Live Action Zako


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Oct 3, 2018
Has anyone got a copy or seen, or has a link to view:

Crazy Race 3 - Sie knacken jedes Schloss

Three very sexy zakos in that movie.


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May 8, 2020
Interesting. That video trailer you posted, I have that movie, it was posted here or one of the other DS/EB boards. Not sure if it's the private copy or not, there are, however, lots of dead hostesses. To me they're not zako-y enough; for me, zako are henchwomen, preferably identically dressed, working for an evil leader or gang, sometimes they can be on the side of good, of course. But not innocent victims.

Back to the topic on hand, it could be sold to any of us privately then? With a watermark that would tell them who leaked it if they did? Our group did finance a zako custom between the various boards (mostly DS) that turned out somewhat successful and has become one of the producer's most popular projects, still gets sales to this day (based on what I see from NicheClips) and I still think we should do another, with this board's involvement more.

But it would drive me crazy knowing there's zako content out there and I can't get it. It's bad enough that there are a few zako/henchwomen scenes I had saved on my hard drive over the years and I've lost for one reason or another, and can't figure out where they came from or who posted them originally.
Do you still have the movie? I'd love to see it


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May 26, 2015
Sexy enemy spy lady Gila, from Our Man Flint. She tries to kill the Bond-like main hero for most of the movie, but when she gets demoted to "pleasure unit" for her failure, ultimately helps him escape and joins his harem. This gal has an epic hourglass figure and makes that trenchcoat work too!
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