Hostaged Girl Dialogue Part 2


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Aug 30, 2019
What's up everyone,

Here for part 2 "The training", of my initial dialogue : Hostaged Girl Dialogue Part 1
Still vanilla friendly, I hope you like it.

Some Important details :
This time around I used a female character for "Him". She's her mistress using a strap on.
The dialogue also mention the fact that "Her" arms are bound behind her back, so please consider using your favorite monoglove or whatever.
This one uses the "held:true"/"held:false" mechanic. The lines are divided between when she's holding her head and when she isn't.
I took note from other dialogue designers of this forum and used the pulled_down lines to realese her head and the pulled_up ones to grab her back in game.

Again I like to implament some long and/or back and forth replies, so don't be too rushy :)
The dialogue use every trigger-lines in vanilla except for : general, pull off, drool, cum in eye, cum in nose, lick balls and swallow.
It totals 160 different trigger-lines. With 3 different dynamic words for : cum, dick and her.
Chapter 3, the reunion with the master, will be coming up soon.

Please check it out, tell me what you think.
See you next time.


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