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Been dabbling in Studio Neo, making some scenes. I think they turned out okay.

Enjoy :wink:

Fun in the bath.jpg

Orgasm torture.jpg

Going in.jpg

This far in.jpg

Teaching the Elves.jpg

Threesome in the palace.jpg

Twins in the hot spring 01.jpg

Twins in the hot spring 02.jpg



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Made a few more :tongue:

After closing time.jpg

After closing time the cute proprietess strips down and stuffs her holes with vibrating toys

Eel looking for a new home.jpg

Curious eel is curious

Ride it.jpg


Elf fisted deep.jpg

The ever continuing search for the lost keys...


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This is quite fun to make; but takes some amount of time.


Hulk fuck!


Wow, must've been a while.


Looks like there's no end in sight for the poor lass

Please be gentle.jpg

Please be gentle

So satisfying.jpg


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Got a little carried away …. XD

On one of the underground levels of a certain research facility, a female researcher endeavoring to expand the scope of pleasure, jots down notes on the status of three elves who were found on a remote tropical island where the boundary between worlds is particularly thin. Having nowhere to go, these girls were brought in to 'do some work for her'.

"Quit your bellyaching girls and let's do some science."
The mechanical tentacle variant didn't yield much result but the biological one looked promising. It came to light that these creatures could be trained. Human girls were brought in to compare their results with the elves'.

But when the CEO of the place got wind of her 'exploits' he summoned her to his office, locked it, switched on the soundproofing and gave her a piece of his mind...
Scientific deepthroat leglock.jpg

...followed by a trip to her lab for a taste of her own medicine. The girls were released; however, the blond elf took a while to recover from her orgasm 'overload'.
Scientific dressing down.jpg

Having looked over the results, the boss didn't fire her. She was allowed to continue her little (s)experiment but with one major change to her contract. Whenever she wanted to 'test' any new development, she had to use her own body. Not wanting to end up on the street, she agreed to the boss' terms...
Scientific orgasm.jpg

… and loved every second of it!
Scientific tentacle birth.jpg


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An unfortunate girl got captured by a demon.
As she was being restrained by 2 tentacles coming out of the ground, a thicker tentacles started pushing against her pussy lips.
The demon kneeled beside her and carassed her belly. "No need to be so tense. Just let it slide in. Relax. Let me help you with that." She then pulled her head back and kissed her captive.

Just as the poor girl's mind was going blank, the big tentacle thrust deep into her womb. "Urgpf!"
The demon winked and smiled. "See? Told you you could take it." The tentacle started to ravage its captive.

"Oh yeah." The demon then said. "This big guy can pump out quite a bit..." At that moment, the big tentacle shot a massive load into the girl's womb, expanding her belly. Her body shuddered, experiencing an orgasm she'd never had before.
"... But from the way you're shrieking it looks like you know that already." the demon finished, patting the bloated belly.
"Well, on to the next stage."

The captive girl was then moved to the fleshy wall and her limbs were secured within. For the next five days she stayed like that; the demon coming to check on her from time to time. Occasionally, a tentacle emerged from the wall above her head, forced itself in her throat and filled her stomach with cum, which was the only sustenace she got.
Then the demon came back as she experienced sharp pains in her belly. Contraction followed contraction and then a huge purple-colored egg popped out. The girl breathed heavily.
The demon smiled broadly, catching the egg. "Amazing, I've never seen one this big before." The girl could hardly believe it herself that something that big had come out of her.

"Please…" the captive heaved. "Let me go."
"Let you go?" the demon laughed. "I don't think so, deary. You're the best breeder I've come across. So keep it up." Carrying the huge egg, she walked away with a wave of her hand. "See you in five days. Ta-ta!"
Whatever the captive girl wanted to say next was lost in a loud groan as a another thick tentacle emerged from the wall between her legs and forced itself deep into her womb. Tears ran down her face as she clenched her jaw when the tentacle started to thrash inside her, causing her eyes to roll back.

She knew that after a while the tentacle would pump her full and this whole ordeal would begin again….


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2 girls 1 guy.jpg

Lucky guy


Sharing is caring ;)

Double bottle.jpg

"Just a little bit more …. It's almost in."

Girls in the bath.jpg

What began with an innocent "Want me to scrub your back?" turned into "Can I touch?" which then devolved into an all-out groping and licking fest.

I think he likes you.jpg

"I think he likes you."

Tentacle fun.jpg

The Elven queen and her handmaidens retreated to her summer home for some fun & relaxation and invited some of her human friends to partake in the "pleasantries".


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"Ngh….. It's in my womb…"




I'm afraid help won't come anytime soon, girls....:confused:


"Don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop don't stop...."


Fun times in a cumpool in some ruins, in some forest, …. well, you know how it goes :wink:


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Apprentice mage trying her hand at summoning magic, mispronounces and gets more than she bargained for.


Looks like a good place to take a break...


Oh dear...


"Whaddaya mean you can't give me a discount for a surfboard? Not even if I do this?" *lifts swimsuit top*
*Newbie intern faints from massive nosebleed*
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Hey girls! The Bad Dragon toys have arrived. Time to test 'em out.

The dildos the girls are using, in case you were wondering :wink:


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On the beach behind the Honey Mansion, Sitri has a hard time explaining the art of splitting a watermelon does not involve hitting it with a longsword or shooting it with a gauss rifle.


Summer's at an end...