One Piece - Perona Outfit


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Jul 22, 2016
Hey! It's me again! I'm looking for someone to possibly make an outfit based on the character Perona from One Piece, specifically the Thriller Bark version. Since the hair already exists, all I need is the outfit if possible:

Reference 1#
Reference 2#
Reference 3#
Reference 4#
Reference 5#
Reference 6#
This one is not exactly perfect, but this could be a decent reference for the skirt, the stockings could be skipped since they're already in the game.
Reference 7#
Reference 8#
Reference 9#
Reference 10#
If you have the time and could fulfill this request, It'd be very much appreciated.
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Jul 24, 2014
Please remove your refs from untertow and rehost them on an offsite image hosting site such as Imgur.
They are only wasting server space.
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