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Please post any abbreviations or technical terms you see used or have questions about and I'll maintain this thread with definitions

Abbreviations | WIP 4/27/2021

TermDefinition ExplanationLink
ASAction ScriptA programing language for Adobe Flash/Animate CC
DADialogueActionsa mod that extends the vanilla games dialogue scripting language to add more triggers for speech as well as math and logic functions.Pim_gd's Mods - DialogueActions v4.08 (15 Jan 2017)
MBMegabyte1000 KB(kilobytes) a unit of measurement for computer files
PDNPaint.netA free software for digital raster photo editingPaint.NET - Free Software for Digital Photo Editing
RMResource ManagerA file hosting feature of this website to host games, mods, fiction and videos. By 2021 the RM had over 6000 files.
SDTSuper DeepthroatA 2D hentai blowjob simulator created by Konasion around 2009konashion
UTCUndertow ClubThis forum, created in 2016, is the amalgamation of three forums: Ryonani - A forum started in 2009 by Det to discuss and share ryona related content and adjacent kinks SDTMods - A modding forum started in 2011 by anonymous for the free, Flash-based game, Super Deepthroat by konashion GameVixenZone - An abandoned forum brought back from the early 2000's in 2012 by katzmotel for general appreciation of female video game characters and sharing game mods/skins for PC games Undertow

Technical explanations | WIP 4/27/2021

TermDefinition Explanation
ModModificationA software mod edits the software's functions or adds new functions. Video game modding has been around since the beginning. The Undertow and SDT Discord communities mod SDT and many other games with adult content.
.swfShockWave FlashA proprietary vector graphics file format created in the 1990's by FutureWave Software would later become Macromedia. Adobe acquired Macromedia in 2005.
.txtTextA file format for plain text for ASCII character sets. This file format is used my the Loader to store and edit mod settings

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Term: SDT
Definition: Super Deep Throat
Meaning: A blowjob simulation game by Konashion

Term: AS
Definition: ActionScript
Meaning: Useful application used to run mods and SDT

Term: Mod
Definition: Modification
Meaning: Additional modifications to the base vanilla game such as extra hairs, clothes, and behaviors

Term: MB
Definition: Megabyte
Meaning: A unit of data storage, usually used to measure the size of mods

Term: .PDN
Definition: Paint Dot Net
Meaning: A file extension that means this file is used for

Term: .SWF
Definition: ?
Meaning: A file extension that means this file should be played with Adobe Flash Projector, or is a mod to be loaded by a Mod Loader

Term: .TXT
Definition: Text
Meaning: A file extension that means this file is used by Notepad and usually lists settings for mods or details for use by other applications

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