honey select

  1. Daedalus

    Honey Select Scenes

    Been dabbling in Studio Neo, making some scenes. I think they turned out okay. Enjoy :wink:
  2. Idoro

    Imperiled Heroines: Picture Stories for those with Sick Fantasies!

    EPISODE 1: PICTURESQUE PERIL "Ah, hello and welcome to tonight's episode of Imperiled Heroines. I am Idoro, your humble host and narrator, and I have quite the predicament for you connoisseurs of confrontations." "For tonight's story, we will once more venture into the wondrous continent of...
  3. triet92

    Honey Select Thread

    Should we make a thread for Honey Select only where everyone can discuss and share their experience on making zako fight scene? So everyone can make their own zako scene Im just got HS installed yesterday and spend some time with HS. So if anyone have any experience, please share?
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