Jipang Fantasy: Beauty Panther vs Darkness Aoi


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The arena of Jipang was once again filled with wrestling fans and spectators all over Japan, taking up every seat. When the last spot was taken, the doors slowly closed and the lights above the audience dimmed; leaving only the spotlights above the wrestling ring as the only source of illumination. Waiting patiently in the ring was a referee and the announcer’s voice boomed through the air.


A woman with black hair tied in a pony-tail and wearing all black strode out from the backstage, standing imposingly before the crowd. She posed and stretched her white toned body, showing off her biceps and six-packs. She wore a black eye-mask, sports bra, bikini bottom, wrestling boots and gauntlets. She smirked before walking slowly towards the ring, giving her cheering fans a glance. When she reached the ring, Aoi rolled into the ring and got onto her feet; giving the crowd more sexual poses. The cheering died down and Aoi retreated into her corner, leaning against the turnbuckle as the announcer’s voice boomed into the air again.


Asuka ran out from the backstage, smiling and waving at the cheering fans. Her dark blue hair was tied in a pony-tail with a red ribbon and she wore her two-piece crimson outfit, along with crimson wrestling boots and gauntlets. Her biceps and six-packs featured proudly off her white toned body as she stared at her rival in the ring. Aoi simply smiled and waved at her.

Asuka smiled grimly and proceeded towards the ring but stopped suddenly when a theme music played, not hers. She looked around in confusion as another figure stepped out from the backstage. Asuka was not the only one who gaped at the newcomer in shock. The entire arena was silent as they stared at the newcomer. Even Aoi stared at her in disbelief.

The newcomer had long black hair with purple highlights and her sides white with age. She wore a dark purple leotard, only her biceps visible of her white toned body. She also wore purple wrestling boots and fingerless gloves. She stepped towards Asuka who managed to gasped.

‘Beauty Panther?’ She managed to speak, recognising Tomoe Sumeragi’s daughter.

Panther smiled and placed a hand on Asuka’s shoulder. ‘It’s me. Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I am sorry but do you think you can let me have this match?’

Asuka managed to nod and stood aside as Beauty Panther ran towards the ring. Slowly the crowd recovered from their shock and began clapping and cheering as Beauty Panther reached the ring. She leapt onto the ring’s apron and jumped over the ropes, landing perfectly on her feet. She posed sexually , making the crowd cheered loudly. She lowered her arms as Aoi slowly approached her, not believing what she was seeing. Finally, she spoke.

‘Beauty Panther? I thought you retired or something. What brings you here?’

Beauty Panther smiled. ‘After what you have done with my beloved Jipang, it’s time I reappear and teach you a lesson.’

Aoi scoffed as she got into fighting stance. ‘On the contrary, I’ve make Jipang even greater than before. My time has come old hag. You should had stayed in retirement!’

Beauty Panther continued to smile as she too got into fighting stance. ‘Hah! I can still defeat you even with my eyes closed!’

The bell rang and the two women roared and collided into each other, grappling each other back and forth in the ring. Aoi made the first strike as she pulled. Panther’s head under an arm and slammed an elbow onto her back. Panther simply grunted as she wrapped her arms around Aoi’s waist, lifting her up into the air and slamming her feet onto the mat in an atomic drop.

Aoi’s body shot up straight as she bounced back, grimacing in pain. She yelped when Panther’s boot slammed into the side of her head, sending her into the ropes. Aoi rebounded from the ropes and stretched her arm sideway to clothesline the veteran wrestler into the mat. Panther simply ducked under the attack and stepped behind Aoi, kicking her in the back and sending her to the other side of the ring.

Aoi gasped as she grabbed the ropes, stopping herself from rebounding back to Panther. Aoi screamed as Panther slammed her elbow into the back of her head before pushing her arms over the top ropes and under it, grabbing hold of her wrists. She yanked both arms towards her with one boot on Aoi’s back, stretching her body.

Aoi closed her eyes as she bear the pain while Panther continued to stretch her body, the referee checking whether Aoi was ready to submit or not. Panther simply released Aoi from the hold and giggling, grabbed hold off Aoi’s bottoms and pulled it down; showing her black hairy vagina.

Aoi gasped in shock as she back-kicked Panther in the stomach, sending the older wrestler stumbling back. With her hands on the top ropes, she pulled herself onto the top ropes and leapt off it. She flipped backwards and slammed into Panther, sending her into the mat. As Panther yelped in surprise, Aoi rolled her legs towards her and face-sit on her; going for a fats pin. The referee began the count.

‘1… 2…’

Aoi yelped as Panther used her legs to pull her off her, sending her face-first into the mat and breaking the pin. Both wrestlers got onto her feet but Aoi was quicker. The minute she was on her feet, she leapt into the air and drop-kicked Panther in the chest. Panther gasped in pain but managed to jump onto her feet, only for Aoi to repeat the move for two more times.

On the third time, Panther lay on her back; groaning and holding her chest. Aoi got onto her knees and used this opportunity to grab hold of Panther’s leotard, tearing it off the older woman. Aoi stood up with Panther’s torn outfit in her hand, showing the veteran wrestler’s dark brown nipples, six-packs and black hairy vagina.

Aoi tossed the fabric over her shoulder and pulled Panther onto her feet, delivering a back-hand slap onto her breasts before grabbing her wrist. She roared and Irish whipped Panther into one of the corners, running after her. Panther grunted as her back hit the turnbuckle, grimacing in pain before lifting one leg up into the air.

Aoi screamed as she impaled her face onto Panther’s boot, falling onto her back. Aoi groaned and covered her face, not realising that Panther had climbed on top of the turnbuckle. Panther smiled and pumped her fists into the air, inciting her fans to cheer loudly for her. She jumped off the turnbuckle and slammed her hairy vagina onto Aoi’s face, Aoi’s screams muffled.

Panther grinned as she peeled off Aoi’s eye-mask before pulling her up onto her feet, pulling her to the middle of the ring. Still holding onto Aoi’s head, she turned Aoi and herself facing opposite directions with Panther lifting Aoi up into the air. She held the younger woman in the air before slamming her knees into the mat in a Widow’s Peak.

Aoi screamed as she fell face-first into the mat, holding her knees in pain. Panther smiled and tore off Aoi’s top, swinging it over her head before throwing it into the crowd. Grabbing Aoi’s wrists once again, she placed another boot on the younger woman’s back and pulled her arms upwards, showing Aoi’s light brown nipples and stretching her in a surfboard hold.

The arena was filled with Aoi’s screams as Panther yanked her arms from the joints, the referee checking whether air was ready to submit or not. After stretching Aoi’s back for a full minute, Panther released her and stepped back, parading around the ring and allowing Aoi to recover. After completing a circle around the ring, Panther turned back to face Aoi who was on her feet.

Aoi snarled as she charged towards Panther, locking fingers with her and pushing her back in a test of strength. She managed to force the veteran wrestler down to her knees before kicking her twice in the stomach and yanking her up onto her feet. She Irish whipped Panther into the ropes and when she rebounded back to her, Aoi lifted her leg and aimed a high kick into the older wrestler’s face.

Aoi gasped in surprise when Panther simply caught her foot before it could connect her face, smiling at her. Without wasting anytime, she twisted Aoi’s ankle; forcing her to lie on her back. Aoi screamed as Panther twisted her ankle in an ankle lock, flailing her arms wildly and trying to reach for the veteran wrestler. Realising that she was out of reach, Aoi prepared to tap out but she did not get the chance.

Panther rolled Aoi face-first into the mat and sat on her back, bending her back in a single Boston crab hold. Thinking she had a chance to win the match, Aoi reached out towards the ropes in order to make Panther release her from the hold but screamed in surprise when Panther slid her free fingers into her hairy vagina, applying to apply pressure onto Aoi’s spine while fingering her insides.

Aoi can only moaned in pain and pleasure as Panther’s fingers ventured deeper into her clitoris, her fingers expertly massaging the walls of her insides and was poking her sensitive spots. With a sharp gasp, Aoi orgasmed all over Panther’s fingers; her thick cum spraying all over the white canvas. Too distracted to escape Panther’s hold, let alone continue the fight, Aoi began tapping on the mat.

The bell rang and Panther dropped Aoi’s leg onto the mat, allowing the referee to lift one of her arms into the air. Panther smiled as she embraced the crowd’s cheering and applause as she heard her name ringing through the arena by the announcer.


The referee let go of Panther’s arm as the veteran wrestler’s eyes fell onto Aoi who was still orgasming on the mat. She kicked the younger woman onto her back and slammed her hairy vagina onto her face. She chuckled as she orgasmed all over Aoi’s face, coating her in thick cum. When she was done expelling her cum, Panther stood up and smiled down at her opponent.

‘You still got a long way before you can match me little Miki.’ Panther chuckled. ‘There’s going to be some changes in Jipang. Remember that.’

Panther then slid out of the ring and walked pass the cheering crowd, greeted by wrestlers from Gigamax. Her daughter, Tomoe Sumeragi, rushed from her fans and crashed herself into her mother; sobbing and hugging her tightly. Panther smiled and hugged her daughter back.

‘Mom!’ Tomoe said as she looked up at her mother. ‘You’re back! I miss you so much!’

Panther smiled and wiped a tear away from Tomoe’s cheek, kissing her on the forehead. ‘I miss you too sweetie. Mommy’s back for good. Now, why not I go wash up and we can catch up over some ramen.’

Tomoe beamed. ‘I would love that!’

Panther smiled and turned to Ryoma, the manager of Gigamax. ‘I heard a lot about you young man. I’m going to need you to fill me with all the bed talk you had been doing with my daughter.’

Ryoma gulped as the other laughed, walking out of the arena and into the backstage. When they were all gone, Jipang aides rushed towards the ring and helped Aoi out of the ring; rushing her towards the infirmary.

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