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My own zako army

Discussion in 'Zako' started by Jonas87, Apr 28, 2016.

  1. Jonas87

    Jonas87 Potential Patron

    Apr 27, 2016
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    Hello everyone :smile: I would like to share with you something about my own zako ideas :smile: Few years ago I with my long-term and close girlfriend created a story called "Upcoming Storm". We still writing it and develop different ideas and plots. This story contains mixed fantasy/sf/furry elements with maany zako elements. I hope you are going to enjoy what I want to show you.

    To start with, my zako's are antropomorphic and looking like humans, cats from different species. There are also mixed species too like lion-tiger, cheetah-leopard i.e. They live on a planet called Jega with five billion of inhabitants. The Empire is hidden from ordinary Jegans but has many bases of operations, temples, and buildings scattered around the Jega's continents. It's number is still growing, actually there are almost 1000 bases with 55,000 of inhabitants each, 500 temples, and 12 Great Temples. In this Empire there are only females and they have male slaves who serve for breeding purposes.

    The ruler of The Empire is the Queen named Shania. She is the heir to the long forgotten Empire of Queen Laretha, chosen by Goddess Athena to rule Jega in her name. Of course she has sworn enemies who also want to rule Jega and destroy Shania's Empire - The Brotherhood (composed of only male warriors), and the Empire of the Fang ruled by the Queen Kornelia (with only female warriors also :smile:)

    Shania's warriors are willing to fight, ready for death in the name of their beloved Queen. They are also trained in hand to hand combat, archery and gun-fight. They follow any order given by their Queen and her Generals. There are many warrior classess with their own uniform color. These classes are:

    Infantry - white
    Security Guard - blue
    Scouts - yellow
    Archers - green
    Pikewomans – black - white
    Executors – red
    Silver Cats (Royal Guard) – silver
    Golden Angels (Royal Guard) – gold
    Base analysts – orange
    Priestessess – white robes and tunics
    Temple Guards – olive green (To be different from archers, temple guards are all redhead females)
    Workers – purple
    Slaves – crimson
    Shadows (Elite guards and assassins recruited from Silver Cats and Golden Angels) – Black/Gold

    Marines – Camo
    Sailors - light blue

    There also command classes wearing brown uniforms with different military ranks:

    Corporal -1 silver stripe
    Sergeant - 2 silver stripes
    Lieutenant - 3 silver stripes
    Captain - 1 silver star
    Major - 1 gold star
    Colonel - 2 gold stars
    General - 3 gold stars

    And now about the uniforms:smile:
    Shania's army have many options to dress including bras, panties, female boxer shorts, corsets, leotards, leggings, overknee socks and long overknee boots. All warriors are armed with daggers, long swords, staffs, bows&arrows. Elite classes have access to gun.

    Empire's army consists of teams, platoons, companies,battalions and brigades. Training is very hard and exhausting. Except the training, warriors are also obliged to reproduce and mate with slaves.
    Age of warriors is from 17 to 30. Thanks to the Athena's blessing they do not age and are very fertile. Also after birth they mature in a week.

    For now that's is all. If you are interested in more details, just let me know and I'll write more about the Brotherhood and the Kornelia's Empire :smile:

    Enjoy :smile:
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  2. Kargan3033

    Kargan3033 Club Regular

    Aug 10, 2015
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    Interesting tell me more about the Brotherhood and the other empire as well as more about this world you are creating.
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  3. Jonas87

    Jonas87 Potential Patron

    Apr 27, 2016
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    I'm glad to hear that you like it :smile: So to satisfy your curiosity let me say someting about the Brotherhood.

    The Brotherhood itself is huge and influential organization with 48 millions of Brothers/Agents. I.e Athena's Empire has 60 millions of female warriors and Kornelia's Empire has 75 millions (so females are winning haha :grin:) Ruling body of the Brotherhood is the High Council which consists of 11 members with the Supreme Commander as their leader and 12th member. Organization goal is to get access to many life areas like economy/military/social activities and spread their influences across all of Jega continents. Moreover their primary goal is to protect Jega at all costs (yeah i know, it's sound like a megalomania :grin: )

    They are also sworn enemies of Shania because of their past actions - they killed her mother who was direct descendant of one of Queen Laretha's daughters.

    Origins of this organization go back to the ancient times when their precedessors - The Guardians were fighting, killing and raping warriors of Queen Laretha under the command of General Thrawn (I admit I like Grand Admiral Thrawn from Star Wars :smile: ). And like Shania's warriors believe in Athena, Goddess of Peace,Justice and Fertility, members of the Guardians and the Brotherhood believe in Drakon, brother of Athena and Aszera (goddess worshipped by Kornelia's warriors) - God of War and Destruction respectively :smile:
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  4. Jonas87

    Jonas87 Potential Patron

    Apr 27, 2016
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    Hi everyone, I upload another portion of informations about my zako world. This time I give you some news about Kornelia and her Empire of the Fang :wink: She is a very beautiful redhead leopard with long curled hair. Similiar to Shania she is a Queen but opposite to Shania who want to protect Jega in a peaceful way, her goal is to conquer Jega and all of its inhabitants at all costs. Her hidden agenda is to make slaves from every male and wipe out all members of the Brotherhood as well as every female from Shania's Empire and common female Jegans. She wants to spread her and her warriors genes on the Jega. She has 75 millions of warriors and almost 1300 bases. To rule without any problems Kornelia has some advisors known as the Triumvirate. It consists of three High Generals. - Sabina (blonde leopard) Grintia (brown haired black panther) and Ayane (redhead tigress)

    Similiarly to Shania, Kornelia's forces wear similiar uniforms which consists of bras, panties, female boxer shorts, leggings etc. All warriors are armed with daggers, long swords, staffs, bows&arrows. And all of these classes have access to gun. There are also different colors of assigned to proper class. Classes you can found below:

    Infantry - blue - yellow
    Security Guard - white -blue
    Scouts - black -white
    Archers - grey
    Assassins - black
    Executors – red -white (subclass od Executors known as Seducers has Amber)
    Base analysts - purple
    Royal Guard – dark violet
    Priestessess – Navy blue robes and tunics
    Temple Guards – white-blue with Fang Empire tattoo on the left breast ( temple guards are all brown haired females)
    Assault Forces - Silver-Black
    Workers – white
    Slaves –flesh-colored

    Marines – black - green
    Sailors - pink - blue

    There also command classes wearing white - pink uniforms with different military ranks:

    Corporal -1 golden stripe
    Sergeant - 2 golden stripes
    Lieutenant - 3 golden stripes
    Captain - 1 silver Fang
    Major - 1 gold Fang
    Colonel - 2 gold Fang
    General - 3 gold Fang

    I hope you will enjoy it :smile:
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