Neptunia Virtual Stars [Mod Request]


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Can you make the importer also fix bones for the weapons..... cause when i imported it in blender, it doesnt show any vertices and it slides badly when i move it's bone.


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Weapon models do not have vertex weights that cause deformation.
At least 04215.mdl to 04306.mdl contained in 054.dat do.
I haven't confirmed the weapons of AI Kizuna and Kiseki Towa yet, but they will be the same.

So I think that the deformation when moving the bone is the specification of blender.
When you move a bone in a model that is not weight-painted, it seems to move along with the vertices around it.


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WindBell im saying this here cuz all the other threads are dead. I left this for some time, but can you show me how to do it with Using Charlotta (Mdlx model name is 00945.mdlx).Here what you said
I understand.

The following is the operation procedure in Blender version 2.92.
The images are in the attached file.

01.jpg Start with all the faces of the skirt removed.

02.jpg Select armature object.

03.jpg Press the I key to invert the selection.

04.jpg Press H to hide all but the armature object.

05.jpg Select an armature object and then change the setting to display the bone names.

06.jpg Find the spine bones in pose mode and select one of them.

07.jpg Hold down the Shift key and press the S key to display the pie menu and execute 'Cursor to Selected'.
Then, the 3D cursor moves to the position of the selected spine bone.

08.jpg Select 00372:15:0 from the list on the right to switch to edit mode.
Now there are no faces in the 00372:15:0.

09.jpg Execute Add->Plane from the menu at the top.

10.jpg The added face is too large, so press the S key and use the mouse to make it smaller.
Use the mouse wheel to zoom in a little.

11.jpg Execute Face->Triangulate Faces from the top menu to split the square face into two triangles.

12.jpg Delete one of the two triangles.

13.jpg Now 00372:15:0 is a mesh object with only one triangular polygon.

14.jpg The triangular face is still too big, so shrink it smaller.
And the position moves a little.

The display angle and magnification are different, but this is the same state as the previously posted image.
This time I moved the 3D cursor to the position of the spine bone and added a square polygon there, but there are many other ways to do it.
Now this is showing me with using Minessa (00372.mdlx) ,but half of it or some parts doesnt work with Charlotta (00945.Mdlx).can you show how to do what you said but with Charlotta this Time, and btw i want the Skirt accessory gone, can you do it for me or show me. here is Charlotta Mdlx model file. did you understand what i said?


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First, create a thread for Dragon Star Varnir.
Let's continue there.
Okay WindBell i created the Thread but I didnt know what to do thou so i looked at someone elses one and tried to copy it but make it look like its for Dragon Star Varnir Here is the Thread i made


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