other Miasma troops. It's strange. What's stranger is that even though her body (or August's, depending on how you look at it) dies, she does not.
It seems I ain't dead. Fuckin' hell, this is... really fucking weird.
Then, as she leaves the gutted remains of the slaver, she realizes something.
...Wait, I... If I could take over that slaver shit, then... How about one of those elves? ...Yeah, that one, there... She got fried pretty good by that lightning. But she's not actually that badly hurt... I'll just see if I can wiggle my way in there, see how easy it is to take over a husk like this poor bitch...
And with that, she begins her attempt to take over one of the less wounded survivors of the Black Legion. Any authority she had was lost with August's body, but it seems she can't die until her vengeance against McKayla is finished. If she manages to take over the Black Legion soldier, she'll loot August's corpse and do her best to blend in with the few surviving Black Legionnaires until the other Miasma troops make their move to attack Marla.
A magic attack from the bitch magician might get through to her soul, spirit, or whatever she is now... But revenge against the cunt who got her killed is worth it.

Her unfinished business she needs to pass on might be with Marla instead of McKayla.

Bee does her best to keep herself alive, but is worried sick about Bianca as the tiefling engages in melee combat. She's knocked down and disgusted when some guy's disemboweled corpse hits her, but she recovers fairly quickly. Back in Acid, she'd seen worse. Though being so close to the melee is a new thing.
When the fighting is over, she runs to Bianca and hugs her as hard as she can, and holds the hug for a while.
If Bianca attacks Marla, Bee will too, but for now Bee's just glad that the two of them made it through.


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I should add that anyone who doesn’t explicitly state what side their character is on will either stay out of the fight, or take Marla’s side depending on their personality. So get those options in!!
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Amanda is shocked that she has made it out of the final battle alive, she tends to those allies and congratulates them on a job well done, although hearts are heavy and losses are high, they did it!

From her time spent as Marla's second hand she feels indebted to the general... perhaps something more.... her thoughts drifting to the events of days previous... she decides that whatever happens, she will defend Marla... once they claim the crystal perhaps she can confess her feelings to the mage.... on second she might keep it to herself, as attractive as she finds her, Marla scares hell out of her.


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In-case anybody is curious to see how we're looking before this likely final chapter (I'll update as everyone's responses comes in)...

1: Amanda Stay
2: Arastine Betray
3: McKayla Betray
4: Moira
5: Astrid Betray
10: Anko
11: Eisenhilde & Tyris Betray
13: Avaricia
14: Kuu'rin Betray
15: Kaede Betray
16: Bee
17: Bianca
18: Kendra Betray
19: Fedosia Betray
20: Tihana Betray
22: December Betray

6: Oola
7: Rixa
8: Beth
9: Elendra
12: Minuette
18: Courtney
21: Amaia

I think we're something above a Zako if we somehow survive this one too, but lets get this party started.
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Astrid and Kaeda are also on the betray side of course. Kaeda hated "the witch" from the start and doesn't have much in the ways of self preservation. Astrid's become more heroic and selfless as her sort of character arc so she will want to keep whatever this artifact is away from their clutches at all costs or she'll never forgive herself.
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