him mod

  1. Manacles For Him (Hands) [EMH]

    Manacles For Him (Hands) [EMH] V1, EMH

    Keep the beast restrained
  2. try-force

    Annoying HIM mod behavior

    Using sby's loader pack. Any time I load up a HIM mod it wipes a majority of HER features (nail polish, mod settings such a breast firmness, layering of dirty body, etc) which is a painstaking process. I wanted to build Lara Croft with the Jade Statue mod, but it wipes any customization of...
  3. Censored JAV Penis Type A [EMH]

    Censored JAV Penis Type A [EMH] V1, EMH

  4. Kiss Marks (Moreclothing Compatible)

    Kiss Marks (Moreclothing Compatible) 1.0

    A little sugar
  5. LavenderV

    Requesting a Weiss Schnee Him mod for SDT, ( Better Pictures lol )

    Pretty straight forward, requesting for a Futa Weiss Schnee from RWBY as HIM for SDT. This is her Vol 4 outfit, I model a similar pose for HIM using Koikatsu, should be easy to make hopefully? Mind the colours, on the Concept art, it's dulled, it's supposed to be how it is on the example...
  6. Scion Adventurer Outfit [EMH]

    Scion Adventurer Outfit [EMH] 2023-11-30

    The outfit given by the FFXIV MSQ to the player
  7. Roadhog - Overwatch HIM [EMH]

    Roadhog - Overwatch HIM [EMH] V1.1, EMH

    Ready to go whole hog!
  8. Ash Ketchum HIM [EMH Remake]

    Ash Ketchum HIM [EMH Remake] V1, EMH

    Original Art and Mod by Sombra
  9. S

    Sylvia from Konosuba (Futa Him) mod request

    Hi! I would love to see this futa lady as "Him"
  10. C

    RGB Penis and Balls Mod - filled

    I'd like to request a mod for anyone who is willing to make it. I'd like to have an RGB penis and balls mod, where you can change the color of the HIM character's genitals, without it being a strap-on. Ideally, both Penis A and Penis B types would be included. Maybe as a bonus, the head, shaft...
  11. Messy Short Ponytail [EMH]

    Messy Short Ponytail [EMH] V2, EMHv1.12+

    Sexy. Too Sexy.
  12. Beardy Boy [EMH] [RGB]

    Beardy Boy [EMH] [RGB] V1, EMH V1.06

  13. Hairy Him [EMH] [RGB]

    Hairy Him [EMH] [RGB] V2, EMH

    Let the monkey out
  14. His Pants Down RGB [EMH]

    His Pants Down RGB [EMH] V1, EMH V1.06

    Drop 'em and go!
  15. Hawaiian Shirt (Two Types) for Him RGB [EMH]

    Hawaiian Shirt (Two Types) for Him RGB [EMH] V1, EMH V1.06

    Variant of the Vanilla Shirt
  16. Vanilla Him Shirt Deluxe [RGB] [EMH]

    Vanilla Him Shirt Deluxe [RGB] [EMH] V1, EMH V1.06

    Crop Top No More!
  17. Business Tie Dynamic RGB [EMH] [DHE]

    Business Tie Dynamic RGB [EMH] [DHE] V1, EMH V1.06

    You're the Boss Now, Dog
  18. HIM Fallout 4 Stats Pip-Boy [EMH]

    HIM Fallout 4 Stats Pip-Boy [EMH] V1, EMH V1.05

    Never leave home without it
  19. Boba Fett (No Jumpsuit) Him [EMH]

    Boba Fett (No Jumpsuit) Him [EMH] V1, EMH V1.05

    A true Mandalorian never takes off the helmet
  20. Business Shoes HIM RGB [EMH]

    Business Shoes HIM RGB [EMH] V2,EMHv1.12+

    Original art by Mike

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