head & hair importing for HIM


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Oct 3, 2011
I vaguely remember a mod where the guy has a head, but is there a mod that allows importing hairs for him? If not, then how about something that takes all current hair images and flip them so as to be used on him/her


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Jul 24, 2014
Sorry, but I'm not this kind of modder (ie. who can modify the code).

Almost anything is possible, but:
  1. your request seems to require an extensive modification of the game (I've seen that some have been tinkering with layers, but I've never seen new layers added); that means hours and even days of work.
  2. there is no content available (ie. male hair mods) everything needs to be made from scratch, but...
  3. there is no procedure to make these new male hair mods (while there are PNG and SWF templates to make female hair mods); for sure, as you said "Her" hairs could be flipped and used for "Him".
  4. this is a bit a "niche": some male heads have a bit less than 2000 downloads, while most have 600-800, it means that a relatively few users are interested in heads for "Him".
  5. most of the competent modders are not around anymore, and by competent I mean capable in ActionScript AND knowing extensively how the game is designed.

I may be wrong, but I guess that this request will remain unfilled for a while...
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