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Mar 26, 2018
Thought I'd post a list of my favourite kinks/fetishes and try and find some people who share them. That, and maybe extend my collection. Hentai Pictures, Doujins, short comics, stories and even live-action (aside from two obvious ones) would be welcome.

I'm not a sadist, but something about keeping a woman at the edge, seeing them squirm in pleasure, unable to cum and pleading for release, well, something stirs in me when I see that. There's not enough of this kind and even doujins are rare, which is surprising, since almost every kind of thing gets a doujin, and those I find are mostly rape instead of having the 'victim' consent to it. I don't mind fictional rape, but not in this category...

Violent Orgasm:
Maybe a better description would be Extreme Ahegao. Orgasms that leave the woman an incoherent mess, unable to do much other than let out weak groans and twitching all over with the aftereffects. Pairs well with the above Teasing/Edging.

Tight clothing:
Clothing that's so tight it leaves little to the imagination, bike shorts/spats being the primary example, especially when coupled with penetration/sex through the clothing, which is another pleasure of mine.

...yes, I admit it, though I prefer the kind of doujins and pictures where they're happy and not being raped. I like the latter too but only if there's at least a somewhat happy ending for the girl. this is one of the obvious exceptions to live-action mentioned at the start. I'm into Loli, but I hate anyone who'd touch an actual child like that.

I don't think I've ever met someone who hates this. I like it most when coupled with any of the above or the one below this one.

I dunno why, but I enjoy this kind of thing, especially when paired with Yuri, Loli and/or Teasing/Edging. It's weird. The doujin/hentai movie Futabu is a nice example in this category.

The other exception to the live-action. I like drawings and stories, but the costumes are, for some reason a turn-off. Not too many good doujins around, especially of my favourite, being male human paried with female furry/anthro.

So yeah, these are mine. Hope people don't get too judging. Lord knows I don't understand some fetishes/kinks, but I won't judge people over them. Guro comes to mind...
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