Let the girl shrink or grow in dialogue

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Jun 24, 2016
Hey everybody,

I wonder if there is an possibility to let the girl shrink or grow by dialogue parameters.
button9:"shrink by 10" {"style":"Him","set":{"da.charcode.load":"bodyScale:-0.10"}}
button8:"grow by 10" {"style":"Him","set":{"da.charcode.load":"bodyScale:+0.10"}}

Does anybody has an idea how to shrink or grow her?
Could it be possible with the AnySizeHer mod?

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May 24, 2018
There are two other ways to do this:
Note: these may only work with vanilla sdt values.
DA variables.txt documentation said:
da.her.body.scale {read and write} - Controls her body scale. Goes from 0 to 1. I recall being able to go over 1, but SDT doesn't seem to play along.
MT Notes.txt said:
[GROW_BODY_BY_<value>] & [SHRINK_BODY_BY_<value>]: Adapted from ModGuy's Pill mod. This trigger smoothly grows/shrinks her body by the value you give /1000 (0.001 point per frame).
AnySizeHer does not have any useful dialogue functions (for your needs atleast)
Hope this helps.
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