Hearthstone: The Bitchwood


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Oct 5, 2020
Excuse me, how can I modify those cards? What are the tools and methods used? Where can I get the original image? Can someone answer it?


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Aug 2, 2013
Excuse me, how can I modify those cards? What are the tools and methods used? Where can I get the original image? Can someone answer it?
I used a program in development called Special K, and was able to replace the picture in game. however, I need to open the source DDS (from nudestone it was) and rebuild it with mips map super sampling, the result is something like the following:
The first card is just normal Ysera, second card is a successful replacement, and Third card is a failed replacement.
The tool can be downloaded (for now) at:
I use version 0.10.1. newest version crashes my hearthstone.
some tutorial on installation and activation for hearthstone:
fast foward to Local install - manual install section. This is the easiest way to let it work on hearthstone.
Steam Community :: Guide :: An Unofficial Guide to Special K
tutorial on grabbing and replacing textures:
Steam Community :: Guide :: SpecialK - Dumping and Injecting Textures

Alright euhm people with more time than I do, go and explore! :D, I wouldn't be able to do such a big patch on my own as my study is already exhausting for me. good luck folks!

PS: don't forget to save the texture with mips map generation!

PPS: -force-d3d11!
are u a chinese?


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Jun 5, 2019
game crash when i use golden shattered C'THUN

I think Body of C'Thun card(spell) is causing a problem

anyone can check normal C'Thun has same problem?

sorry for bad eng


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May 26, 2018
Here are my newest edits since my last post. This batch includes all the new Reward Track Hero Portraits (including ones not shown in preview), update to all the treant tokens, a few Darkmoon cards I was missing in the last update, a new Deadly Shot, all the C'thun pieces, and a couple Classic cards I've been wanting to change.

Next batch should have some Duels cards since I plan to grind Duels after I hit Legend this month.

Note: I've been having difficulties removing the added effects on some of the hero portraits, but i have managed to get them to look good enough in my opinion. At least its not a fully white picture, which tended to happen during my edits. To make them look the way I see them, you will have to extract every single texture into the inject folder, even if the texture looks blank.


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