Hostaged Girl Dialogue


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Aug 30, 2019
What's up everyone,

Here for my contribution on SDT. This is blowjob only, vanilla friendly dialogue. I hope you'll enjoy it.

A mind break dialogue, long story short :

A girl (named Tiffany) is captured by "the master", she'll go through 3 states of mind.
- At first she will be mostly angry mood and try to fight back
- Then she will start to loose it to the addictive semen of the dude
- Finally she'll accept her new place as his pet slave

There is a specific line to trigger in order to go from state 1 to state 2 and then 2 possible ones to go from state 2 to 3. If you want to know right away how to trigger those lines you can look for them into the .txt, they are easy to find there. (state1tostate2:) & (state2tostate3:) & (state2tostate3bis:)

Some details, Long story long :

She starts in angry mood with her arms on his legs. But both will vary quiet a lot during play so I wouldn't recommand messing with them.
The dialogue use every trigger-lines in vanilla except for : general, pull off, drool, cum in eye, lick balls and swallow that I find very hard to control.
It totals 265 different trigger-lines. With 3 different dynamic words for : cum, dick and her. So I hope the replayability will be there.
I'm not a native english speaker by the way so you might find some questionnable sentence contructions. :)

I like to implament some long and/or back and forth replies, so consider waiting a little to make sure they are done before rushing in again.
The longer of those replies (in state 3) is what you could consider being an "end" for this chapter.
However I'm working on a chapter 2 and 3 to continue the story with the same characters. So I'll be updating this post if you liked this one.

Credits goes heavily to the content creators of this forum for helping me putting this together. And also to various hentai autors for some of the "punch lines".

Please check it out, tell me what you think.
See you next time.



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Mar 25, 2016
Good, simple and exciting dialogue. Played correctly for me, couldn't see any errors. I enjoyed it, thank you for your efforts, mate.
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