Poll about your preference watching erotic death-fantasy depictions

How do you prefer to enjoy erotic death-fantasy depictions?

  • Very short or rather no story at all. Just the pics, maybe in 4 - 6 pictures-sequences.

  • Embedded in a short story of approx. 20 - 30 images. Some of the images don´t depict death-fantasy.

  • Embedded in a little novella, like 50 - 60 pics. More of the images don´t depict death-fantasy.

  • No limits. Could be many chapters and 200+ pics. Many pics are not death-fantasy but for the story.

Results are only viewable after voting.


Potential Patron
Lately I was thinking about changing my way to tell a story. The longer a story gets the more pictures I have to use for the telling itself and the amount of erotic death-fantasy depictions gets less. When I look around many other artists don´t make an effort to tell a story. So maybe there is no need of being epic. So I decided to spread a poll throughout various platforms I use. It would be very nice if you take a little time to think over your personal preference on this subject and then to vote. Thank you very much in advance!